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The Best Hostels in Japan For Digital Nomads

Because of the many international travelers and digital nomads that visit Japan yearly, the country has now transformed into THE destination for anyone, including those on a budget.

Rather than spend all your budget on a luxury hotel or apartment, the hostel scene continues to rise. Backpackers and digital nomads can now sigh in relief as they have a secure AND comfortable place to stay.

But wait! Aren’t hostels cramped and scary? Definitely not!

In Japan, there are now hostels that offer amazing facilities at low prices, all suitable for work and rest. From timeless architecture to well-designed beds for more space, you won’t have to suffer from coffin-like areas anymore.

So, where should you stay at when in Japan? Check out my list of the best hostels in Japan for digital nomads!

The Best Hostels in Japan For Digital Nomads

Staying in Japan as a digital nomad is a dream. They have quick wi-fi, efficient public transportation, a welcoming community, and a lot of amazing places to explore during your days off.

To narrow down your choices on where to stay for the next weeks or months, consider any of these ten cozy and efficient hostels.

1. Shimokita Hostel (Tokyo)

Shimokita Hostel is all about hip and bright, perfect for young digital nomads who want to make new friends and work efficiently in the city.

What’s great about the hostel is that there are a variety of rooms you can choose from, according to your budget and preference. All rooms are very bright with a vibrant style, making it conducive for work and comfortable to lounge around in.

This is optimum for outgoing digital nomads who want to explore!”

They provide the atmosphere that screams “social neighborhood,” having minimalist pods, industrial-chic architecture, and even color pops of art around the common areas!

If you want to work or explore outside, then you’re in luck, as they are a few minutes’ walk away from amazing cafes and historical attractions and museums. You will be surrounded by various cafes, bars, even music clubs, and museums!

You can easily get to the Shimokita Hostel via train, a 3-minute walk away from the Shimokitazawa station south-west exit. Their pods start from Y3,800, while double rooms are Y7,500 a night.

2. Millennials Shibuya (Tokyo)

Are you looking for THE hostel for the millennial digital nomad? As the name suggests, Millennials Shibuya is the optimum accommodation that welcomes all kinds of travelers and remote workers!

Photo from The Millenials official website

What makes them unique is their use of “Smart Pods,” which are spacious capsules that feature reclining beds, soft mattresses, and advanced technology to make it comfortable and convenient to rest and work in. They even have a co-working space for digital nomads, featuring fast wi-fi, private spots, and a bright atmosphere to keep you productive! Also, check their social spaces to make new friends throughout your stay.

You will love their futuristic and spacious Smart Pods!”

Located in Shibuya, you can easily access it via train via Shibuya Station, a mere 6-minute walk! Their Smart Pods start from 4,675 JPY a night.

3. Citan (Tokyo)

Photo from Citan official website

The Citan is an amazing hub, combining modern and culture vibes a bit away from the city.

The cafe and co-working areas of Citan are what make the area stand out the most. Think of the most Instagrammable cafe filled with beautiful morning breakfast sets and granola bowls! But don’t be fooled with its work-conducive space, as it transforms to a restaurant-bar at night where you can mingle with fellow digital nomads and tourists.

As for the hostel, it has concrete and dark wood interiors with metal-frame bunk beds or private rooms.

Beautiful cafes and nightlife await you in Citan.”

You can head to Citan via train using the Sobu Line, heading from Tokyo Station to Bakurocho, only taking five minutes! Their rates start from Y3,000 for a dorm or Y4,500 for a private room a night.

Citan official website

4. UNPLAN Shinjuku (Tokyo)

Photo from Unplan Shinjuku official website

This is probably one of the best hostels in Japan for digital nomads, but not for those on a budget. However, the few extra bucks are worth the price, as you get what you pay for with its flashy and modern style. You’ll love their comfortable beds, fast (and free) WiFi, as well as their beautiful bars, common rooms, and other facilities.

Another great advantage of the hostel is that they have activities every single day. This allows you to have fun, learn a lot, and mingle with other guests for new friendships and connections.

Make new friends and stay comfortable without feeling cramped.”

UNPLAN is near the Sensiji Temple and accessible from the Shinjuku-Gyoemmae Station. Their prices start from 9,600 JPY a night.

UNPLAN Shinjuku website

5. Kaisu Hostel (Tokyo)

Did you know that the Kaisu Hostel used to be a restaurant that had to perform Geishas? Today, it’s a spectacular hostel that has traditional Japanese-style rooms. If you’re looking for a touch of culture and tradition, then this hostel is definitely for you.

While it’s conveniently located near establishments and public transportation, you’re still surrounded by tons of peace and serenity with a clean, welcoming neighborhood.

Class and comfort await you in the beautiful Kaisy Hostel!”

It has more of a high-end hotel feel, but with spacious pods for privacy and security, or shared dorm rooms to meet with other people.

You can access the Kaisu Hostel from the Akasaka Station, and the hostel is filled with museums, shopping malls, restaurants, shrines, and a beautiful park! Private rooms start from 6,000 JPY.

Kaisu Hostel website

6. Santiago Guesthouse (Kyoto)

The Santiago Guesthouse in Kyoto is a hidden gem that’s slowly gaining in popularity, especially for the digital nomads on a budget. It has the contemporary Japanese design, with everything made from Japan, including their capsules and bunk beds equipped with your own curtain, security box, electrical outlets, and nightlights.

All floors have fast WiFi and everything you need for a long-term stay. From washing machines and dryers, nice showers to toiletries, you won’t have trouble settling down and staying comfy here.

You won’t have trouble staying cozy and productive in Santiago Guesthouse!”

The hostel is strategically located among many museums, shrines, convenience stores, and other attractions. You can get there from Kiyomizu-Gojo station. Shared rooms begin at 2,100 JPY a night, which is very affordable!

7. Backpackers Hostel Ino’s Place (Hokkaido)

Another excellent choice for digital nomads in the Backpackers Hostel Ino’s Place, which is located in Sapporo. For those who revel in the amazing and modern Sapporo, you’re going to love the convenience and beauty of the hostel. There are also numerous facilities you can take advantage of as a remote worker!

Not only do they have fast WiFi, but a comfortable TV lounge to chill out or work in. You can also mingle with fellow travelers and digital nomads as you work, everyone will always be welcoming.

From TV lounges to natural attractions nearby, you’ll never have a boring day.”

You can head to the hostel from the Subway Shiroishi Station, taking a six-minute walk from there. Their rates begin at 3,000 JPY a night, which already comes with all the facilities you need to live peacefully.

8. Chapter Two (Tokyo)

Hostel Chapter Two is meant to be a co-living area for both tourists and digital nomads. What makes this an amazing and affordable hostel is its many amenities and facilities at an affordable price. It’s a family-run hostel, so expect welcoming staff always ready to accommodate your needs!

The cozy hotel also features free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, and shared common areas that are always clean. Each room has a clean and modern atmosphere so you can rest comfortably after a hard day’s work and exploration. Stay by the rooftop to enjoy the sunrise or sunset with fellow digital nomads as well!

Enjoy some drinks with new friends on the rooftop!”

You can access Chapter Two going to the Asakusa Station, a few minutes away from the hotel. Prices start at 2,200 JPY for a single pod or 8,800 JPY for a private room.

9. IRORI Hostel and Kitchen (Tokyo)

Photo from Irori Hostel and Kitchen official website

Irori stands for “traditional hearth,” which is the hostel’s focal point. Irori is traditionally for heating homes and cooking food, a place where families gather. That’s the concept of Irori Hostel and Kitchen, where digital nomads and travelers can connect with one another to understand and learn more about the country’s culture and attractions through great food and conversations.

Not only do they have the facilities for working and good rest, but they also offer traditional meals and awesome workshops to immerse yourself in their regional culture!

Feel at home as you make connections and friendships among food and culture.”

You can go to Irori Hostel and Kitchen gong to the Toei Asakusa-Line, which is a 3-minute walk from the area. Their rates are extremely affordable, starting at 1,900 JPY a night.

10. Almond Hostel and Cafe (Tokyo)

Photo from Almond Hostel official website

The Almond Hostel and Cafe is located by the Shibuya Yoyogi Park, known as Yoyoko. This is a calm and quiet hostel, perfect for digital nomads teaching for a peaceful lifestyle in an upscale city.

They have an onsite cafe with curated collections, polished concrete floors, and the modern industrial design with delicious offerings! Furthermore, they have form rooms with private pods for your security, all coming with soft mattresses, shelves, outlets, and your own dimmer lights.

You don’t need huge beds and rooms to feel cozy with Almond Hostel’s amazing food and comfy mattresses.”

You can take the train station heading to the Yoyogi-Koen Sta. Exit No. 1, and walk for three minutes to the hostel. Pod rates begin from 3,800 JPY a night.

11. Nui Hostel and Bar Lounge (Tokyo)

Photo from Nui Hostel and Bar Lounge

Looking for the perfect blend of work and nightlife? Look no further than Nui Hostel and Bar Lounge!

Located in the heart of Taito City, this vibrant hostel promises a memorable stay. Whether you’re in your private room, hanging out in the lounge, or working in the co-working space, you can expect a seamless connection to the internet.

“Nui Hostel & Bar Lounge – Where vibrancy meets connectivity, creating unforgettable memories.”

In addition to their cozy rooms and lively bar lounge, they offer a shared space for those seeking a quiet corner to work in their library. Plus, you can prepare your favorite meals and connect with other guests in their fully-equipped common kitchen.

Nui is easily accessible from Kuramae Station (4 mins walk) and both Narita and Haneda Airport. Their dorm option starts from 4,400 JPY per night.

12. LINNAS Kanazawa

Discover LINNAS Kanazawa – the ultimate destination for Digital Nomads!

Their bilingual staff ensures no language barriers, and you can connect with like-minded people at local events like Yoga, Fitness, and dinner parties. If you’re an active person or love to interact with people, you should definitely check out this Community-Driven Hotel.

With their “HYGGE” concept, inspired by the Danish idea of being satisfied and comfortable, they aim to bring happiness to your journey and beyond.

Photo from LINNAS Kanazawa

But that’s not all! Indulge yourself in relaxation with their sauna and jacuzzi facilities. After a day of exploring, unwinding will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

You can go to LINNAS by riding a bus for 5 mins and a 5 min walk. Solo travelers will find thoughtfully designed rooms catered to their needs, and long-term guests enjoy special discounts!

13. lyf Tenjin Fukuoka

Welcome to lyf Tenjin Fukuoka, your perfect coliving retreat located near the vibrant center of Fukuoka City.

Photo from lyf Tenjin Fukuoka

Experience more than just an ordinary stay with their stylish apartments featuring ensuite bathrooms and high-speed WiFi. Along with the well-designed shared spaces that encourage connections and collaboration, making it the perfect place to interact with a diverse community of like-minded travelers and locals.

“Discover the extraordinary at lyf Tenjin Fukuoka”

With its convenient location just a five-minute walk from Nishitetsu Fukuoka Tenjin Station, exploring the vibrant city has never been easier. Their Studio double starts at 6,300+ JPY per night.

Wrapping It Up

From fast wi-fi to comfortable bedding, you don’t need to spend tons of money for a place to sleep in. With these affordable hostels, you can stay for the long-term and work efficiently as you explore the wonders of Japan.

Plan ahead and stay among any of these hip hostels to begin your life as a digital nomad!

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