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Bali, Paradise for Digital Nomads Working in Alternative & Holistic Therapies

An inspiring story and guide of Bali for digital nomads by Nancy Ferger, a cosmic shaman practicing in alternative & holistic therapy in Bali.


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The Popular Coworking Programs for Digital Nomads (Up to 1 Year!)

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Digital Nomads: The Future of Travel

🌴 The Digital Nomad 🌴 The new way to live and work like never before 🌴 Travel like a Digital Nomad in Parasdise-like locations in Asia.

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The Digital Nomad Asia – The E-Magazine All Digital Nomads Need!

Digital nomads are on the rise, with more and more people hopping on the adventure of the lifetime. Gone are their days of working a 9-5 job, heading home, and performing the same routine every time. Now, you have the freedom to go wherever you want, fulfilling your duties as an employee without the permanent office, just you and your laptop (plus steady Internet connection) out to discover the world.

Asia is one of the most popular continents to begin and continue your journey as a digital nomad. In fact, many digital nomads starting their journey head to Asia first, with its affordable cost of living and many beautiful sceneries to take in! Plus, who wouldn’t want to meet friendly locals, explore the diverse food culture, and take in the new memories you can make?

However, we understand how daunting it is to make the transition to a digital nomad. After all, it isn’t just about dropping your lifestyle now and moving from country to country. You need to prepare for various things, such as the jobs you plan to pursue, how to land remote work, along with planning for your travels ahead.

There are so many questions you need answers to! While you can ask around from people in your local community or search online, the process can be tedious. So why not go to just one website that’s got all your queries covered?

This is where The Digital Nomad Asia comes along. But what is The Digital Nomad Asia and what can it do for you?

What is The Digital Nomad Asia?

The Digital Nomad Asia is one of the best digital magazines catering to Asia’s nomad community, whether you just became a digital nomad or have been one for years!

Our e-magazine covers a variety of topics, centering around life as a digital nomad in Asia. We look at the ins and outs of this new lifestyle, its perks and what to watch out for, what you should prepare for before heading to your chosen country, and the fun activities to experience!

The countries The Digital Nomad covers are the following:

All these countries aren’t just known for their fantastic tourist attractions, but how friendly and open they are towards digital nomads.

We aren’t just the typical blog. We make sure that you are well-equipped with knowledge about everything you need to know before you take the leap and head to the beautiful islands of Asian countries! This will make sure your trip is as smooth and fun as possible, all the while earning money to sustain your travels and future. 

What Do We Offer?

How can we help you? We provide the ultimate guides on how you can become a successful digital nomad, traveling around Asia!

Compared to before, you don’t need to take too much time doing research and finding expert advice online or experience the best and worst without preparation. The Digital Nomad provides relevant and informative advice based on research and personal experiences. This will give you a gist of what to expect so you won’t have any major hiccups as you travel and work abroad.

Here are the topics we cover:

Remote Work in Asia

In this section, you can find everything you need about remote work in Asia. We talk about the following topics:

  • Do you need a digital nomad visa when traveling to certain countries? Note that some countries do need one and we have topics that tackle such, including the process on how to avail a visa to work in other countries legally.
  • The visa requirements to work legally in Asian countries. They are different compared to applying for a normal tourist visa!
  • Awesome coworking spaces in Asia you can visit to get a whole day’s work done. Some of these spaces offer accommodation in amazing areas, so you get to work and play!
  • Coworking programs made for digital nomads. Instead of you doing all the planning, you have companies doing the work for you, from taking care of the food and lodging, down to creating events and activities so you can connect with fellow joiners.
  • Co-living areas and accommodation options are based on your budget and preferences. We cover different hotels and hostels that are suitable for digital nomads.

These informative guides have all the details you need on what you need when working remotely in another country. You won’t only need a place to stay, but the proper visa and its requirements, coworking spaces with stable internet and accessibility, and programs so you won’t be alone during your first time in a new country!

Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Asia

Under the nomad lifestyle section, you’ll find everything you need to know about what to expect once you are living your life as a digital nomad in Asia! Here are some topics you can read about:

  • What you can expect as a digital nomad co-traveling and co-living around Asia.
  • The pros and cons of living life as a digital nomad in Asia (so you know this is really for you!).
  • What the local communities are like (fun fact: Filipinos from the Philippines are extremely friendly and known for their hospitality!)
  • The future of travel amid the pandemic and new normal.
  • We also talk about what retirement in Asia is like if you plan to settle down in.

Here, you’ll get to delve deeper into the experiences of living life as a digital nomad, so you can set your expectations straight. While a digital nomad life seems lucrative, it isn’t all fun and games, and you should prepare for the good AND the bad with these blogs.

Digital Nomad Funtime in Asia

It’s not a journey without a ton of fun along the way! With so many different activities you can do as you travel, it can get confusing as to what to do and where to go. That’s why this section talks about everything you can do when you’re in Asia, such as:

  • Where to go when you’re looking for a fun nightlife filled with parties and people of different cultures
  • The best music festivals across Asia to enjoy their culture with good music and fun activities in every festival
  • Relaxing alternative and holistic therapies to rest well if you plan to take a break from the wild nightlife and loud music

Knowing what you can do in the country helps as you create an itinerary of what you want to do. These guides will show you fun activities, where to go for them, and even how to get to places for fun and relaxation.

Where to Stay

We tackle different accommodation options under Remote Work in Asia. However, what if you’re looking for details on specific countries? Under ‘Where to Stay’, you’ll find blog posts talking about countries in detail (such as Thailand or Japan), or Asia as a whole.

If you’re having a tough time figuring out which country to head on first, then this page will definitely give you some guidance to make the final decision. But don’t overthink this, as you should focus more on having fun within your budget and goals!

Digital Nomad Stories from Asia

Don’t you just love listening to personal stories about being a digital nomad? It’s great to read about as you prepare for your journey, as these posts encourage many to keep going. Here are cool posts you can expect when reading inspiring stories about digital nomads:

  • Awesome startup businesses who started as digital nomads, along with women in startups to help you feel inspired
  • Personal real-life stories of people as a digital nomad in Asia

This section is constantly being updated, and you can contribute your own story as well! Just contact us for more details on how you can become a writer for The Digital Nomad Asia so you can inspire and help others. You can contribute about anything related to being a Digital Nomad.

What Else Can You Find on The Digital Nomad?

There are also other helpful pages on our website you can visit for your security and convenience. We have the Privacy Policy, a Contact Us section, along with an Advertisement page if you choose to advertise with us.

Besides these insightful posts, you can also say hello to the insightful community of like-minded digital nomads! That way, you have a wider network and create meaningful relationships online, may it be before, during, and after your trips. Everyone is friendly and helpful, providing tips and advice based on personal experience so the more prepared you can become.

You can even sign up for our email newsletter and follow our social media accounts and stay connected with all the updates and new tips we roll out. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even subscribe to our YouTube channel!

So what are you waiting for? Check out some (or even all) of our blog posts here at The Digital Nomad now so you can take that first step towards your digital nomad journey. Good luck and have fun!