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Popular Coworking Spaces in Cebu | Top Ranking

As more and more people switch to the digital nomad lifestyle, there are just as many more places adapting to the needs of these new remote worker tourists! One of the places expats and digital nomads head to is in Southeast Asia for its cost of living and totally unique culture. And where else to go other than the beautiful Philippines?

With its clear blue skies, tropical climate, and hospitable people, digital nomads will definitely have a fun time in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a specific destination in this warm and versatile country, you’ve got to head to Cebu.

Sure, Metro Manila is the capital of the country, where the hustle and bustle are at. But Cebu is a growing city that offers the city life Manila does, this time with the accessibility of spectacular beaches and attractions fit for the digital nomad. You get a taste of the city life but the chance to get away from it all after work!

What does Cebu have to offer for the digital nomad? Here are its amazing offerings, to name a few…

Why Cebu is a great place for digital nomads?

Photo by Jessa Marie Pedrola on Unsplash

Cost of living for digital nomads in Cebu

In Cebu, you can find a studio condominium for short-term rent, costing less than $300 a month. These are good enough for 2 people, accessible to the city, coworking spaces, restaurants, and transportation heading to tourist attractions.

Meal expenses are also fairly affordable, costing as low as $4 a day when eating locally or cooking on your own. $1,000 a month will have you live comfortably!

The local cuisine

There are a lot of Filipino restaurants to choose from, with many of them offering delicious dishes without a huge price tag. You can even explore their wide selection of street foods, costing way less than $5!

Let your tastebuds explore and let eating be an adventure! From barbecue to sisig, halo-halo to bibingka, the Philippines is bursting with flavors.

Local and foreign digital nomad community

You can find a lot of Asian digital nomads in Cebu, along with quite a few Westerners. This is because Cebu is a popular destination when you want to learn English. The local community is also very friendly and hospitable, so you can make a few friends as you go.

If you’re planning to visit Cebu and spend a few weeks there, you’re probably wondering: Where can you work? Not to worry, as Cebu is filled with coworking spaces and cafes you can spend all day in!

Based on the amenities, packages, overall environment, and accessibility, this is a list of the best coworking spaces in Cebu. Read on!

Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Cebu

Are you wondering what coworking spaces in Cebu you need to add to your list? Here are the places you should add to your must-work-in when you’re in Cebu:

1. The Company CEBU – Mandaue

Photo: https://thecompany.jp/

The Company is one of the popular coworking spaces in Mandaue, Cebu, home to many of the area’s local creative professionals and start-up businesses. It is quite popular among other expats and local digital nomads as well, well-loved for the space’s cozy interior design that motivates anyone to work, as well as the laidback community vibe. You can make a lot of friends and valuable connections with the friendly people around you!

The Company offers everything a digital nomad of any industry needs, beyond fast internet. There are meetings rooms, lounge areas, and an open space that can fit up to 20 people. It even has a bar and pantry, along with cozy corners where you can take a quick break.

Their rates are a bit pricier than other coworking spaces around Cebu, with a day pass costing 500 PHP ($10) and a dedicated desk costing 10,000 PHP a month ($200). You can also opt for a private office, which is 50,000 PHP a month ($1,000), offering you complete privacy and a lot of perks you wouldn’t get from the other plans.

It is located in Cebu City IT Park, which is by the main road and very accessible through public or private transport.

The Company Cebu Mandaue official website

Coworking spaceThe Company
AddressGround Floor, Building 4, JDN Square P.Remedio Street Mandaue City 6014 Cebu Philippines [Map]
Hot Desk 1 Day400 PHP
Hot Desk 1 week2000 PHP
opening hoursMon-Fri, 9:00AM – 7:00PM
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo
SnacksAvailable for purchase

2. Nomads Hub

Are you looking for a coworking space that offers co-living accommodation options? Look no further and head to the Nomads Hub! As the name suggests, they cater to remote workers and digital nomads, providing what you need to work and rest comfortably during your stay.

Besides being able to head to the coworking space to get work done, you can rent hostel beds for some shuteye, use the local laundromat, and order yummy food and drinks. Plus, the hostel is strategically located near public transportation such as jeepney stops and bus stations. You are nearby various malls, restaurants, and even the Sky Experience Adventure, so you can do a lot of things around the area!

Besides the typical offerings of a coworking space (like the Internet and comfy seats), members will be part of a tight-knit community that holds various events. You get to attend workshops, mentorship programs, and social gatherings to make professional connections and friendships. There aren’t dedicated desks or private offices, but they do have conference and event rooms available to take phone calls and private meetings.

Hot desks cost 35 PHP (<$1) an hour, 300 PHP ($6) a day, or 4,500 PHP ($90) a month.

NomadsHub official website

Coworking spaceNomads Hub
AddressBuilding, F, Unit 1 Yap, Ramos Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines [Map]
Hot Desk 1 Day300 PHP
Hot Desk 1 week2100 PHP
opening hoursMon-Sun, 24/7
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationYes
SnacksAvailable for purchase

3. Avant Offices

Photo: http://avantoffices.ph/

If you work better in a professional office setting, you’ll like Avant Offices. This is an area where you’ll feel like a big boss, thanks to its office design.

But not to worry, as it isn’t just an old and boring office space, it is designed to look stylish and modern with just the right amount of space. The big windows let in natural light and help boost energy and productivity. Plus, they have lined carpets, professional equipment, and the overall professional vibe that would motivate people to finish their projects on time.

With its luxury-style interiors and services, expect their rates to be slightly higher. A hot desk for a day costs 500 PHP ($10), while monthly rates are 8,000 PHP ($160). If you want a dedicated desk, that will cost 10,000 PHP ($200 a month).

They also offer private offices, depending on how many people will use them. A private office for 6 people will cost 75,000 PHP ($1,485) a month. There are private offices that accommodate up to 20 people if you are a small business.

Avant Offices is best suited for small businesses or startups, giving a more corporate vibe that helps get people settled into their work. 

Avant Offices official website

Coworking spaceAvant Offices
AddressAvenir Building, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu [Map]
Hot Desk/1 Day500 PHP
Hot Desk/1 week3500 PHP
opening hoursMon-Fri, 8:30AM – 7:30PM
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo

4. Workplace Café

Photo: https://theworkplacecafe.com/

This is a budget-friendly coworking space suitable for those who don’t want to spend a lot but still want to get good services. It’s not officially a coworking space, but it’s a cafĂ© that is popular for serving remote workers, students, and digital nomads. What made it well-known among digital nomads is its cozy environment that helps people focus and get their goals done.

While considered a café, they are constantly adding helpful amenities digital nomads and students will appreciate. For instance, they offer a napping station if you’d like to take a rest. Besides the usual fiber-optic Internet connection you find in coworking spaces, they also have standing desks or comfortable chairs for you to work in, whichever you fancy for the day.

But take note that since it has the style of a café, it’s more of an open concept without private meeting rooms. This makes it more suitable for individual digital nomads than big groups and teams.

As mentioned, they have cheap rates, offering their space for 50 PHP ($1) an hour. You can also stay the entire day for 300 PHP ($6) or go anytime you want with a 5,000 PHP ($100) monthly rate.

Workspace Cafe official website

Coworking spaceWorkspace Cafe
AddressR. Duterte St, Banawa, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu [Map]
Hot Desk/1 Day280 PHP
Hot Desk/1 week1960 PHP
opening hoursMon-Sun, 24/7
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo
SnacksAvailable for purchase

5. The Company Cebu – IT Park

Photo: https://thecompany.jp/

If the arts motivate you to work and finish projects, then The Company Cebu has the perfect coworking space for you. It has an artsy vibe, amazing view, and natural lighting that would help any digital nomad stay productive the entire day.

What sets The Company CEBU from the rest is its amazing service. You’ll feel right at home with their friendly staff and warm, welcoming vibe throughout your stay. Combine that with its natural interiors, you’ll feel like you’re there to relax than to work, especially since the space is equipped with what you need.

They offer excellent rates, which are as follows:

400 PHP ($8) a day

1,500 PHP ($30) a week

2,000 PHP ($40) for a Flexi Pass, which offers 8-day access

6,500 PHP ($130) a month for an open plan

9,000 PHP ($180) a month for a dedicated desk and 24/7 access

When you avail of any of these plans, you’ll have access to their fast Internet, unlimited drinks, printer services, as well as free parking. Besides dedicated seats, they also have private offices, meeting rooms, and an event space for rent.

The Company Cebu – IT Park official website

Coworking spaceThe Company Cebu – IT Park
AddressMabuhay Tower, Cebu City, Philippines [Map]
Hot Desk/1 Day400 PHP
Hot Desk/1 week1500 PHP
opening hoursMon-Fri, 9:00AM-7:00PM
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo
SnacksAvailable for purchase

6. Desko

Photo: https://deskoworkspace.business.site/

One of the best ways to describe the atmosphere of Desko is COOL. It’s got the bright white lighting, ergonomic chairs, and enough space and outlets for you to get to work. With its industrial feel and various amenities, you can get right to work and feel motivated thanks to its awesome environment.

It’s clean and only minutes away from Mango Square and Fuene Osmena Circle, so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of location and accessibility. Since it’s located in a building, safety and security are prioritized as well. You can commute to the area via public transportation, specifically jeepneys!

Beyond the design and location, you can enjoy incredibly fast WiFi and a comfortable spot anywhere in the coworking space. As for its price, it’s quite affordable and a popular option for students because of its hourly billing and affordable food.

At that rate, you don’t only get a good space with WiFi, outlets, and ergonomic chairs, but a functional space that makes it great for focus working. If you want a bit more sun, they do have outside seating but without any outlets available and louder environment.   

The only downside is that they are on a first-come, first-serve basis without plans for reserved seating. This means it would be difficult for groups and teams to co-work together.

Coworking spaceDesko
AddressJuana Osmeña Street, Cebu City, Philippines [Map]
Hot Desk/1 Day500 PHP
Hot Desk/1 week2500 PHP
opening hoursMon-Sun, 24/7
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo
SnacksAvailable for purchase

7. Co.Lab

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/colabnorthdrive/

Co.Lab is best known for its combination of natural and minimalist vibes, having such attractive shared spaces that inspire people to work! The overall setting features warm colors, natural lighting, and a peaceful ambiance, compared to busy cafes. There is enough space to go around so you won’t feel cramped, though their chairs are a bit uncomfy for long hours of work.

That said, expect fast WiFi, and a ton of power outlets, and cold air-conditioning, a huge comfort compared to the heat outside. As for their other facilities, they have meeting rooms, printing services, along with scanning and faxing services, which are free. While there are no food and coffee available, they do have a water dispenser and allow you to bring your own food and drinks.

The coworking space is in Northdrive Mall, near bus stations for easy commuting. Plus, no need to worry about food when there are a lot of choices in the mall itself.

They offer one of the most affordable coworking space rates and printing fees, making it quite affordable for any digital nomad on a budget.

Co.Lab official Facebook page

Coworking spaceCo.Lab
Address2F Northdrive Mall, Ouano Ave, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu, Philippines [Map]
Hot Desk/1 Day150 PHP
Hot Desk/1 week1050 PHP
opening hoursMon-Sat, 8:00AM-8:00PM
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo

8. Cocoon EcoCoworking Space

Photo: Cocoon EcoCoworking Space Facebook page

This is one of the most unique coworking spaces around Cebu, as it is a new eco-conscious coworking space in the city. Their goal is to host members that thrive in progress in terms of their career and environment sustainability.

You will love its hip and modern design with splashes of colors and prints, which are mostly nature-driven to give you a more green vibe all throughout. This will have you feel more focused and at peace, ready to work.

Its open space plan is geared towards small groups or freelancers, with modern furniture and modern equipment to take advantage of. They have an indoor and outdoor area, depending on where you want to work in. And you’ll definitely enjoy their simple yet delicious meals and refreshments, which are enough to fuel you up!

Cocoon EcoCoworking Space Facebook page

Coworking spaceCocoon Ecoworking Space
Address2nd Flr, Sy Building, F. Llamas St, Tisa, Cebu City 6000 Cebu City, Philippines [Map]
Hot Desk/1 Day150 PHP
Hot Desk/1 week950 PHP
opening hoursMon-Sun, 8:00AM-9:00PM
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo
SnacksAvailable for purchase

9. KMC Skyrise 4B

Photo: https://kmc.solutions/

KMC Skyrise 4B is perfect for digital nomads who want to stay for longer period in the Philippines, as their contract is on monthly basis. Once you purchase KMC’s coworking passport, you have access not only to the coworking space in Cebu, but to all KMC’s coworking spaces across the country.

The area is powered by fiber internet access with a lot of power outlets and comfortable chairs. They’ve got a pantry that is fully fitted with all the equipment you need to enjoy your meals! They even have a day called TGIF where you get free ice cream and sweets, which you can enjoy with their unlimited coffee and fruit-infused water.

What’s great about the coworking space is that they have everything you need for work and rest. They promote workplace wellness with yoga rooms, massage facilities, and wellness centers for you to feel relaxed before and after working, or during a quick break.

You’ll get everything you need in this open coworking space, because they have the professional office setting complete with conference rooms, printing, fast Internet, and accessibility to various coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels!

KMC Cebu Skyrise 4B coworking space website

Coworking spaceKMC Skyrise 4B
Address16th and 17th Floor, West Geonzon Street, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City [Map]
Hot Desk/1 Month5000 PHP
opening hoursMon-Sun, 24/7
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationNo

10. Murals Hostel and Café

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/muralshostels

This is another local hostel that offers a coworking space for their guests or traveling digital nomads. They are well-known for their clean and minimalistic coworking space with lots of good lighting and cozy spaces to work in. Plus, they’ve got clean rooms and comfortable interiors throughout the area, setting a productive mood in anyone.

The hostel offers delicious food and drinks, offering local and Western selections to suit your palate. Of course, you’ll get to enjoy their fast WiFi, an abundance of outlets, and friendly staff ready to assist you with whatever you need. You can even head to their reading corner to take a break or get some peace as you finish your favorite novel!

For a hostel, they have complete amenities made for travelers and digital nomads alike. From their large suites down to their peaceful ambiance, you won’t feel distracted and get a lot of work done as you have fun around the area. They charge 350 PHP ($7) for the entire day, or you can pay 150 PHP ($3) to stay for 3 hours.

Murals Hostel official Facebook page

Coworking spaceMurals Hostel and Café
AddressVilla Aurora Tennis Court, Pres. Roxas St, Kasambagan Cebu City [Map]
Hot Desk 1 Day350 PHP
Hot Desk 1 Week2450 PHP
opening hoursMon-Sun, 7:00AM-0:00AM
High speed WifiYes
Air conditioningYes
Coliving accommodationYes
SnacksAvailable on purchase

Attractions in Cebu

Photo by Burak Ceviz on Unsplash

What’s great about the Philippines is that there is so much to do and see! In Cebu, you’ll find everything you want and need, whether you want to go on a hike or beach getaway, or if you want to learn about history in museums or enjoy the urban life.

Here are some of the attractions to visit and things to do when you’re in Cebu:

Scuba diving

You go to the Philippines for the beaches, which is what the country is famous for. That’s why it’s no surprise that Filipinos have a lot of fun water activities you can try, including scuba diving!

You can head to Mactan Island and get your scuba diving license there, or swim with whale sharks in Oslob. For avid divers, check out Moalboal, which is said to be a diver’s paradise with sardine tornadoes!

Or, you can go to Cebu’s secluded beaches, such as Bantayan, Camotes, and Malapascua islands.

Nightlife in Cebu

Filipinos love to party and dance! Plus, you’ll find a lot of Filipinos enjoying a good beer (or a bucket of it). That’s why the nightlife is very exciting and you can always find parties wherever you go. Whether you want to head for a bar to chill in or pool parties with DJs and dancing, there’s something for every partygoer in Cebu.

Tourist attractions

Many tourists visit Cebu for its historical attractions and fun festivals, like the Sinulog Festival! Explore the culture and learn more about Philippine history by visiting Magellan’s Cross and the infamous Basilica Minore del Santo Nino.

Island hopping & Trekking

Cebu is famous for island hopping activities because you’re an hour or two away from everything! You can head to the beaches and get a tan after a good swim, or you can go mountain trekking in the many mountains of Cebu. Wherever you go, you’ll always be one with nature and enjoy the spectacular views.

Wrapping It Up

You might presume that Cebu, being an island province, isn’t as digital nomad-friendly compared to its other urban cities or neighboring countries. But with its ever-growing technological advancements and urban planning, expect reliable Internet, comfy coworking spaces, and the best adventures!

Before ending this article, don’t forget some of these travel tips and things to know when planning your next work vacay:

Do you need a visa?

Citizens of most countries worldwide are permitted to apply for a 30-day visa waiver upon arriving in the Philippines. Just make sure that you show your return ticket and that your passport still has at least 6 months before expiring.

If you want to stay longer, you can get a Non-Immigrant Visa, which is a popular option among digital nomads.

What is the good season to visit Cebu?

Expect the Philippines to be hot almost 24/7! You should travel during the dry season, which is between November to April. When June arrives, expect a lot of storms and humidity, which may not be the best if you’d like to soak up the sun.

The warmest months are between March to October, with the rainy season beginning in June to October. March to May are the best times, though this is peak season!

Now, you’re fully equipped with where to go in Cebu when you need a great coworking space (or two)! Make sure to visit any of these coworking spaces and the attractions mentioned above to get the most of your visit. Don’t forget to try the amazing food and hang with the friendly locals, too!

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