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The Best Music Festivals in the Philippines: Dance Your Night Away!

If there’s one thing that the Philippines is known for, it’s for their vibrant lifestyle and parties! They have some of the best music festivals, ranging from classical to indie, or even disco and EDM to dance the night away.

But what are the coolest music festivals you MUST attend when in the Philippines? Read on as I show you all about the best music festivals in the Philippines!

The Best Music Festivals in the Philippines

If you’re into EDM (electronic dance music), the Philippines has got you covered with local and international acts alike! Mark your calendars with these awesome and popular music festivals in the Philippines:

1. Road to Ultra

Road to Ultra Philippines 2016 (Official 4K Recap)

The Road to Ultra is one of the most popular and famous EDM festivals around the world, bringing thousands of fans to one huge venue. This time, it’s in the Philippines, with many international acts performing on one of the most spectacular stage productions ever!

With the huge names in the industry, you won’t forget this night, from its world-class visuals and lighting down to its cutting edge pyrotechnics and a party vibe. The loud and danceable music with lots of lights, fireworks, and an excited crowd will bring you to your feet and have you explore the wonders of EDM!

road to ultra
Photo: Road to Ultra Phillippines official website

Road to Ultra in the Philippines happens later in the year in the Mall of Asia Arena, which is very accessible via bus. You can also use taxicabs or private transportation for convenience.

As for accommodation, there are numerous world-class hotels near the Mall of Asia, all of which have private shuttles so you won’t have to worry about transportation to and from your hotel.

This is one event EDM fans will not want to miss when in the country! If you want to learn more about Road to Ultra on the Philippines, check out their official Facebook page:

2. Chroma Music Festival

Photo from Chroma Festival official Facebook

The Chroma Music Festival is one of the brightest and most vibrant in the Philippines. In fact, Chroma is the biggest color music festival that has innovated the EDM scene in the country. Also, Chroma means “purity or intensity of color,” so expect a LOT of amazing visuals to light up your world throughout the night.

From the fantastic visuals to top music, all your senses will be ignited!”

This event doesn’t only offer the best music from local and international EDM artists. You can also expect a ton of good food and drinks with great people and a ton of memorable experiences. There are tourists, locals, and ex-pats that travel to the area just to witness and experience the music festival!

What makes it unique is that you’ll be partying and dancing to the music as you are hit with flying paint and colors. You’ll be left filled with color, a hot mess that will leave you wanting even more.

The Chroma Music Festival happens in the Circuit Makati Event Grounds, which is accessible via jeepney or P2P shuttle buses. As for accommodation, Makati has many Airbnbs, hostels, and hotels nearby so you can get back home safe and get some rest after a wild night!

Purchase tickets and stay updated from their Facebook page:

3. Paradise International Music Festival

This is another one of the biggest music festivals in the country, with multiple genres playing in just one event! While it’s unusual to have so many artists of different genres perform in one night, that’s what makes the Paradise IMF so unique.

Their promise is to take you back to the journey of what music festivals really are. It’s not just specifically one genre, but it allows you to explore and experience multiple genres, introducing you to different artists, and lets you learn more about the wonders of music.

Unlike the usual music festivals that stick to one genre, such as EDM, indie, or hip-hop, Paradise will combine all these into one, with world-class performers like Afrojack and Kanye West! You’ll even be seeing local artists take the stage, so feel the love for the Philippines and their amazing talents.

The Paradise IMF happens in April in the Aseana City Open Grounds, which is easily accessible via bus and jeepney. Located down south, you can find may accommodation options, ranging from world-class hotels and private AirBnBs, down to affordable hostels and motels.

Learn more about the Paradise IMF and what’s in store for you here:


As the name suggests, expect to get wet in the Hydro Music Festival while having the time of your life with the best EDM artists! Hydro Manila is also known as one of the biggest music festival productions in the country, unique for its focus on bringing music, water, and life together. They even use the hashtag, #WeMakeItRain to show their passion for music while having fun with the free flow of water!

Get WET and bring on the heat as you welcome summer with great music!”

But it isn’t just a water blast, but a fun-filled event with a ton of color, from vibrant lights to loud and dancing fireworks! With a solid lineup and their fun activities to go with the music, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event you won’t get to experience just anywhere.

The Hydro Manila Music Festival is held every April, which is when the summer season is at its peak!

They hold their music festival in Pasay City, which you can travel to via jeepney and bus. As for accommodation, there are numerous hostels, hostels, and world-class hotels just a few minutes away from the venue! That way, you’re safe and secure and can go back to your home in a hitch.

Learn more about HYDRO Manila Music Festival from their official website:

5. Wanderland Manila

Behind The Scene: Wanderland 2019

This is such a magical music festival that brings various genres together, focusing on huge names and local indie artists. It is one of the most well-known events in Manila! In fact, Wanderland has become so popular and curated a loyal following, with fans known as Wanderers.

Be a Wanderer and explore the amazing local and homegrown artists of the Philippines!”

Wanderland wants to bring out the beauty of both international music AND put a spotlight on the amazing local artists as well!

This music and arts event is the go-to for indie fans who want to explore OPM and dance the night away with many activities to do. Not only will you have great music, but there are unique food and drink booths, as well as a mini carnival, making it the ultimate festival for friends and lovers.

Wanderland happens every March, as the summer season begins. They play down south in Filinvest Grounds, which you can travel via P2P buses, or using private transportation and taxicabs.

Accommodation is plentiful, as Alabang and Filinvest is home to many 5-star hotels and AirBnBs to ensure a comfortable stay.

Check out their official website to learn more:

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to visiting the Philippines, you can never go wrong with their music festivals. From the exuberant screams to danceable beats, you’ll always have the time of your life as local and international artists come together to bring you a night to remember.

So make sure to set your trip around any of these music festivals and book your tickets in advance! Have fun and enjoy the Philippines for its music and beautiful people.

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
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