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Recommended Coliving and Coworking Space in Osaka for Digital Nomads

Key Takeaways

  • Osaka is Japan’s second-largest city, with each district offering unique characteristics.
  • Recommended coliving houses in Osaka cater specifically to international digital nomads.
  • A list of community-focused coworking spaces in Osaka for those seeking networking opportunities.

Osaka – the 2nd largest city in Japan – is increasingly popular among digital nomads for its blend of urban vibrancy and community-oriented coliving and coworking spaces. These facilities provide not only fundamental necessities like reliable internet and workstations but also foster a social and professional network.

Located close to Kyoto, Osaka combines traditional allure with modern convenience, offering easy access to its rich culture. It is an attractive city for many, not only because its cost of living is relatively lower than Tokyo, but also due to the warmth and hospitality of its locals. This friendliness adds to the city’s charm and makes visitors feel welcome. Additionally, Osaka is famously referred to as the “Kitchen of Japan,” a title it lives up to as a paradise for food lovers.

The Areas in Osaka

When selecting a base in Osaka, digital nomads should consider convenience, accessibility to key services, and the overall vibe of the neighborhood. Each area offers unique benefits, from vibrant street life to quiet, modern conveniences.

Working Remotely in Osaka, Japan: High Scores for Creativity and Quality of Life

Kita (Umeda, North Central area)

Osaka’s bustling northern hub, Kita is renowned for its skyscrapers, sophisticated dining, and high-end shopping, particularly around Osaka Station and Umeda Sky Building, offering a breathtaking city view from its observatory.

Minami (Shinsaibashi and Namba, South Central area)

The heart of Osaka’s nightlife and entertainment, Minami area features the famous Dotonbori area known for its bright lights and street food, alongside theaters and boutiques in Americamura and Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade.

Central Osaka (Honmachi)

Located between Kita and Minami, Honmachi is a commercial area with a mix of modern offices and shopping areas, bridging the old and new aspects of Osaka.

Osaka Castle Area

This historic district is dominated by Osaka Castle, a key landmark surrounded by a moat and park, which hosts various seasonal events and offers a museum detailing the castle’s history.

Tennoji / Abeno Area

Rapidly evolving, Tennoji hosts the Abeno Harukas, Japan’s tallest skyscraper, the historical Shitennoji Temple, and Tennoji Zoo, set within Tennoji Park.

Osaka Bay Area

Osaka bay area is a modern waterfront district that features attractions like the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, and the expansive Universal Studios Japan, popular for its themed rides and shows.

Northern, Eastern, and Southern Osaka

These more residential and less touristy areas offer local experiences with parks, small eateries, and community shops, providing a glimpse into the daily life of Osakans. Don’t get confused with Kita and Minami districts in the central Osaka.

Top Coliving houses in Osaka

In Japan, the term “coliving” isn’t very common; instead, these spaces are often referred to as “Share House“. Japanese share houses aren’t typically associated with accommodations for remote workers or digital nomads.

Therefore, we selected coliving options in Osaka that are particularly welcoming to international  remote workers.


Photo: Kizunaya official website

Kizunaya operates coliving facilities in Japan with a distinct focus on creating vibrant, community-oriented living spaces. Their concept centers on providing more than just housing; it aims to foster social interactions and cultural exchanges among residents. This approach is particularly appealing to individuals keen on experiencing Japanese culture and building connections with locals and other international residents.

In Osaka, Kizunaya manages several houses, each with unique features to cater to the diverse needs of its residents. The minimum contract term for Kizunaya coliving houses is 3 months.

SHELF (Himejima): Conveniently located just 7 minutes from Umeda station, this four-story house includes a living room, kitchen, atelier room, workspace, and a small garden with a wood deck. The private rooms are spread across the second to fourth floors.

The house offers a unique feature where residents can freely engage in DIY projects in an open atelier connected to a sunny porch, ideal for relaxation or hosting exhibitions and workshops.

HITOTOKI (Tezukayama): Situated 8 minutes from Tezukayama station on the Nankai-Koya Line, this house offers both dorm rooms and private rooms, catering to various preferences.

This house is particularly known for its communal spaces that foster connection over coffee. The shared areas are equipped with high-quality coffee-making equipment and unique mugs, enhancing daily interactions among residents.

FUKU HOUSE (Fuse): A short 9-minute walk from Fuse station on the Kintetsu Namba Line.

It is described as an international exchange share house that fosters a global family-like community. The spacious shared living room and open-air terrace are ideal for house events and BBQs, promoting social interaction among residents from diverse backgrounds.

TABICCO (Senrioka): Located 12 minutes from Senrioka station on the JR Kyoto Line, this house features dorm and private rooms with spacious common areas, though it lacks a dedicated workspace.

The house offers a blend of diverse cultures and age groups under one roof, which fosters a family-like atmosphere among its residents. The share house is renowned for its spacious living areas and the inclusion of facilities that support a comfortable and vibrant community life, appealing to those who enjoy social interactions.

Kizunaya’s coliving spaces are designed not just as places to live but as venues where cultural and social exchanges are part and parcel of daily life. They support this with amenities and events that encourage interactions and community building among residents.

Kizunaya official website

TENSEN Share Houses

coliving in Osaka Tensen Houses
Photo: TENSEN Share House official website

TENSEN manages four coliving properties in Osaka. Each house features a communal space, kitchen, laundry facilities, shower rooms, and includes cleaning services.

SEN Osaka: This facility offers 12 dormitory rooms and 18 private rooms, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a genuine share house experience. The living room is designed for comfort and relaxation, allowing residents to fully engage with their housemates. The facilities are comprehensive, with options for female-only areas, ensuring a 100% authentic share house experience.

KAE Osaka: KAE Osaka hosts a diverse international community, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in local life near Umeda, Osaka. The house boasts newly updated facilities and a spacious kitchen counter, set in a comfortable, appealing, and slightly nostalgic environment.

HAYA Osaka: A designer share house with 16 private rooms, HAYA Osaka offers a luxurious living experience. It features a courtyard with a terrace, a dining kitchen that opens to the terrace, a living room with a high ceiling, and a sunlit library space. The design allows residents to experience the changing seasons through natural elements like wind, earth, and sunlight.

ZEZE Osaka: This compact, modern share house accommodates up to 8 people in 8 private rooms. Custom-made furniture in the living room and relaxing areas like the library space and rooftop in the sunlight enhance the living experience. All facilities are fully equipped, ensuring a satisfying stay.

TENSEN Share Houses official website

Residents can select a house that matches their style and budget, from stylish designer homes to more communal dormitory settings. Note that the lease term is typically for one year, ideal for those planning an extended stay in Japan. For shorter stays, TENSEN also operates a beautiful Japanese-style hostel in Osaka known as MITSUWAYA. Learn more about MITSUWAYA.

Come on UP

【PV】Come on UP

Come on UP operates various coliving houses across Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Yokohama, with eight locations in Osaka alone. Their houses cater to a diverse community, including professionals from various fields and cultural backgrounds.

Come on UP houses typically accommodate between 5-9 residents, offering both private spaces and communal settings that encourage social interactions and personal growth. Their concept emphasizes enjoying local life and seizing opportunities for personal development within a shared living arrangement.

Shin-Osaka (AKA / SORA): Located centrally in Osaka, these two coliving spaces are in the same building but on different floors (6th and 8th). Each has 5 private rooms, shared living areas, and a 24-hour accessible coworking space.

Tsumugi: A new share house near Hankyu Awaji station, offering 9 rooms including traditional Japanese tatami rooms, over two floors with communal living spaces.

Osaka Miyakojima: A spacious share house close to nature, located between Tenjin Bridge and Miyakojima station, offering a serene environment accentuated by nearby Yodogawa River.

Re:midoribashi: Situated near Osaka Castle Park, this house features a mix of Japanese and Western-style rooms, conveniently located near supermarkets and the Midoribashi station.

Toyonaka Sakura: Located along the Hankyu Takarazuka Line, this share house is conveniently near Osaka Itami Airport and essential amenities like supermarkets and pharmacies.

Senriyama Tsukigaoka: Offers a peaceful atmosphere with its light-filled rooms, providing a balance of privacy and social space in a two-story building with both Japanese and Western-style rooms.

Senriyama Chisato: Features two living rooms and a garden ideal for social activities, located conveniently for subway and Hankyu access to Umeda without transfers. This house isrecommended for those who prefer living in a tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Comeon UP official website

Borderless House

coliving in osaka borderless house
Photo: Borderless House official website

Borderless House operates numerous coliving facilities in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, emphasizing multicultural exchanges in a shared living environment. They aim to create a “community” share house where half the residents are Japanese, ensuring a cultural exchange with opportunities for residents to engage deeply with Japanese culture and languages. The living arrangement promotes daily interactions among people from diverse backgrounds, enriching the residents’ experience through communal activities, language practice, and cultural learning.

In Japan, Borderless House has facilities in major areas including the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai region, with specific locations in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. Here are the brief information about their colivings in Osaka.

Boderless House OSAKA-BENTENCHO: Located about 13 minutes walking from JR / Osaka Metro Bentencho Station, this house offers a convenient connection, just 9 minutes by train to Osaka station and 15 minutes to Namba. It features a spacious living environment with a terrace and traditional stores nearby.

Boderless House OSAKA-TSURUHASHI1:Just a 3-minute walk from Tsuruhashi Station, this house is notable for its accessibility with 3 railway options, and it’s surrounded by diverse dining options including Japanese-style bars and Korean food. All rooms are sunny, enhancing the living experience.

Boderless House OSAKA-TAMATSUKURI: Located 7 minutes from Subway Sennichimae-line Imazato Station, this newly built house supports a large community of 24 tenants, featuring a women’s exclusive floor and a large community space for gatherings.

Borderless House official website

Social Apartment

coliving in Osaka - social apartment
Photo: Social Apartment official website

Social Apartment offers a unique coliving concept focusing on combining private living spaces with vibrant, communal areas designed to foster social interactions among residents. They operate 49 coliving facilities throughout Japan. Their philosophy emphasizes that living together can enrich life by providing opportunities for cultural immersion and personal growth.

The apartments are designed with stylish communal spaces like lounges and kitchens, and often feature amenities like cafes and fitness studios. This approach aims to blend the privacy of individual apartments with the dynamic environment of shared facilities, catering to those seeking a blend of community and personal space.

NEIGHBORS ESAKA: Opened in October 2023. This Social Apartment features a spacious design that fosters social interaction without compromising personal space. Just a 7-minute walk from Esaka station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, it provides easy access to major city areas, blending convenience with a welcoming community vibe.

TERMINALS TAKATSUKI: Positioned a mere 5-minute walk from Takatsuki station on the JR Tokaido Line, this Social Apartment offers an advantageous location that’s also 15 minutes on foot from Takatsuki-shi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. It provides a comfortable and accessible living environment ideal for commuters or anyone wanting to enjoy the conveniences of urban life.

TERMINALS IBARAKI: This Social Apartment is located an 8-minute walk from Ibaraki station on the JR Kyoto Line and 18 minutes from Ibaraki-shi station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line. It offers a convenient blend of urban access and comfortable living spaces, making it ideal for those who frequent both Kyoto and Osaka.

Social Apartment official website

Top Coworking Spaces in Osaka for digital nomads

Osaka hosts numerous coworking spaces, including global brands like WeWork, Regus, and Servcorp, known for their extensive facilities. However, for international digital nomads looking for a strong community focus, we’ve highlighted local coworking spaces that prioritize building a community, making them particularly suitable for those seeking to connect with like-minded professionals.

The Deck

coworking space in Osaka - the deck
Photo: The Deck official website

The Deck, this colorful coworking space is located in the heart of Osaka’s business district, and directly accessible from Sakaisuji-Hommachi Station. The space features various amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, ergonomic chairs, and computer monitors, etc. to support productivity.

In addition, English-speaking staff is available to assist international visitors. The space offers several membership options, including a daily pass for ¥2,200.

The Deck official website

Workspace NameThe Deck
Address + map2-1-1 Minamihonmachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 541-0054 Japan [Map
Prices275 JPY / 30 min (under 3 hours)
2,200 JPY / day
7500 JPY / week
14,080 JPY / month
Opening hours9:00 – 18:00
FacilitiesSecure high-speed Wifi, Computer minotors, Charging stations, Ergonomic chairs, Phone booths, Whiteboards, Free coffee/tea

Osakan Space

coworking space in Osaka - Osakan Space

Osakan Space is a vibrant and friendly coworking space located in the Honmachi area of Osaka, just a minute’s walk from Honmachi Station, making it easily accessible for digital nomads and professionals.

The space is well-equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and a variety of amenities to ensure a productive environment. It offers flexible membership options, including a daily pass for 2,200 yen, catering to different needs.

Designed to foster a dynamic community, Osakan Space regularly hosts meetups and workshops, promoting collaboration and support among its members.

Osakan Space official website

Workspace NameOsakan Space
Address + mapTaiga building 10F, 3-6-2 Bingomachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka [Map
Prices2,200 JPY / day (Monday – Friday)
13,200 JPY / 2 weeks (Monday – Saturday)
16,500 JPY / 4 weeks (Monday – Saturday)
Opening hours10:00 – 18:00 (For Day pass visitors)
8:00 – 24:00 (For 2/4 weeks pass holders)
FacilitiesSecure high-speed Wifi, Power supply, Soundproof private rooms, Lockers, Computer monitors, Printer, Scanner, Refrigerator, Coffee machine

.andwork osaka

coworking space in Osaka - andwork osaka
Photo: .andwork official website

.andwork operates coworking spaces in several Japanese cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Okinawa, with many located in stylish hotels. The Osaka branch, .andwork Osaka, is situated in The Lively Osaka hotel, just a minute’s walk from Sakaisuji Honmachi Station.

This coworking space not only provides creative and comfortable workspaces with various seating options, but also pampers you with free coffee throughout the day and offers free beer during happy hour every day from 5:30pm to 6:30pm!

.andwork official website

Workspace Name.andwork Osaka
Address + map1-5-11 Minami Honmachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka [Map
Prices700 JPY / hour (not eligible for free beer)
2,000 JPY / day
10,000 JPY / 10 days tickets
34,000 JPY / month
Opening hours8:00 – 22:00
FacilitiesSecure high-speed Wifi, Banquet rooms, Free coffee, Billiard table

Common Room

coworking space in Osaka - common room
Photo: Common Room official website

Common Room operates two coworking spaces in Osaka and one in Kyoto. The Umeda branch is a mere three-minute walk from Osaka Umeda Station, while the Nakatsu branch is just a minute away from Nakatsu Station.

Both locations offer hot desks, private office rooms, meeting rooms, and event spaces. Pricing for a day’s use of the coworking space is ¥2,200 at the Umeda branch and ¥1,600 at the Nakatsu branch.

Common Room official website

Workspace NameCommon Room Umeda
Address + mapKyoei Building 3F, 2-8-11, Shibata, Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan [Map
Prices1.100 JPY / 3 hours
2,200 JPY / day
17,600 JPY / month
Opening hours9:00 – 18:00 (drop-in)
7:00 – 23:00 (monthly members)
FacilitiesSecure high-speed Wifi, Printer, Scanner, Whiteboards, Computer minotors, Microwave, Coffee
Workspace NameCommon Room Nakatsu
Address + mapTK Building, 3-15-5, Toyosaki, Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan [Map
Prices1.100 JPY / 3 hours
1,650 JPY / day
13,200 JPY / month
Opening hours9:00 – 18:00 (drop-in)
7:00 – 23:00 (monthly members)
FacilitiesSecure high-speed Wifi, Printer, Scanner, Whiteboards, Computer minotors, Microwave, Coffee, Phone booths


coworking space in Osaka - iioffice
Photo: iioffice official website

The name “iioffice” is pronounced like “E-office” (like the English letter “E”) and means “good office” in Japanese. Located in the Shin Osaka area, just a few minutes’ walk from Minamikata Station, iioffice offers a spacious coworking space with a stylish minimalistic design, featuring comfortable ergonomic chairs. It also provides private offices and meeting rooms. The cost for a day’s use of the coworking space is ¥2,200, while a private room is ¥4,400.

iioffice official website

Workspace Nameiioffice
Address + map2-4-3, Kikawahigashi, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka, Japan [Map
PricesDrop-in: host desk
550 JPY /1 hour
1,100 JPY / 3 hours
2,200 JPY / day

Drop-in: private room
1,100 JPY / 1 hour
2,200 JPY / 3 hours
4,400 JPY / day

Monthly membership
16,500 JPY / month
Opening hours9:00 – 18:00 (drop-in)
8:00 – 23:00 (monthly members)
FacilitiesSecure high-speed Wifi, Printer, Phone booths, Power supply, Free coffee, meeting rooms

Unique Aspects of Living in Osaka

Life in JAPAN as Digital Nomads!

Osaka offers a dynamic balance of culture and leisure which makes it particularly inviting for digital nomads. This city’s vibrancy showcases a perfect blend between traditional heritage and modern convenience.

Food Capital of Japan

Osaka, often hailed as Japan’s culinary capital, boasts an electrifying street food scene that is both diverse and deeply rooted in local tradition.

At the heart of this scene is Kuromon Market, a bustling hub where vendors serve up fresh seafood, succulent meats, and iconic snacks like takoyaki and okonomiyaki straight from their stalls.

Just a short distance away, Dotombori dazzles visitors with its neon-lit canalside and a multitude of street food stands, offering everything from grilled crab legs to fluffy cheesecake. Meanwhile, the nostalgic atmosphere of Shinsekai invites travelers to step back in time and enjoy kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat) in its retro-themed eateries.

Together, these areas encapsulate the vibrant, flavor-packed street food culture that makes Osaka a must-visit destination for food lovers around the world.

Immerse in Japanese Tradition

Osaka offers a rich tapestry of Japanese tradition, beautifully displayed through its historic sites and vibrant festivals. Landmarks such as Osaka Castle, with its imposing architecture and lush surrounding park, provide a glimpse into Japan’s feudal past. Shitennoji Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan, offers tranquility and a chance to witness ancient religious practices.

For those visiting in the summer, Osaka’s local festivals are a cultural spectacle not to be missed. The Tenjin Matsuri, held every July, is one of Japan’s three major festivals. It features a grand procession of boats on the river and a lively display of traditional performances, drawing visitors from across the globe.

Another highlight is the Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival, where spectacular fireworks light up the night sky, creating a mesmerizing experience. These events not only showcase Osaka’s cultural richness but also offer an authentic taste of local life and festivities.

For those interested in delving deeper into historic and traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto is just a short trip away from Osaka.

Friendly locals

People in Osaka are known for being friendly and easy to talk to. Visitors often find it easy to strike up conversations with strangers, whether it’s in bustling marketplaces, on busy streets, or while enjoying the local cuisine.

This friendly atmosphere is boosted by “Osaka-ben“, the local dialect that’s more laid-back and warm compared to the formal Japanese spoken in Tokyo. Osaka-ben often makes conversations funnier and more relaxed, helping to make your time in Osaka especially welcoming and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coliving and Coworking Space in Osaka

This section aims to address common inquiries regarding coliving and coworking spaces for digital nomads in Osaka, offering precise and reliable information to ease the process of finding suitable accommodations and workspaces.

What are the best coliving  in Osaka for digital nomads?

It depends on what you are looking for—affordability, convenience, social life, etc.—but if you are seeking a community-driven coliving space in Osaka that welcomes international digital nomads, our top choices are Kizunaya, TENSEN Share Houses, Come on UP, Borderless House, and Social Apartment. See the top coliving in Osaka action in the above article for more details.

How do I find coworking spaces in Osaka that are suitable for remote work?

There are numerous coworking spaces in Osaka, from big names like WeWork and Regus to cozy, family-run spots. You can type “coworking space” into Google Maps to find nearby locations. Our recommended coworking spaces in Osaka for foreign digital nomads are The Deck, Osakan Space, .andwork, Common Room, and iioffice.

Which neighborhoods in Osaka are popular among expats for coliving facilities?

Neighborhoods with easy access to Namba and Shinsaibashi in the Minami area, as well as Umeda in the Kita area, are popular among expats due to their central locations, easy access to transportation, and abundance of amenities. These areas are well-frequented by international remote workers looking for a vibrant local community.

Are there specific coworking cafes in Osaka that offer amenities for digital nomads?

Yes, there are coworking cafes in Osaka that provide amenities specifically for digital nomads, including high-speed internet access, power outlets, and comfortable seating. Establishments such as Café ONthe, Café Tipo 8, and K.I.T Cafe are tailored to meet the needs of on-the-go professionals.

What are the average costs of coliving in Osaka for digital nomads?

The average costs for coliving in Osaka range from affordable to premium, depending on the location and services offered. Typically, dormitory prices start at around 20,000 JPY per month, and private rooms are approximately 50,000 JPY and up.

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