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The 5 Coolest Coworking Spaces in India For Your Next Adventure

You’ve probably been working at home for so long and realized the opportunities it brings. Not only does it save you money, but it also allows you to work anywhere you want!

Once everything gets back to normal after the pandemic, you may want to consider becoming a freelancer or work remotely from your company. And if you’re selecting the perfect country to travel, work and experience something new, consider India with its amazing culture and heritage and emerging co-working space options.

We listed the top 5 recommended coworking spaces in India, along with some travel tips including visa information and travel attractions.

Read on to learn more about the wonders of India as a digital nomad!

Why Go to India for Remote Work?

After the pandemic and you’re ready to live your life as a digital nomad, why choose India? There is more to the country than just a new environment!

1. Delicious Indian Food

The first thing many foreign travelers seek is food, and Indian cuisine doesn’t disappoint! It gives you a kick with all its spices and herbs, and are considered healthy as they cook mostly vegetable-based dishes.

You can never go wrong with delicious Indian cuisine!”

You get so much color and flavor into their dishes, and not one city will give you the same dishes. You always get a unique twist!

2. Find Your Zen and Spirituality

This country is home to amazing yoga and meditation, and you will be surrounded by temples and like-minded people trying to find themselves within the peacefulness of such areas.

If your goal is to find yourself (while still make money working on the side), then you can find zen and relaxation in India.

3. Discover History and Culture

Just like many countries, India is well-known for its vast history and culture. You can learn so much about their traditions and create new friends with friendly locals as they teach you the ins and outs of India.

While you work, you can discover more about the country and open your eyes to a whole new perspective!

India Visa and Entry Requirements

India may still have the travel ban now, in line with the pandemic. However, once travel bans have been lifted, you are able to go to the country, provided you have a health certificate, a valid passport, and a valid Indian visa. Furthermore, you will need to be updated with your vaccinations and check the local law for any entry and exit restrictions.

You are able to apply for electronic travel authorization at least four days before your arrival. This will grant you an Indian visa, allowing you to stay in the country for no longer than 60 days.

If you would like to stay for longer, do contact your Embassy to find out if India grants extensions and the steps you will need to take in order to extend your stay. You can consider getting a work visa for a longer stay, though this may require more work and documents in obtaining one.

Cost of Living and Local Communities

The cost of living in India is fairly low compared to the United States. In fact, it’s over 60% lower, making it a suitable place to live in comfortably with your usual salary as a digital nomad.

Living in India isn’t expensive, you can live off $1,500 or less a month!”

For instance, monthly rent for co-working spaces can go as low as 3,500 baht, which is a mere $115! Rent can go as low as $400 a month within the city center, and good ranges between 160 to 800 baht ($5 to $25), depending on how much you eat out.

As for the Indian community, you will be surprised by how helpful and happy they are to assist! Besides the locals, you also get to meet like-minded digital nomads and foreign tourists trying to learn a lot about the country.

Not only will you be able to work, but you get to make new connections and build your network for business, and make new friends for new adventures in India.

Top 5 Co-Working Spaces in India

Among the many shared office space options there are for remote working, where should you go to India? These are the top five to consider:

1. Ministry of New (Mumbai)

The Ministry of New is perfect for professionals and startups who would like to create connections with like-minded people.

However, they also focus on the creative and design community, with a diverse set of members that range from vegan entrepreneurs down to astrophysicists and tech consultants! This allows you to expand your network and collect even more diverse contacts useful for your personal and business life.

The company holds various curated events and workshops to join their growing community. And of course, they have a bright and professional space perfect for working and concentration.


2. The Hive (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune)

The Hive is one of the more unique co-working spaces in India because of its architecture and design! They are one of the most popular for emerging startups and creative professionals. It blurs the lines between social and professional life, allowing you to create connections and friendships.

Photo: Hive official website

Make new friends and expand your network wisely as you meet like-minded travelers and locals!”

The shared workspace comes with personal lockers and cabins as well as customized offices for various organizations of any size. Plus, they have the hi-speed internet, among discounts and other services digital nomads will love.


3. Innov8 (Mumbai & other major cities in India)

Innov8 in Mumbai is near retail, lifestyle, and F&B centers for your consumption. They are best known for their friendliness, breaking the visual barrier with elegant glasswork and the touch of traditional architecture.

The space offers private cabins suitable for creating products and to facilitate new connections. It’s great for larger corporations, while smaller businesses and startups can opt for dedicated desks for the dynamic working environment.

And of course, all desks are now spread apart to focus on social distancing.

You can avail of their fast internet, complimentary coffee services, among other free use of their office equipment.

Innov8 operates coworking spaces in other major cities in India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Channai, Pune, etc.


4. Red Bricks (Mumbai & other major cities in India)

Photo: Red Bricks official website

One of the Red Bricks coworking spaces in Mumbai is located in Andheri, providing an amazing space for individuals. They give your sense of privacy with secured and custom-build spaces for social distancing, as well as open areas where you can share tables and build connections with others.

The area is very accessible and near the local train stations and Western Express Highway, which is why they are the most popular coworking spaces in Mumbai. The space offers entire wings and floors for enterprises, as well as community spaces for meetings and dining in their in-house cafe.


5. Jxtapose (Hyderabad)

Jxtapose is located in Hyderabad City, boasting a beautiful structure with a mix of traditional and modern designs. The second floor has a full view of the city and you will be surrounded by greens. There is also an outdoor area if you would like the smell of fresh air.

Photo: Jxtapose official website

The collaborative convergence is suitable for artists, creators, and designers because of its simple and conducive ambiance. There is a pop of color and a lot of vibrance to put your mind at work!

You can grow connections with the creative community here, with the space offering various types of desks, spaces, and workshops to collaborate with fellow creatives.


Wrapping It Up

While we are still working from home, it doesn’t hurt to dream and prepare for our next destination, especially when you plan to work as a digital nomad!

Remember that even when yo duo work as a digital nomad abroad, stick to social distancing rules and stay safe as you find the perfect co-living space for you in India. Good luck!

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