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The Popular Coworking Programs for Digital Nomads (Up to 1 Year!)

Today, the digital nomad is on the rise, with even more people opting to work as freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs, or taking the opportunity to work remotely with their company. For those starting their journey as digital nomads, it may seem daunting at first. But that’s why there are companies to help you out with that, offering programs made for digital nomads.

These programs offer amazing benefits, from working with fellow digital nomads to ensuring that all of your accommodation and workspaces taken cared of. You won’t need to stress over where to go and feeling alone anymore! But with the many different coworking programs for digital nomads, which is the best one that offers options good for up to one year? Read on to find out my top 8 choices!

The 8 Popular Coworking Programs for Digital Nomads

Finding a good travel program made for digital nomads can be tricky. To help narrow down your choices, these are the top 8 programs I recommend, thanks to their stellar service and reputable service, as well as their cool offerings.

1. Hacker Paradise

hacker paradise coworking program
Photo by Hacker Paradise

Hacker Paradise is one of the most popular platforms for digital nomads, as the company offers many options on where to go, what to do, and how long you can stay for! All of their options offer great housing and vibrant coworking spaces, along with awesome people to collaborate with. Plus, they create your bucket list, as they take care of everything, including logistics, co-living situations, events, and fun activities as you take days off.

There are different areas you can visit, such as:

  • Mexico
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Vietnam
  • Brazil
  • Thailand
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Argentina
  • South Africa
  • And more beach and zen itineraries!
Why Choose Hacker Paradise?

Website: https://www.hackerparadise.org/

2. The Nomad Escape

The nomad escape coworking program
Photo by The Nomad Escape

The Nomad Escape combines work and plays as you leave your home and head to a relaxing area, escaping your world to explore a new one as you continue building your career. They focus more on curating remote work retreats and co-living spaces, wanting to help you relax and unwind in areas around Portugal.

The Nomad Escape offers unique programs such as:

  • Remote Work Escape, an 8-day trip in a private resort and beach, costing €749
  • Busines and Vitality Escape, a 7-day trip in a beautiful resort, costing €895
  • Beach and Business Escape, a 7-day retreat in an exclusive private property and beach with a swimming pool, sauna, garden, mini-golf course, and luxury amenities, costing €995
The Nomad Escape

Website Link: https://thenomadescape.com/

3. Entrepreneur Beach Club

entrepreneur beach club coworking camp
Photo by Entrepreneur Beach Club

The Entrepreneur Beach Club is perfect for the beach bum who wants to work remotely by the sand, immersing themselves under the sun and waves. While this club only offers a 3-day and 2-night beach retreat, this is an awesome “vacation”, allowing you to see the Philippines while working and meeting like-minded people.

The program is held in beautiful Liwliwa, Zambales, where you can surf during your breaks or try the delicious delicacies. Expect a lot of seminars and workshops, relaxing accommodation, and luxurious services with all the sumptuous food and cocktail parties.

The Regular program costs P20,000 (around $400), while the VIP program costs P30,000 (around $600). This is one of the most affordable retreats, and while a bit short, it can get you started in coworking and being a digital nomad in the Philippines, which is one of the most affordable countries to stay in with a lot of adventure and relaxation!

Website: https://entrepreneurbeachclub.ph/

4. Remote Year

remote year coworking camp
Photo by Remote Year

Remote Year is most suitable for digital nomads who’d like to travel to various areas for the long-term. For a monthly fee (like paying rent!), Remote Year will plan out all the logistics, giving you everything needed to start your adventure as a digital nomad.

Your flights will be taken care of, as well as your lodging, coworking space, and even your activities and itinerary. Not to worry, as you’ll be surrounded by a welcoming community to have fun and create connections with.

There are different programs, depending on the area you’d like to stay in. Remote Year accommodates those who want to stay in South Carolina or Louisiana, as well as other continents like Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Again, depending on the location, the fees vary. On average, there is a down payment of $5,000, and a monthly fee of $2,000 a month for a 12-month program.

What is Remote Year?

Website: https://www.remoteyear.com/

5. Wifly Nomads

wifi nomads digital nomad program
Photo by Kate Smith on Cowork7x24

Wifly Nomads are for digital nomads who would like to experience Bali, having a short-term stay. This is a 5-day experience where you can learn a lot from the workshops and seminars they offer, as well as the work you do in their tranquil coworking spaces.

This is also perfect for a beginner digital nomad, as you digest a lot of useful information about remote working, such as how to get started, where to go, how to stay motivated, and even receive the opportunities to meet new people who you may want to work with in the future.

Expect good food, a lot of workshops, networking events, and fun evening activities in the amazing Bali resort. The 5-day program costs $4,000, and while it’s a bit steep, it’s worth all the teachings to get you up and running as a digital nomad!

WiFly Nomads Promo Video

Website Link: https://www.wiflynomads.com/

6. Co-Work Paradise

co-work paradise program
Photo by Cowork Paradise

Co-Work Paradise is one of the top 6 business retreats worldwide, bringing the digital nomad community together with their different retreats and excursions. You won’t only be paying for your accommodation and coworking space, but you also experience a lot of cultural activities, workshops, and other events to help you immerse yourself into the country, as well as grow as a digital nomad, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee working remotely.

They have a 2 or 3-week business mastermind retreat, with prices ranging between €3,885-4,995. This already includes your private accommodation, delicious food, a coworking space, fun excursions, and workshops. Expect a lot of fun and learnings in Bali, Indonesia!


Website: https://www.coworkparadise.com/

7. WiFi Tribe

wifi tribe coworking program
Photo from WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe is another very popular company that helps you plan everything you need to become a digital nomad. What makes them unique is that they plan retreats and trips for digital nomads everywhere around the world! So whether you’re adventurous or want something chill, WiFi Tribe offers whatever you prefer, joining people who think the same way in traveling and business.

WiFi Tribe works by selecting the “chapter” you would like to do within a year, staying in areas for different durations (you can choose between one, three, five months, or more). When you become a member, you can join any chapter, stay for a certain time, and hop between continents. Choose between shared or private rooms, and expect fun members to travel with, along with a designated co-working space and activities to learn more about the culture AND building your career.

Shared rooms have monthly rates ranging between $900-1,400 a month, depending on how long you stay in a chapter. Private rooms have monthly rates ranging between $1,500-2,300, again depending on your length of stay.

Bali Coliving and Coworking with WiFi Tribe

Website: https://wifitribe.co/

8. Project Getaway

project getaway coworking program
Photo by Project Getaway

Project Getaway isn’t just an event, but an entire experience made for digital nomads. They hold various programs and retreats in Bali, Mauritius, and Thailand, which is curated by Livit. Livit focuses on bringing together digital nomads and entrepreneurs to create connections and support one another as they take their careers to the next level.
Project Getaway takes care of everything, including your accommodation, coworking space, logistics, and activities. All this includes sumptuous meals, unlimited snacks, and drinks, as well as useful services such as a sim card, laundry, good security, even adventurous activities, and community events for fun and games!

Their prices for a 3-week getaway ranges between $2,975-$3,950, depending on the accommodation option you choose. Teams can also save and get weekly accommodation for as low as $425 per person for groups of 3 people and more.

What is Project Getaway?

Website: https://www.projectgetaway.com/

Wrapping It Up

If you want to begin working remotely while traveling to different countries, then there are programs to help you get started. With these awesome programs, you don’t only get the complete package to begin working and playing in beautiful surroundings, but lasting friendships and connections that can help you grow, both as a person and digital nomad.

Hopefully, you were able to choose the right program for you. So don’t wait any longer and inquire about any of these programs and plan your journey today. Good luck!

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