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The Best Music Festivals in Japan For All EDM Fans!

Japan has always been well ahead of our times in terms of technology and other advancements. This also includes their wold-class music festival, with local and international acts gracing stages in some of Japan’s amazing attractions.

The country promises nothing but the best when you enter the music scene, whether you’re into indie bands or want to explore Japan’s local artists. So if you’re into EDM, then check out this list on the best music festivals in Japan!

The Best Music Festivals in Japan

In Japan, you can expect a ton of outdoor music festivals that feature the best of Japanese and international musicians. EDM fans will have the time of their life, as many festivals feature amazing EDM tracks and artists for you to dance your night away.

With that in mind, these are the five best music festivals in Japan to attend:

1. SUPERSONIC Summer Sonic

The Summer Sonic Festival began back in 2000, offering a fantastic lineup that focused on rock and rock. Now, they added in EDM and hip-hop acts, with the unashamedly urban vibe with different venues across the country. These bands swoop in to perform in the different venues for two whole days, giving the crowd what they want!

This is one of the biggest EDM festivals with different genres to ignite your music tastebuds!”

It has a more club music-oriented vibe compared to similar music festivals, curating the best acts worldwide and in Japan. All musicians of different genres are welcome, with high-profile artists like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Liam Gallagher hosting past events. You’ll also find people of different nationalities and cultures joining in on the fun and dancing!

Both venues are within Tokyo and Osaka, held from August to September. The events areas are accessible through the train and other modes of public transportation, with many accommodation options such as hotels, hostels, and even AirBnBs. Traveling from the airport may be a bit tricky, and it’s best to take a taxicab to the event if ever, though it’s possible to take the train either to Tokyo or Osaka.

Radiohead – Live at Summer Sonic (August 2016)

Learn more about SUPERSONIC Summer Sonic here: https://supersonic2020.com/

2. Ultra Japan

For the EDM fans out there, ULTRA JAPAN is the biggest festival dedicated to the genre! It was first held back in 2013, featuring some of the biggest EDM artists worldwide.

Artists and DJs like Skrillex, Afrojack, and even the Chainsmokers took part in the extensive and talented lineup in this rave in Japan!

Photo: Ultra Japan official website

Like the Fuji Rock Festival, ULTRA JAPAN has over 100,000 attendees yearly, making it such a popular and fun-filled event. You’ll be dancing and jumping throughout, there will never be a moment of silence! Party with thousands of people from all around the world, connecting through the love of EDM!

With three stages and various performers, you won’t get bored and you can even have your music tastebuds explore, with both local and international names.

The festival takes place in September, on the weekend of Respect for the Aged Day. It will be held in The Ultra Park, which is very accessible via train. It’s a short walk from the Tokyo-Teleport Station, which is on the JR Rinkai Line. There are also hotels and hostels there so you won’t have any trouble with accommodation.

Find out more on their official website: https://ultrajapan.com/ja

3. Electric Daisy Carnival

Photo: EDC Japan official website

The Electric Daisy Carnival is an event traveling all around the world, and Japan is one of its main locations! It’s a huge EDM festival that boasts of a carnival theme, combining electronic music with cosplay, fancy fashion, a lot of art and light shows, as well as fireworks to cap off the night!

Experience the carnival vibe with many booths and activities to have fun with!”

You won’t only be amazed by the fantastic lineup and music from artists all around the world, but the attendees as well! From eccentric fashion to cosplay, everyone will express themselves in some way through clothes and dancing. It’s a magical EDM event in Japan where you can be yourself and let your hair loose!

The festival is held in May, located in the Zozo Marine Stadium and Makuhari Beach Park in Chiba. It’s fairly easy to travel to the venue, though you will need to take a train and bus to the area. Accommodation is another train ride away, though there are nearby hostels and AirBnBs you can rent.

Find out more about the festival here: https://japan.electricdaisycarnival.com/en/

4. Fuji Rock Festival

Photo: Fuji Rock Festival official Facebook

The Fuji Rock Festival is Japan’s biggest outdoor music festival, featuring more than 200 international and local artists in three days. It’s been in the music festival scene since 1997, which is why it’s grown in popularity since then.

It’s so popular, there are at least 100,000 visitors who attend the event every year! Many tourists have timed their trips just to make it to the music festival, as it’s that huge!

While the event isn’t held in Mt. Fuji, the event is in Naeba Ski Resort, a famous Niigata ski resort with an amazing view of the mountains. The dream-like location is also a great accommodation option, or you can choose nearby ski resorts as well. Campsite and car parks are available if you choose to rough it up and camp under the stars!

As for transportation, it’s best to avail of the resort’s shuttle services or use private transportation and taxicabs to go to the area. You can easily take the free shuttle bus going to the Naeba Ski Resort from the Echigo Yuzawa Station.

Expect a lot of huge names performing, as well as local acts to explore Japan’s flourishing music industry. Taking place in August, expect great weather and memorable nights partying away!

Learn more about the Fuji Rock Festival and purchase tickets from their official Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/fujirockfestival

5. Music Circus

This is the biggest beach festival that takes place in Western Japan, this time in the Tarui Southern Beach (known as the Rinku Minamihama Beach). The outdoor festival focuses on EDM, with a fantastic lineup of the world’s famous artists and DJs.

Ever wanted to party and enjoy the best live music by the beach? This is it!”

QUINTINO @ Music Circus 2017 Japan

The festival has been going on for six years, a colossal music event that promises everything you want from a memorable music festival. From the many popular international and local acts, you’ll be dancing and screaming with thousands of other attendees from around the world.

Feel the beach vibe, enjoy the sand and cool air as you listen to musical ecstasy. It’s an event you’ll never forget, with the production promising an even bigger festival soon!

There are many different accommodation options near the beach, and it’s accessible via train and bus. Taking place in September, ready your beach bodies for a cool night with lots of sun!

Learn more about the Music Circus and what to expect on their official website: https://music-circus.jp/

Wrapping It Up

Whether you want to learn more about Japanese culture or just love the country’s unique music festivals, these are a must-attend! Every music festival has the unique attraction that will make it a memorable event you’ll talk about for years.

Now that you know more about the music scene and top events to go to in Japan, plan out your next trip soon! You’ll enjoy the wonders of Japan and their music thanks to these festivals.

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