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The 5 Coolest Co-Working Spaces in Thailand For Your Nomad Life

Are you living the nomad life and looking for your next destination? Then you’re going to love Thailand!

This area isn’t only filled with vibrant attractions and amazing people, but co-working areas that will make your stay a fun and productive one.

But what co-working space should you consider using when in the area? Read on as I talk about the wonders of Thailand as a nomad and the top co-working areas to stay in.

Why Go to Thailand for Remote Work?

As a digital nomad, why should you put Thailand on your must-visit list? Besides their amazing co-working spaces and shared office space options, here are the reasons why you should consider Thailand:

1. Cocktail of Everything

Thailand is filled with ancient temples busy cities, breathtaking beaches, lush greeneries, and a whole lot more! After a day’s work, you can take a break and unwind by exploring the culture, walk around the city, or even take a hike and go on an adventure.

You get everything in one country, suitable for ANY type of traveler.”

There’s no limit to what you can do in the country, and you get to go to work whenever you want!

2. Yoga and Relaxation

Thailand is home to many yoga studios and wellness retreats where you can learn how to take a step back and relax. The country is the perfect area to wind down because you can join many free yoga sessions or go to the nearby beach to get your zen on. NO stress during work anymore!

3. Awesome Food

And lastly, Thai cuisine is absolutely amazing. You get a mix of spices and healthy vegetables and herbs. Your tongue will go crazy over the myriad of flavors as you bite into different dishes, ranging from curries to noodles, and even sweet Thai tea. From luxurious restaurants to street markets, your tummy will thank you.

Thailand Visa and Entry Requirements

All visitors going to Thailand will require a visa from any one of the Thai diplomatic missions or embassies. However, if you come from a visa-exempt country or are eligible to obtain visas on arrival, then you won’t need to go through extra processes.

However, take note that there is visa-free travel for only up to 30 days for most nations. Passport holders from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, and Peru are permitted to travel to the country for up to 90 days.

If you would like to stay for longer than 30 days, you may apply for certain tourist visas that allow extensions of up to 30 days or more. There is a fee of 1,900 baht per tourist visa extension.

Also, there are different kinds of visas that grant longer stays, you may check if you are legible for one in your country’s Thailand Embassy.

Cost of Living and Local Communities

If you are a digital nomad, then rejoice! It’s pretty cheap to live in Thailand for a few months, especially when you are paid well and work consistently.

Thailand is an affordable place with so many things to do without spending so much money!”

Nowadays, digital nomads can live off with $650 a month, which already includes basic accommodation, food, among other necessary bills. Note that this does NOT include insurance, visa fees, among other miscellaneous expenses and purchases.

If you would like to live more comfortably, then you can do so at about $1,200 a month. Ready $2,000 at most, which allows you to live well and cover all types of expenses with a bit extra for yourself.

As for the local community, you will enjoy the presence of Thais. While you do need to learn a bit of Thai and adapt to their culture, it will be fun and your efforts will pay off with friendly locals helping you any way they can.

Top Five Co-Working Spaces in Thailand

The land of smiles offers some of the most amazing areas to visit, AND cool co-living space options you can work in. These are just five of the awesome spaces to consider:

1. KoHub

KoHub is one of the most popular co-working spaces worldwide, located in Southern Thailand. This is the perfect space for those who want to work on tropical islands and receive world-class service as they work.

You can work no matter the time, as they have 24/7 access without security issues.”

You have 24/7 access, the fastest internet, food deliveries, and many choices on where and how you want to work. They also offer co-living accommodations if you’d like to live and work by the beach. It’s spacious and filled with fellow digital nomads and freelancers with startups you can connect with, too.

2. KohSpace

KohSpace shares a lot of characteristics with KoHub, though they are more known for their many activities and relaxing ambiance.

Once you’re done working, you can head to the beach and perform tons of water activities and look forward to their Full Moon Party every month. This allows you to create new connections and build a network with friends you’ll cherish.

This co-working space is met suitable for creatives such as photographers, web designers, among other digital nomads. They offer a comfortable lounge, reprography services, as well as the best internet connection in the area.

3. BeacHub


As the name suggests, BeacHub will guarantee you’re just a walk away from the beach, though it still offers a serious work environment. It’s a bit more expensive compared to other coworking spaces, but the extra cost comes with amazing facilities (and the motivation to work harder to pay for it).

In this co-working area, you get ergonomic chairs by the beach as you enjoy the ocean breeze and world-class services. They also have a restaurant with gourmet organic food and comfortable rooms if it gets too hot. You also get the basics, such as 24/7 access, fast wifi, and even hammocks to relax after work!

4. Anchor Coworking

Beyond Pattaya’s nightlife, there is Anchor Coworking, which is just a few minutes away from the beach. This is a hip co-working space perfect for remote working, located in the laidback part of town by the beach.

Even with its laidback vibe, you can get a lot done here because of their comfortable work area and fast internet connection! The space also includes free tea and coffee, 24/7 access, lockers, printers, and a cafe with delicious paradise-inspired smoothies and dishes.

The best part: You get to meet many more professionals because of the community events and workshops Anchor Coworking offers!

5. Garage Society

When you’re not the type who loves silent retreats and extra peaceful beaches, you’ll appreciate Garage Society. They are well known for being near the beach party life, with countless resorts and restaurants by the shoreline.

You’ll always be able to explore near Garage Society after work and even build a solid network with the space’s warm community.

Get standing desks, beanbags, or your own desks according to your comfort. Furthermore, they are open 24/7 and offer personal lockers, accommodation, and even have their swimming pool and Muay Thai instructor to get fit while on the job!

Wrapping It Up

Whether you want to work near the beach or feel the city life as you accomplish projects, Thailand is the place to go. With their many beautiful and themed co-working spaces, you can take advantage of their fast internet, get inspired by their beautiful ambiance, and make new friends!

So don’t wait any longer and get to planning your next trip to Thailand now!

R. Wallace
A digital nomad travelling in Asia and TheDigitalNomad.Asia Editor. Please read my article and I hope you will get inspired to go travelling as a digital nomad. You are welcome to comment and share the article with fellow travelers.

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