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Digital Nomad Co-Living in Asia: The Perks and What You Should Know

As remote working opportunities are increasing due to the pandemic, more companies are considering to maintain this style of working. Just as many work-from-home employees are also realizing the power and benefits of their new living conditions, from flexible schedules to working ANYWHERE. Of course, only after the borders open up and when things get better worldwide!

If you’re already planning what your life would be as a digital nomad, working while traveling to different beautiful countries, then you may have considered Asia. But wait! It’s such a huge leap that takes a lot of money and consideration.

Fortunately, there are options to look into, such as co-living.

What Is Co-Living?

You have probably heard of having roommates and living in dorms with students or employees on a budget. This is what co-living is like but on a larger scale.

You are sharing accommodation with other people in a single building or house. You have your own private room, or can share one to cut costs, sharing other spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, and other common areas.

Co-living allows you to stay in your dream destination on a budget with other digital nomads.”

But co-living isn’t just staying with people under one roof. With co-living, you are surrounded by like-minded people, specifically travelers and digital nomads who share the same interests, intentions, and values as you do!

Besides this, most co-living areas offer some of the most amazing facilities that showcase the beauty of their country. Rather than stuffy rooms and common areas within the city, you may be surrounded by the seashore with pools and fast Internet!

Co-living doesn’t need to be permanent, and ownership of spaces is actually rare among digital nomads. Usually, they are long-term and stationary, or short-term, with stays lasting for up to two months before heading to the next destination. Digital nomads are co-traveling, co-working and co-living around the globe today.

Why Is Co-Living Beneficial For Work and Travel?

There are serious perks to co-living that not many people realize! Sure, it may not be like owning an entire home to yourself, but you’ll love the benefits you reap. Here are the reasons why co-living is an excellent way to live your life as a digital nomad:

1. It’s More Affordable

Obviously, co-living is more affordable compared to getting your own apartment. You’ll be sharing rent with fellow travelers, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Sure, you may share a room with someone, but you still get a sense of privacy and stay in a safer and nicer area. If you do get a private room, you won’t have to worry about security, it’s almost like having your own space without the hefty rent. You just have to share some common areas, such as the living area and kitchen.

2. There Are Flexible Packages

Co-living spaces are much more flexible compared to renting apartments in any country. You can book a room, whether private or shared, for any amount of time that suits your goals and budget. You don’t need to commit for an entire year, as many co-living areas allow you to stay for as short or long as you like.

Whether you want to stay for one week or one year, co-living spaces have got you covered!”

Whether you want to stay for a week up to a year, that’s entirely up to you! They offer various rooms and additional options, such as food, access to events, and other cool perks.

3. Amazing Facilities

Co-living spaces for digital nomads don’t only provide the basic necessities, like Internet connections, rooftop areas, or gardens. You get way more than that, as co-living spaces cater to the digital nomad who needs a place conducive for work and play.

Most co-living spaces are located in the busy cities for those who like the bustling lifestyle, or by the beach, surrounded by sand and waves. You get the optimum view and lifestyle while getting extra facilities, from private pools co-working areas, and fun events for the community!

4. Welcoming Community

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Speaking of community, this is probably one of the biggest advantages co-living provides. You get to live with other people, but not just random strangers. They are like-minded digital nomads that have similar goals as you do.

Feel at home with digital nomads you can create connections with and build lasting friendships as you travel together.”

You can open your eyes, making new connections, and friendships along the way. These can be valuable to your network, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur in need of people to collaborate with. Or, you can find friends to travel around the world, so you won’t feel alone and so far from home.

Finding Co-Living and Co-Working Spaces in Asia

Co-living and co-working have become increasingly popular, especially around Asia! If you plan to try co-living and seeing what the digital nomad life is like, here are some excellent places you can try visiting:

1. KoHub in Thailand

KoHub is an excellent co-living space that offers a whole lot of amazing facilities, starting off with its beachside. It’s a hidden gem, as you get to stay on a tropical island with a pool to lounge in, whether for work or relaxation! It sits in the Andaman Sea, so expect a ton of adventure and trips you can join with groups as you take a break from work.

Furthermore, there are different co-living accommodation options, depending on your budget and the privacy you prefer. KoHub also offers excellent co-working facilities, such as a co-working space with a fast Internet connection.

As for the community, you will be surrounded by a family of digital nomads and entrepreneurs to create connections and relationships! You’ll feel at home with its amazing food and focus-driven areas.

Photo from Outpost official website

Outpost has locations in both Bali and Cambodia, where you can work in paradise. They aim to make you feel at home, from their cozy rooms to your own bathrooms for your sense of privacy and security. You will only share the communal areas such as the living space and kitchen.

The co-living space also includes regular cleaning services and staff accommodating to your needs 24/7, similar to like a world-class hotel! And don’t worry, as they have a bright and vibrant workplace with reliable Internet connections and stylish feel to have you focus better.

You get to create genuine connections with their many digital nomads and entrepreneurs, whether you’re chilling by their pool or taking cultural trips.

3. Lyf in Singapore

Lyf is one of the most vibrant co-living spaces you’ll get to live in, as it provides the work and play elements for residents to enjoy. Think of it as the ultimate Instagrammable social zone, consisting of co-working spaces and areas for fun events, brainstorming sessions, and other workshops.

They offer both short and long-term stays for any type of digital nomad and traveler. It’s best suited for digital nomads who love the hustle and bustle of the city life, as the co-living space is conveniently located within malls and transportation.

Wrapping It Up

While you may not be in the comforts of your own home, co-living in another country may be a suitable choice. Not only do you get to meet amazing people, but you’re surrounded by stunning areas and facilities as your OFFICE!

For the soul seekers and adventurous souls looking to try something new, you may want to consider digital nomad co-living. Check any of the workstations and find out what your opportunities are to live your new, best life. Good luck!


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