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The Best Music Festivals in Asia: Top 10 Music Festivals You NEED to Go To!

Are you looking for the best music festivals in Asia? You’ll be surprised by the numerous music festivals and events countries dedicate to the love and passion for music! Whether you’re looking for specific genres, themes, or just want to have fun while learning the culture, Asia has got you covered.

But yes, it can get overwhelming deciding which country to go to and what festivals to attend! That’s why I narrowed down the choices to the top ten music festivals in Asia you should attend soon.

The Best Music Festivals in Asia

Going back to traveling soon? Luckily, the music scene is coming back with more festivals and events for everyone to dance and celebrate! Here are the top ten EDM music festivals to experience when in Asia:

1. Djakarta Warehouse Project in Indonesia

The Djakarta Warehouse Project is probably one of the highly-awaited music festivals in Indonesia! It began back in 2008, just as a club event from the Blowfish Club.

It grew in 2010 when it became a full-blown festival, and has been held every year in December. Now, it’s a two-day festival and focuses on the values of Indonesia, one of which is DIVERSITY!

Djakarta Warehouse Project 2019 – #DWP19 – Official Trailer

Enjoy the entire night as you visit different stages to get a feel of different music genres!”

In this music festival, you can expect a variety of sub-genres, all under the dance music category. Artists are given the platform in multiple stages, and yes, you can expect awesome EDM tracks to dance to.

People around the world visit Indonesia for this music festival! If you plan to do the same, it’s located in Jiexpo Kemayoran in Jakarta, which is pretty accessible via public transportation.

Here’s their official website to learn more:

2. Dragonland Music Festival in Hong Kong

The Dragonland Music Festival is Hong Kong’s first-ever outdoor concert that combines two genres: EDM and Pop! This magical 3-day music festival brings the best of pop and electronic dance music culture in Hong Kong, creating a unique image and setting them apart from other music festivals worldwide.

You won’t find ANY EDM festival like this with unique music and culture intertwined for a spectacular experience.”

The music festival is held every February in the Central Harbour Front, accessible via bus or train. There are also many hotels and hotels nearby, which are comfortable accommodation options to stay in after the event!

In the past, huge names like Redfoo and Carly Rae Jepsen have performed and donned the stage. So expect the next festival to be even bigger!

You can learn more about the music festival on their official website:

3. Neverland Manila Festival in the Philippines

Neverland Manila Official Trailer

Neverland Manila is the ultimate music festival for EDM fans based in the Philippines. This is a 3-day rave that brings in the best and biggest names of EDM and house music, ranging from local acts to international names.

Expect a whole party filled with lots of dancing, screaming, and fun activities and food to munch on! For those who love raves and want to dance to bright lights and good music, this one’s for you.

Usually, Neverland Manila occurs in Taguig or Filinvest, Philippines. Both these areas are near many hotels and AirBnBs for accommodation, and is accessible via train and bus, though it’s best to take a taxicab.

Learn more about Neverland Manila in their official social media account:

4. VH1 Supersonic in India

The VH1 Supersonic is the biggest EDM festival in India, which started merely as an idea on someone’s notebook! The music festival brings the best international EDM artists to India and has now become the ultimate multi-genre experiential festival of the country.

What started out as a simple idea became India’s biggest EDM festivals everyone travels for!”

You get the ultimate music experience which breaks the barriers of music festivals across India, as you get energetic artists to the pioneers of hip-hop, and even get to dance to the best indie artists! From the music to the vibe, this 2-day festival will get you dancing on your feet for hours on end.

You’ve got tons of colors, lots of lights, amazing music, and great company as you dance and scream the night away! Located in Pune, Maharashtra, it’s quite accessible though best to take private transportation.

Check out their Facebook account for more details:

5. World Club Dome in South Korea

BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Korea 2018 – The Official Aftermovie

This is one of the ultimate music festivals in Korea, this time featuring the winter edition, which takes place for three days. This time, it’s a club instead of the typical outdoor festival, the largest area that can hold guests from more than 50 countries!

With over a hundred acts and different stages, you won’t feel the cold at all! Instead, you’re pacing on the heat as you jump and dance to the best international EDM acts.

It’s happening later in the year and in the heart of Incheon, which is near many forms of accommodation and accessible via public transportation!

Check out their official Facebook for more information:

6. Wonderfruit Music Festival in Thailand

For those who want the ultimate music festival experience only unique to Thailand, then the Wonderfruit is the best event! Many festival-goers have compared this to the Burning Man of Asia, it’s THAT intense!

Think of it as the Burning Man of Asia, filled with so much fun and intensity!”

You get so much more than awesome music from local and international artists. You get the diverse line-up wit different stages, the scrumptious food, and drinks, as well as spectacular production and fun atmosphere to keep your spirits up and jumping. There is a mix of travelers, tourists, ex-pats, and locals, so expect a lot of diversity and art.

It happens in December in the Siam Fields of Pattaya, which you can travel via private transportation. Learn more here:

7. 808 Festival in Thailand

The 808 Festival is all about EDM and the biggest event hosted in Thailand every year. It’s one of the most popular among all the ravers and EDM fans around the world because of their amazing lineups and acts!

Not only can you expect a lot of EDM, but the house and techno artists for more genres to explore. Furthermore, they have pre-parties and after-parties to have fun for the entire three days! If you choose to be a VVIP, you’re going to get the ultimate treatment with drinks, table service, and be closer to your fave artists.

You can check out the festival’s official Instagram account to know what to expect:

8. It’s the Ship In Singapore


Singapore puts a whole new twist on music festivals! Instead of the typical outdoor field event, the entire event takes place on a cruise ship! You’ll be leaving Marina Bay and head to Langkawi then back, so it’s an entire day of luxury, parties, and lots of fun in the sea.

Expect the best parties filled with EDM music to dance to, and many more activities to have fun with your loved ones. The cruise ship offers everything you want and needs from the cruise and music festival, including a water park, cinema, arcade, and more than 35 bars and restaurants!

Learn more about the lineup and how to get your tickets here:

9. Mysterious World in Malaysia

For all EDM fans out there, you’ll want to fly to Kuching so you can experience Mysterious World. Not only can you explore the beauty of Kuching, but they have unique EDM music with an awesome company to party with! Furthermore, they have such affordable tickets yet produce some of the most memorable party-like festivals to get your heart pumping.

“You have a mix of affordability and a quality festival with the best lineups in Malaysia!”

Heading to Kuching may not be the most accessible, but it’s worth the trip with its world-class lineup. Plus, it’s quite an experience partying with Malaysians! You can learn more about the Mysterious World from their official Facebook account:

10. Summer Sonic Festival in Japan


Japan never disappoints with their events and technological advancements, and the Summer Sonic Festival is no exception! This is a two-day rock festival that’s held simultaneously in Osaka and Chiba, one of the epic and most popular music festivals in Japan. You can find travelers and locals attending to enjoy the live music and atmosphere, as well as spectacular productions and lineup.

Fortunately, Platinum ticket holders can head to the venue with platinum shuttle buses and be welcomed with a nice drink and comfortable lounge. Then you can party it up in any of their stages with viewing areas for your comfort and enjoyment! Definitely world-class treatment with amazing music.

Learn more about the festival here:

Wrapping It Up

There are so many reasons why you must visit Asia and its beautiful countries, from their amazing culture down to their friendly locals. And let’s not forget their memorable and fun-filled music festivals that feature the best of their local and indie artists, as well as world-renowned musicians!

With the top EDM music festivals help in the continent, you’ll experience nights you’ll never forget and want to relive. Plus, it gets you learning more about the amazing culture and music scene of different countries! So start planning ahead and see where the wonders of Asia’s music scene can take you.

I wish you a safe trip and lots of fun!

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
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