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Top 10 Yoga Retreats for Remote Workers in the Philippines

Wondering where your next destination should be? The Philippines is a remote worker’s paradise, where you can visit some of the best beaches, immerse yourself in the spectacular mountain views, or be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. There’s always something for a remote worker in this diverse country, including yoga retreats if you want a sweet escape.

You’ll be surprised by the many yoga retreats in the Philippines, which can also cater to remote workers. Take a look at the top ten yoga retreats for remote workers in the Philippines to begin your journey toward peace and serenity in this tropical paradise.

What Kind of Yoga Retreats are in the Philippines

The yoga scene in the Philippines only continues growing in popularity, where you can find more yoga studios popping up in the city. Moreover, you can find many resorts offering their own yoga retreats, all of which have different goals and inclusions.

Many of the yoga retreats in the Philippines focus on health and wellness, with more than just daily sessions. You can get full-board meals made to improve your physical and mental health, along with other fun, peaceful activities to help you reach your zen. Moreover, you’ll be surrounded by spectacular surroundings, whether it’s by the beachfront or lush greeneries.

You can even find yoga retreats that include fun surfing activities, combining the flow of yoga with the art of surfing.

Why Yoga Retreats in the Philippines are Perfect for Remote Workers

We can’t pinpoint just one reason why yoga retreats in the Philippines are worth experiencing. But one thing’s for sure – You can have unforgettable experiences during any retreat in the country! For starters, the weather is perfect to stay outdoors almost 24/7.

The weather is usually warm all year long, with the occasional rains during the wet season. However, you can always expect the sun to shine many days of the year, so you can enjoy everything the island offers. Moreover, every yoga retreat would include a touch of the amazing local culture, so you get to immerse yourself in the Philippines’ culture and arts as you experience the ultimate R&R.

Another huge advantage to joining yoga retreats in the Philippines is how affordable they are compared to other packages in Western countries. You get your own accommodation, full-board meals, workshops, stellar hospitality, spa treatments, and other freebies at good rates.

What Remote Workers Must Consider When Booking Yoga Retreats in the Philippines

Before you book the first yoga retreat you see online, it’s crucial to look into important factors so you can get the best experience for YOU. With that in mind, consider the following:

  • Location: This is an important factor to consider as you want to ensure you select an accessible location. A yoga retreat can be near your current location or you may need to take a plane, boat, or bus ride.
  • Level of Experience: What is your current experience level with yoga? Are you a first-timer wanting to delve into the practice or do you want to go to the next level? Look for yoga retreats that offer classes based on your level and goals.
  • Yoga Styles: There are many types of yoga styles, techniques, and classes a retreat center will offer. Ask about how long each class is and the type of practice done. If you’re a beginner and need a slow pace of learning, make sure the yoga retreat offers this. The same goes for advanced yogis who want to put their minds and bodies to the test.
  • Package Inclusion: Some yoga retreats may be all-expense-paid, including everything from the plane ride to the meals. Others would only include the accommodation and classes, or only offer certain meals. Make sure you watch out for this, so you can manage your expectations and find a retreat that offers everything you want and need.
  • Overall Price: Price is an important factor to consider as well, as you may be on a budget. While the Philippines is quite affordable, some yoga retreats can have higher rates, depending on the resort you are going to and the package inclusions. We share the prices of the top yoga retreats so you can find one within budget.
  • Extra Activities Included: You might want to go beyond the typical yoga retreat and want an experience including other fun activities like surfing, cooking classes, art classes, and more.

Top 10 Yoga Retreats for Remote Workers in the Philippines

Now that you know more about the beauty of yoga retreats in the Philippines and how to choose one, which yoga retreat should you book? These are the top 10 yoga retreats for remote workers in the Philippines to help narrow down your options:

1. Badian Island Wellness Resort

If you’re after open-air relaxation and being one with nature throughout your stay, then this luxurious resort is for you. Badian Island Wellness Resort has been internationally recognized for over three decades now.

While a bit on the pricier side, you get more than what you pay for, from the amazing experience you can only find in the most luxurious resorts, down to yoga classes, scuba diving, spa treatments, and other wellness activities to reinvigorate every fiber of your mind and body.

Moreover, guests will enjoy first-class accommodations and fine dining from international cuisines. Don’t worry, all of the dishes are made of fresh, organic ingredients.

Badian Island Wellness Resort Official Website

Badian Island Wellness Resort | Top Resorts in Cebu Philippines

☝️ Check out the walkthrough tour of Badian Island Wellness Resort by Finding Paradise.

Coworking space nameBadian Island Wellness Resort
Address + Google map linkZaragosa Island, Badian, 6031 Cebu [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesVinyasa, Pranaya, Padmasana
Package InclusionsAccommodation and yoga classes
Extra ActivitiesZumba classes, snorkelling, spa treatments
Price Range$$$
Vegan FoodNo

2. Lotus Shores Yoga Retreat

Siargao is a popular destination for soul searchers who want to reunite with their inner selves. Louts Shores offers retreats for everyone ranging from excited beginner yogis to advanced practitioners looking to undergo yoga teacher training.

Their yoga retreats are all-inclusive, where participants will explore the root practice of spiritual traditions to be formally introduced to the art of yoga. Expect to delve deeper into hatha yoga and mantra meditation to incorporate into your personal routine even after your getaway.

The retreat includes accommodation, full-board meals, two classes a day, two Kirtan (meditation) sessions, a consultation, and community events.

Lotus Shores Yoga Retreat Official Website

Resort NameLotus Shores Yoga Retreat
Address + Google map linkQ5V5+CMJ, Bayan ng General Luna, Lalawigan ng Surigao del Norte [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesSadhana, Kirtan, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra
Package InclusionsAll-inclusive with accommodation, full-board meals, daily yoga classes, Kirtan, and community activities
Extra ActivitiesN/A
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

3. Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

Atmosphere Resort and Spa is a renowned resort thanks to its award-winning wellness spa. They also have spectacular diving spots where you can explore the waters and be one with marine life.

This is definitely the oasis of wellness remote workers will feel free in. You can avail of their many spa treatments to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Of course, their retreats also include many activities centered around fitness and mindfulness. Besides their yoga classes of many styles, you may even go scuba diving, mountain biking, and more!

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa official website

Resort NameAtmosphere Resort and Spa
Address + Google map linkMaayong Tubig, National Road, Dauin, 6217 Negros Oriental [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesYin-assisted yoga, beginners and intermediate yoga
Package InclusionsAccommodation and free yoga clases only
Extra ActivitiesSpa treatments, scuba diving, mountain biking, spa treatments
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

4. Mithi Resort and Spa

North Zen Villas is a renowned health and wellness resort situated on Panglao Island. Located in a secluded area, you can bask in the beauty and complete privacy, amid revitalizing treatments. The resort is absolutely stunning, where you can wake up to crystal-clear waters, a picturesque sunrise, and a delicious complimentary breakfast.

The luxury resort’s spa vacation packages offer rejuvenating spa treatments made to help the mind, body, and soul. Moreover, wellness activities are included in the package, where you can participate in yoga classes, go kayaking, caving, or chill by their manmade private islet.

Mithi Resort and Spa official website

Resort NameMithi Resort and Spa
Address + Google map linkBingag Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesVinyasa
Package InclusionsAccommodation and free yoga classes only
Extra ActivitiesPaddle boarding, kayaking, spa treatments
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

5. The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito is one of the most popular luxury resorts in the country, known for its healing retreats. Many people, including famous local celebrities, flock to the resort for a holistic wellness experience.

Their yoga retreats are all-inclusive, with spectacularly lush accommodations, full-board vegan and pescatarian meals, daily activities, and science-based wellness treatments. You may join different programs including those centered around detox, meditation, and other transformative retreats focused on five pillars:

  • Diagnose
  • Cleanse
  • Nourish
  • Repair
  • Sustain

The Farm at San Benito official website

Resort NameThe Farm at San Benito
Address + Google map link119 Barangay, Lipa, 4217 Batangas [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesVinyasa, Vinyasa Krama, Classical Hatha, Gentle Flow, and Guided Meditation
Package InclusionsAll-inclusive with accommodation, full-board meals, daily yoga classes, spa treatments
Extra ActivitiesTherapeutic activities, free use of facilities
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

6. Qi Palawan

When you’re looking for the ultimate tropical escape, El Nido Palawan is the place to be. It’s famous for white sand beaches and stunning lagoons, as well as the glasslike waters that have you feeling like there’s no one else in the world!

Enjoy the serenity as you tuck yourself away in Qi Palawan, where you will rest in comfort at one of their cute, rustic cottages. Throughout your day, you can enjoy Palawan’s natural beauty when joining outdoor activities like yoga, mountain biking, kiteboarding, paddleboarding, and swimming.

Enjoy morning yoga classes, spa treatments, and a ton of delicious vegan and vegetarian food, whether from local or international cuisine.

Qi Palawan official website

Resort NameQi Palawan
Address + Google map linkSitio Palabuayan, El Nido, 5313 Palawan [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesVinyasa
Package InclusionsAccommodation and free yoga classes
Extra ActivitiesScuba diving, island hopping, snorkeling, kite boarding, paddle boarding, mountain biking, cultural tours
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

7. Bahay Kalipay Raw Food & Yoga Retreat House

This is another quaint yoga center located in Palawan, this time in Puerto Princesa. The center offers affordable yoga immersion programs by Hartman beach, where you can take a long stroll as the sun rises.

Bahay Kalipay has a communal style of living, with every house and hut within the area made of natural materials. All the rooms are open with simple local designs that make the holistic getaway feel very authentic.

Bahay Kalipay Raw Food & Yoga Retreat House official Facebook page

Resort NameBahay Kalipay Raw Food and Yoga Retreat House
Address + Google map linkBay Vista Rd., Santa Monica, 5300 Puerto Princesa, Philippines [Map
Coliving accommodationYes
Yoga StylesVinyasa
Package InclusionsAll-inclusive with accommodation, yoga classes, tribal cuisine, and other activities
Extra ActivitiesNatura walks, trekking, swimming, arts and crafts, music classes, meditation
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

8. Aegle Wellness Center

Aegle Wellness Center is a unique luxury resort, one of the only resorts in Asia offering Thalassotherapy. This is a seawater-based treatment benefiting the skin and immune system.

Their wellness programs are medical-backed by professionals, where cutting-edge technology is used to help guests improve and maintain excellent health for the long term.

Remote workers will love the peace and privacy they receive here in Quezon, as they have the island all to themselves. Moreover, the accommodation already includes WiFi and conducive spaces to work in, if you plan on working when you aren’t in yoga classes.

Aegle Wellness Center official website

Resort NameAegle Wellness Center
Address + Google map linkC2RP+643, Polillo, Quezon [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesKundalini
Package InclusionsAll-inclusive with airfare, yoga classes, gong bath sessions, spa treatments
Extra ActivitiesSpa treatments and use of other acilitirs
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

9. Nurture Wellness Village

Nurture Wellness Village boasts of being the pioneer in the Philippine spa industry, known for its healing and detoxifying treatments for the mind and body. This health and wellness resort aims to heal guests by and through nature through Asian-Filipino treatments from their natural healing and detoxification programs.

All their programs are created by licensed medical doctors with the goal of total healing and restoration. Of course, their programs also include unique yoga classes, such as Tai Qi Gong and Laughter and Dance yoga. These yoga classes are designed to boost endorphins and energy, helping with the participants’ happiness.

Resort NameNurture Wellness Center
Address + Google map linkPulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Luzon, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines 4120 [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Yoga StylesChair Yoga, Tai qi-gong
Package InclusionsAll-inclusive with accommodation, dining credits, spa treatments, free yoga sessions
Extra ActivitiesNurture walks, nutritional counseling, lakad kalinga, use of facilities
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

Nurture Wellness Village official website

10. Luljetta’s Place Hanging Gardens Spa and Garden Suites

This is one of the most unique spa resorts in the Philippines, being the first and only hanging garden and spa. It is located in the mountains of Antipolo, a mere 1–2-hour drive away from the city. From here, you can expect picturesque views of the metro, a cold breeze, and serenity all around.

The resort offers rest, relaxation, and wellness packages centered around nurture, rejuvenation, and comfort. These day packages include set meals, access to the different facilities, and spa treatments to feel new. 

Luljetta’s Place Hanging Gardens Spa and Garden Suites official website

Resort NameLuljetta’s Place Hanging Gardens Spa and Garden Suites
Address + Google map linkSitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque
Antipolo, Rizal 1870 [Map
Coliving accommodationUnspecified
Yoga StylesUnspecified
Package InclusionsAccommodation, meals, treatments, and access to facilities only
Extra ActivitiesAccess to facilities and spa treatments
Price Range$$
Vegan FoodYes

Wrapping It Up

The Philippines is considered one of the must-visit destinations in the world thanks to its world-class beaches and unique culture that shape the Filipino identity. If you’re up for a yoga retreat, you can balance relaxation as you complete work deadlines with the many packages available in the country made for remote workers. Don’t wait any longer and check out any of these yoga retreats for remote workers in the Philippines to book on your next trip!

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