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The Best Music Festivals In Thailand For a Memorable Experience

Thailand is such a wonderful country to visit, that’s for sure.

You’ll be surprised that they aren’t only known for their amazing culture and beaches, but their music as well. They have some of the best music festivals centering around local artists, rock bands, and even EDM!

So where should you head to when in Thailand when you want to experience the music scene? Read on to learn about the best music festivals in Thailand!

The Best Music Festivals In Thailand

The best music festivals in Thailand attract people worldwide, regardless of music taste, and theme. No matter who you are, these EDM music festivals will give you the taste of Thai culture and feature the country’s spectacular music!

1. Mystic Valley Festival

Photo: Mystic Valley Thailand official Facebook

As the name suggests, expect this music festival to be mystical! This follows the Tomorrowland trend, an event that spans out in multiple days with a ton of activities. You receive the full-on camping vibe, as they provide various camping facilities and food trucks for you to sleep in and party for days on end!

What’s great about the music festival is that you’ll never get bored and find something new in the world of music. There are eight stages separated in different music genres, such as EDM, RnB, trap, techno, trance, and even disco music for the ultimate party vibe!

Another unique activity in the music festival is how they have popular pool parties and amazing light shows. So throughout the three days, you can make so many new memories and have fun as you dance to the music, eat delicious food, and do a TON of activities the festival offers as you camp out and enjoy nature.

Located in the Mountain Creek Resort Khao Yai in Nakhon Ratchasima, it’s a bit further out from the capital cities. However, it’s accessible via private transportation and premium shuttle buses. Accommodation is within the events grounds itself, so you can stay comfy in the resort or camping.

Check out what the Mystic Valley Festival is all about and where to get tickets here:

2. Siam Songkran Music Festival

If you’re looking for the ultimate EDM music festival in Thailand, then the Siam Songkran Music Festival is for you. This event coincides and celebrates Thailand’s famous festival Songkran, which is an important event on their Buddhist calendar.

SIAM Songkran Music Festival 2019 Aftermovie [FULL HD]

Expect to see some of the world’s most popular and talented EDM artists and hard-style icons. This festival is known for its top-tier lineup every year, with local artists also taking the stage to spread the love and talent of Thailand!

There are various stages across the grounds, so you can explore your music taste and get to know new artists to enhance your taste in music. You will also be able to explore the many interactive areas to learn about Thai culture, ranging from vintage markets to culture-based workshops teaching Muay Thai and Thai cooking.

This music festival will take place in Bangkok’s Show DC Arena in April, which is very accessible via public transportation. It’s also nearby many accommodation options, from hotels to hostels. You can go to your place safely and rest well after spending your best nights partying it up!

You can learn more about the Siam Songkran Music Festival on their official Facebook account:

3. Waterzonic

Are you up for something crazy and wet? The Waterzonic is one of the craziest music festivals you’ll ever attend, where you’ll have buckets of fun. And that’s LITERALLY buckets of fun!

This water-soaked event is the most famous and highly-anticipated ones across the country, where you’ll be showered not only with lots of great music but water as well! Here, you’ll find the first-class lineup of EDM artists, both international and locally-grown.

The water music festival features the huge and amazing stage, many art installations and fireworks shows, as well as so much water and fun the entire night! You’ll be dancing and staying cool as you party until the early morning.

Waterzonic is brought to you by ZAAP, the country’s elite event organizers. Located in Oasis Arena in Bangkok, it’s pretty accessible via public transportation and near various accommodation options. You can travel through the BTS line to go to the central points of the city, as well as the MRT for ease of moving around.

You can learn more about the music festival from this helpful online guide:

4. The Big Mountain Music Festival

The Big Mountain Music Festival is one of the largest outdoor festivals across Southeast Asia, a two-day music event with around 200 acts performing in nine stages! You get a mix of world-class artists and local musicians, taking a bold step to the music festival scene.

The music festival has been running annually since 2010, starting with 20,000 attendees to a whopping 70,000 people that come from all over the world! Their next event will feature a variety of genres, such as RDM and hip-hop DJs, and a lot of dancers to get you jumping!

Besides that, you can also expect many Thai artists that play various local musicians to showcase their talents and pride for their country. It’s the best opportunity for you to discover many unknown and growing artists.

The festival takes place in December in the Kaeng Krachan Country Club and Resort, Phetchaburi. You can check-in the resort or head to nearby hotels and resorts as well. As for transportation, it’s best to take a taxicab or use private transpiration heading to the area.

Learn more about the Big Mountain Music Festival here:

5. Songkranzonic

The Songranzonic Music Festival is one of the newest additions to the music festival scene but has already created a name for itself. Today, it’s one of Thailand’s events that remind people of their most unforgettable house parties!

It’s a four-day event that has garnered over 10,000 attendees from all over the world. Whether local, tourist, ex-pat, you can find them partying in one venue, uniting through the beauty of music.

What makes this festival unique is that it’s also filled with water, with lots of sprays and showers to drench the crowd. This makes it double the fun, along with the stellar show and production!

Happening in the Oasis Outdoor Arena, Show DC, this area is easy to access via bus and train. There are also nearby hotels and hostels for your accommodation to safely go home to after a night of partying. Expect it to happen in April, a great way to welcome your summer!

Visit Songranzonic Music Festival on Instagram:

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re backpacking in Thailand or a local eyeing the next music festival, this list offers the best of the best! You don’t only get the danceable tracks, but immerse yourself in the Thai culture with local artists and bands.

Next time you’re heading to the country, time your next trip around any of these best music festivals in Thailand to have the time of your life. Travel safe and have fun!

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