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The Best Music Festivals In Korea: Explore the EDM Scene

Korea has a vibrant and active lifestyle with lots to do when you visit! And as the temperature rises, the more music festivals start to happen, known as the season of music festivals in Korea.

What’s great about the best music festivals in Korea is that there is a wide range of genres and themes. Whether you love pool parties, concert vibes, EDM, jazz, rock, or anything else, the country boasts of the best events. So read on to learn what music festivals you MUST attend!

The Best Music Festivals In Korea

You can explore the world of EDM in Korea, from local artists to international acts! You’ll experience once-in-a-lifetime memories as you party on boats, in pools, and have fun in even more booths and cultural activities. Here are the five best events you should consider going to when in the country:

1. World DJ Festival

The World DJ Festival is a representative EDM festival in Korea, giving everyone in the country an opportunity to meet and jam with world-renowned EDM DJs and artists. This is one of the biggest EDM festivals in the country, bringing everything you expect from the ultimate rave.

You’ve got amazing music, the roaring sound system, as well as the best pyrotechnics and kaleidoscopic lakers to treat your ears AND eyes! This festival has become extremely popular that it happens over two consecutive weekends. You’ll see tens of thousands of EDM fans attending just to get a taste of the best DJs and ultimate party vibe.

The best part is that you’ll be celebrating the biggest EDM event of the year in Seoul’s unbeatable venue, which is in Seoul Land! Near many accommodations such as hotels and hostels, travelers and locals won’t have a difficult time finding a place to stay. Plus, it’s near forms of public transportation, whether bus or train.

Make sure you prepare to party and wear your best dancing clothes because you won’t be able to stop jumping to the beat! Learn more about World DJ Festival in Korea here:

MOTi @ World DJ Festival Korea 2019

2. Ultra Korea

ULTRA is actually one of the most popular music festivals worldwide, and it has been held in Korea ever since 2012, which is why it down the name, ULTRA KOREA!

As one of the biggest EDM festivals worldwide, you can only expect the best names, both internationally and locally. But this isn’t just the best EDM festival for its music, but its amazing stage designs and the top-tier productions. You’ll be swaying to the beat as your eyes are dazzled by the visuals, from the laser lighting down to the overall party style of the venue.

The festival will be held during the fall, so welcome the new season but there’s no need to bundle up when inside the stadium! You’ll be jam-packed and jumping to the music, breaking quite a sweat.

Set in the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, you’ll be surrounded by many options for accommodations, particularly hotels. Furthermore, the area is accessible via public transportation, using the train near the stadium. It won’t be a hassle going to and from the festival’s venue!

Do you want to learn more about Ultra Korea and reserve tickets? Check out their official website:

3. 5TARDIUM EDM Festival

Photo from 5Stardium official website

For those who want something completely different from the typical music festival, then you’re going to adore 5TARDIUM, which is one of the most captivating and mystical EDM festivals in the country!

They’ll be celebrating their 6th anniversary, this time bigger than their previous events! With the world’s iconic DJs coming over to perform, you get to experience different EDM genres and dance with thousands of tourists, locals, and ex-pats who travel all the way to the venue to enjoy the best of EDM.

Expect more than just amazing music, but dreamlike shows and attractions that put you in a trance. In 5TARDIUM, you can enjoy amazing laser shows, fireworks, huge puppet shows, as well as LED light decor and hundreds of helium balloons!

5TARDIUM will be held in the Nanji Hangang Park, which is accessible via train or bus, though it’s recommended to take private transportation. Fortunately, there are many hotels and hostels near the venue so you can go to your accommodation safely and without a problem, even as you party until early morning!

If you would like to learn more about 5TARDIUM Korea, check out this website:

4. EDC Korea Festival

Photo from EDC official website

EDC Korea is the Electric Daisy Carnival, which is one of the must-attend festivals anyone should experience at least once in their lifetimes. This is a yearly EDM festival that’s been around for 23 years and counting, popular for its eccentric vibe and fun activities.

You’re taken to the ultimate EDM journey with circus performance, neon light shows, amazing music form the top EDM artists, tons of arts, and even carnival rides! You won’t ever get bored as you take on thrilling rides, immerse yourself in the arts, and dance to the beat of lively music.

This two-day festival is worth the trip, as it gets your blood pumping with excitement and happiness with all the colors and danceable tracks.

The venue information is still to be announced, but regardless of where it will be, there will be shuttles to take you from the landmarks to the venue itself. They also provide parking for private transportation and good instructions when taking public transportation.

As for hotels, the production will ensure that there will be nearby accommodation options for any attendee. This assures safety for everyone! Learn more about EDC Korea here:

5. Escape: Psycho Circus Korea

Escape: Psycho Circus Korea is the ultimate Halloween party you will want to attend! This EDM festival is all about spooky themes and fun activities. It’s been a hit every year since it first began back in 2010, and though it originated in California, it has moved to South Korea for Asia to enjoy!

Escape: Psycho Circus Korea 2019 Trailer

The EDM Festival is the perfect place to spend your Halloween, especially for those who love to dress up and roam around interacting with creepy characters. You’ll also be dancing your night away with world-renowned EDM artists and the best local acts. Expect only the spookiest from this EDM festival, having the fantastic lineup to surely match the Halloween energy.

Taking place in the Seoul Grand Park parking lot, you’ll have a ton of space to roam around freely and explore from the many booths and stages the production offers.

If you’re interested in learning more about Escape: Pyscho Circus Korea, then check out their official Facebook page:

Wrapping It Up

Whether you are a tourist or local in Korea, there will always be something in store for you, including their music scene. With their amazing music festivals, you’ll have the time of your life and nights to remember as you dance to the beats of both local and international EDM artists!

So don’t wait any longer and check out the details of your favored music festivals and plan your next trip now! You won’t regret visiting Korea for their music, food, and friendly locals.

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