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Best Digital Nomad Events & Conferences Around the World 2023

When you work online, it’s so important to keep your finger on the pulse. Digital nomads and entrepreneurs need to stay up to date with the latest trends, and make sure that they keep their ideas fresh. One of the best ways to do that is by taking part in digital nomad events & conferences.

Not only are these a great way to keep up with trends, but it’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people and to start networking. It’s also the perfect place to spark new ideas or find someone to collaborate with!

They can even be a good place to learn more about the world of freelancing, and many will help you out with Q&A sessions on taxes and budgeting and the like. These are some of the most sought-after freelancer and digital nomad events & conferences around the world, so let’s take a look so you can decide which one to visit first!

Global Coworking Unconference Conference – April 19th-21st (Chicago, USA)

Nestled in busy Chicago is the GCUC held from April 19-21, 2023. This event will be bringing together game-changers in the coworking space industry, filled with many insightful events, workshops, breakouts, and networking opportunities with professionals and industry-leading partners. 

An impactful 3-day event filled with various workshops to improve or learn new skills, keynote speakers to spark passion and inspiration, and mastermind activities to help those who attend to get that breakthrough needed for their businesses. The ultimate goal is to further support and help the industry grow through meet-and-greets with leaders (like you) while having meaningful connections with other participants. 

EventGlobal Coworking Unconference Conference
DatesApril 19th – 21st, 2023
LocationChicago, USA
TicketsEarly Bird – $599 + $31.56
Regular – $799 + $41.65

Remote Working Expo – March 15th-16th (London, UK)

As part of the Business Revival Series in London, the Remote Working Expo will be specifically focusing on the future of remote work and hybrid culture.

While many companies adopted remote work in the face of the pandemic, there is evidence to suggest it’s here to stay, which is pretty good news for digital nomads and traveling freelancers! The proof is here as we face a new year with remote work and hybrid setups more popular than ever.

At the Remote Working Expo you can learn more about how to implement technologies and strategies for hybrid work, alongside improving productivity and performance. Moreover, get to attend educational workshops centering on new technologies, HR solutions, and management styles for remote workers. Throughout the event, you’ll have many networking opportunities with like-minded professionals of different industries with a speed networking event by 4N Speed. 

If you’re interested, during the two-day event, you’ll get to join four different workshops, such as “Grow Your Business with Social Selling,” “Optimizing Remote Working and Digital End User Experience,” and the like. Across the workshops, you’ll see speeches and other events given by the likes of marketing leads and mental health experts. And the event even has various high-profile sponsors such as Google and TikTok.

If you’re setting up a company within the remote era, or if you’re worried about the future of remote work, this event should shed some light on the situation!

EventRemote Working Expo
DatesMarch 9th – 10th, 2022
LocationExCel London, London, UK

Nomad Jungle Fest – April 2023 (Chemuyil, Tulum Area, Mexico)

A week-long escape to the jungle to network, develop, connect and grow with the Nomad Jungle Fest. Find yourself immersed in the jungle this April 2023 in Chemuyil, in the Tulum Area of Mexico. 

The Nomad Jungle Fest is a unique event made for remote workers of all industries. Whether you’re an online entrepreneur, business owner, creative freelancer, digital nomad, you’ll get to delve deeper into the world of remote work while making meaningful connections and improving your wellness along the way.

It is a friendly and completely informal way for local independent and professional teams to connect with like-minded people. As you enter the event, you’ll learn to add fun into professionalism!

Boost your personal development and brainstorm with others in the same boat as you, share skills with individuals from all around the world and open the many different doors of possibilities. Join in with mastermind explosions, unplug and unwind events, motivational talks and interactive workshops during this 7 day experience.

EventNomad Jungle Fest (by Nomad Escape)
DatesApril 2023
LocationChemuyil, Tulum Area, Mexico
TicketsEvent Only – 895 EUR/1015 USD
Triple Shared room – 1899 EUR/2099 USD
Twin Shared room – 2449 EUR/2799 USD

Digital Nomads World Conference 2023 (Washington, D.C. USA)

In their new event for 2023, Digital Nomad’s World will be hosting a hybrid conference, with both face-to-face and virtual events throughout. While there are no official 2023 dates yet, stay tuned for the official announcement on the Digital Nomads World website. 

The two-day program will be led by expert speakers in Washington and online, and will span over different areas of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. In the Exhibit Hall there will be booths where you can meet with recruiters, promoters, consultants and other members of the field, whereas the show floor will be open to networking areas, and of keynote sessions will be held at different times and places throughout the Center.

Digital Nomad’s World hopes to offer a space to network with other freelancers, make connections with top ranked recruiters and city officials, and learn about the field from fellow nomads and experts. As for the speakers and exhibits, there will be experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including health care providers, app creators and even technology providers.

This event is perfect for those looking for an event in-person in the US or want to participate online!

EventDigital Nomads World Conference
DatesNo dates announced yet
LocationWashington, D.C. USA
TicketsRegistration opens in March

Women in Travel Summit – May 19th-21st (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Applauded by Forbes as one of “the most inspiring conferences to put on your calendar”, the Women in Travel Summit (or WITS, for short) is a leading event for travel’s top marketing talent. Entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders in freelancing come together to change travel worldwide – all the while empowering women.

WITS began in 2014, and although their most recent events have been held online, they plan to return to in-person events from next year. This 2023, their main event will be held in the beautiful Puerto Rico in May. Their event in 2022 featured discussions on how to monetize with affiliate marketing, how to get your stories published in travel magazines, and a whole host of other insightful sessions held by industry experts. Furthermore, it will be held in the luxurious Caribe Hilton, where you’ll truly feel your digital nomad dreams come true as you work and connect with professionals in paradise.

If you’re interested but not sure whether it’s worth the somewhat hefty price tag, you can get a taste of what the summit is like by watching their recorded sessions from 2022 by singing up for free. Many publications and reviewers have praised the summit, but this way you can find out for yourself first!

EventWomen in Travel Summit
DatesMay 19th-21st, 2023
LocationSan Juan, Puerto Rico
TicketsCreator – $399.00
Industry – $799.00
Beginner Bootcamp (Add-On Only)  – $100

Running Remote – April 25th-26th (Lisbon, Portugal)

Another nomad event doing well in the remote work situation is Running Remote, though these guys have been around far before the pandemic, and are celebrating their sixth year! The world’s largest remote work conference was held online in May 2021, and is due to be held as a hybrid event, including online and in-person sessions, in April 2023.

Their last even in May 2022 featured a whole array of interesting and valuable sessions, talks on how to go global as a startup, and even unique ideas for how to keep everyone awake on Zoom calls!

Of course, there will be plenty of expert speakers who will also attend live Q&A sessions, and in previous years they’ve brought to the stage the likes of Marcie Murray from Shopify, and Sara Sutton from Flexjobs. This year, you can expect to learn all about the different strategies on building and leading remote teams, as well as avail networking opportunities with remote-first business founders and hybrid team leaders.

So, you’re sure to see some high-flying names appear in 2023’s Montreal event!

EventRunning Remote
DatesApril 25th-26th, 2023
LocationLisbon, Portugal
TicketsEarly Bird: $599
Regular Price: $999

Digital Nomad Festival (Edremit, Turkey) – 2023

A festival celebrating music, art and culture with harmonious entrepreneurs, nomads and their families from around the globe this 2023. Originally, the event was supposed to be held last May 2022, but was postponed to 2023, where we can expect even bigger surprises!

In official partnership with the Turkish Government the Digital Nomad Festival in Edremit, Turkey provides a space for over 500 guests from 100+ countries to join together to take part in a carnival, wellness activities, cultural tours into the local community and of course all of the essential networking meetups, workshops with major work leaders happening throughout the week. Furthermore, the festival gives amazing opportunities to start-up businesses to pitch in front of a crowd and potential investors.

EventDigital Nomad Festival
LocationEdremit, Turkey

Bansko Nomad Fest – June 25th-July 2nd (Bansko, Bulgaria)

Nomads flock to Bansko, a town in Bulgaria every year for the week-long festival celebration of living an independent lifestyle and being a nomad.

Happening from June 25th-July 2nd in Bansko, the event promises to show the attendees magic by combining engaging business activities in the morning like keynote speakers, workshops and presentations with the fun of hiking, yoga and even speed-dating in the afternoon. It’s a mix of work, wellness, and a lot of fun in-between.

Spending evenings sampling the best food, music and socializing with new friends. Providing a place for newcomers to join others at a new epicenter for co-working at this festival. It’s one not to be missed.

EventBansko Nomad Fest
DatesJune 25th-July 2nd
LocationBansko, Bulgaria
TicketsGeneral Admission – 100 EUR (Early bird) to 269 EUR (Last Minute)

Nomad Workation Retreat – September 18th to 22nd 2023 (Siargao Island, Philippines)

The Philippines is one of the most popular digital nomad destinations for their low cost of living and spectacular beaches. Hit two birds with one stone and join the ultimate workation retreat as you relax in paradise while learning everything there is to know about becoming a successful digital nomad.

The Baybayin Hub Nomad Workation Retreat is one of the biggest retreat events in the Philippines made for digital nomads, remote workers, and online entrepreneurs. Throughout the week, you can immerse yourself into the many different workshops and mastermind sessions as you discuss relevant topics related to remote working. You will also get to learn from thought leaders and experts of the field away from the typical conference room.

And don’t forget about getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city life as a digital nomad! Set in Siargao Island, you’ll feel inspired to grow as a digital nomad in a stress-free environment as you hit the beach for some yoga and surfing.

EventNomad Workation Retreat
DatesSeptember 18th to 22nd, 20
LocationSiargao Island, Philippines
TicketsGeneral Admission Regular Rate (without accommodation): 13,000 PHP ($240)VIP Ticket (with accommodation): 30,000 PHP ($550

7in7 Digital Nomad Conference – September 2023 (Africa)

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7in7 is one of the most forward-thinking digital nomad events out there. They make sure to amplify the voices of underrepresented nomads, and 75% of the team and attendees are women!

Why 7in7? Because the company behind it aims to hold SEVEN digital nomad conferenced on SEVEN different continents within SEVEN years. This 2023 will be 7in7’s 6th year and continent, which is said to be held in Africa this September.

Though don’t think that means you can just waltz in; this event is exclusively for those with over a year of nomad experience under their belt. That way, you know you’ll be making quality connections with people who aren’t going to run back to the office any time soon. 

7in7 is quite different to some of the other nomad events, because it only allows 100 people through its doors. By having limited numbers, they can make the event so much more engaging and personal, and you don’t feel lost in a sea of high-flying entrepreneurs. The event has parties, workshops, lunches, panels, and pretty much anything you could want out of a nomad event!

Event7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

Colive Fukuoka – October 1st – 31st 2023 (Fukuoka, Japan)

Colive Fukuoka Japan

Introducing COLIVE FUKUOKA, an immersive experience for digital nomads, launching in Japan this October 2023. Set in the vibrant city of Fukuoka in Kyushu, this month-long event, backed by, Fukuoka City, and Fukuoka Tourist Convention Bureau, blends culture, connectivity, and collaboration for remote workers worldwide.

Participants will delve into Japan’s rich culture and history while living in Fukuoka’s bustling Tenjin area. The event encourages collaboration and cross-border innovation among digital nomads, tackling challenges in areas like tourism and startups.

Further enriching the experience, a partnership with TeamPlace offers access to numerous coworking spaces across Fukuoka, fostering connections with local entrepreneurs.

Fukuoka, renowned for its history, public transportation, and cuisine, is a rising star among digital nomads. Listed in Lonely Planet’s ‘BEST IN TRAVEL 2023 EAT’ and The New York Times’ ’52 places to go in 2023,’ the city invites you to join COLIVE FUKUOKA this October. Experience the famous Hakata ramen, vibrant street food scene, and a thriving community.

EventColive Fukuoka, Japan
DatesOctober 1-31, 2023
LocationFukuoka, Japan
Community fee699 USD for 1 month ( fee starts from 1 day, 39USD)
Accommodation fee1,699 USD for 1 month (stay required 1 week at least)
*requires each participant to book directly with the hotel
*You can also arrange your accommodation on your own

Nomad Island Fest (by Nomad Escape) – December 7th – 13th 2023 (Madeira, Portugal)

Included this year will be another edition of the Nomad Island Fest. Organized by digital nomads, it will give a chance to build a strong and intimate community of online entrepreneurs and digital nomads. 

The Nomad Island Fest is more than just your typical convention. Rather than it being set in a stadium from the center of the city, it will be in sunny Portugal, where you won’t only have access to talks from top-class industry experts. You’ll also have the chance to explore and immerse yourself in the gorgeous sites of Madeira Island, giving you a taste of work-life balance.

This week-long event will be filled with activities focused on business growth and personal development. Learn to build business strategies, how to generate monthly recurring income, scaling your business, mastering public speaking, and more!

EventNomad Island Fest
DatesDecember 7-13, 2023
LocationMadeira, Portugal
TicketsBasic – 829 EUR
Includes Accommodation – 1789 EUR
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