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The 10 Coolest Co-Working Spaces in the Philippines to Check Out

Being a nomad is a fulfilling experience! When you’ve got the remote working opportunities that allow you to work anywhere you want, it’s time to take advantage and head on to some of your favorite places.

With its beautiful weather and stunning beaches, the Philippines has long been a popular destination for travelers.

In the recent years, coworking spaces with great amenities and reliable internet have started to pop up, making it the perfect place for travelling freelancers and remote workers. Read on to learn all about the best coworking spaces in the Philippines!

Why Go to the Philippines For Remote Work and Travel?

best coworking spaces in the Philippines

There are so many reasons why nomads choose to stay in the Philippines, and it isn’t just because of their coworking space options! Here are just some of the great things about the Philippines you can look forward to.

City or Beach Life?

In the Philippines, you can choose the hustle and bustle of the city, or go and enjoy the peaceful sound of the ocean.

Many enjoy the city for its nightlife and convenience for daily necessities, and it’s great if you want an easy change of space and fast-paced lifestyle. But of course one of the main draws to the Philippines is its gorgeous islands and beaches! The Philippines is warm year-round, and has stunning beaches and nature, and the coworking spaces are never far away. So whether you want to go on a hike, go white-water rafting on your days off, or just enjoy the gentle sea breeze while you work, you’re sure to find something you love about the nomad life there!

Cost of Living

The Philippines is well-known for its lower cost of living. An affordable meal can go as low as $1 (USD), or less than $20 for a fancy meal good for two people.

Renting a 1-bedroom apartment can be as low as $100 a month, or can go up to $1,000 a month for a 3-bedroom condo unit in an accessible area.

Friendly Local Communities

As for the local communities, you’ll be happy to know that Filipinos are one of the brightest and happiest people around. Locals love to help out in any way they can, and may even give you mini-tours and suggestions on where to go and what to eat. You’ll feel right at home and make new friends easily. And thankfully, English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, so you’re unlikely to hit too many issues with language barriers!

10 Coolest Coworking Spaces in the Philippines

Although the stunning beaches and luxurious nature that you can find in the Philippines is quite an attractive destination for travelers, outside of the big cities the Internet connectivity isn’t always the most reliable, which is a big downside for digital nomads.

However if you know where to look, many places are starting to improve on the situation, and there are more and more coworking spaces serving the local and foreign remote workers. With that in mind, we’ve picked up 10 best coworking spaces in the Philippines – many of them let you work remotely while enjoying beach life.

1. LEXIAS Hostel & Workspace (Siargao)

popular coworking space  LEXIAS Hostel & Workspace in Siargao
Photo: Lexias Hostel & Workspace website

Moving on to an island further east, next on our list is the Lexias Hostel and Workspace on Siargao island. Boasting the fastest wifi on the island, this coworking spot is great for those who want to stay a bit longer. Lexias has plenty of amenities, all at a reasonable price.

Siargao island is often referred to as the surf capital of Asia, so whether you’re visiting for surfing with a little bit of work, or visiting for work with a little bit of surfing, you’re in the right place – You can even get surf lessons and rentals from Lexias!

As for the hostel and coworking space, they were designed together with the idea of encouraging connections, so you’ll find that even their hallways and public spaces have tables and chairs to sit down and have a chat with fellow nomads. They also have a courtyard garden, bar and restaurant, and infinity pool! If you’re looking to stay a while, you can choose between their mixed dorms, girls only, or private rooms, all of which are air-conditioned and come with lockers and USB ports.

If you ever get bored of work, try your hand at surfing, head to one of the rock pools, or hop on a plane to get back to Cebu in one hour!

LEXIAS Hostel & Workspace official website

2. Common Crew (Panglao Island, Bohol)

popular coworking space Common Crew in Bohol Philippines
Photo: Common Crew website

Next up on the Philippines’ best coworking space list is the Common Crew coworking area on Panglao Island. This space comes with everything you need to get you in the zone, including a reliable internet connection and unlimited coffee!

This coworking area was designed as a reflection of life on the island of Panglao, so keeps everything fresh and light with great air ventilation and a lot of sunlight to keep your spirits high while you’re getting your work done. The coworking area is filled with comfortable and casual furniture with wicker designs and cozy spaces.

If you’re coming with a group and want to hold a meeting, you can book out the entire first floor for up to 8 people and make use of their TV monitor, large boardroom-style table, and professional, comfortable work chairs.

The location is great too, just four minutes away from Panglao Airport. And if you’re feeling in need of a break or some inspiration, you can head to one of the many Panglao beaches or outdoor activities such as the botanical gardens or caves. Panglao is also connected to the rest of Bohol, so you can easily head there if you want to explore a bit more!

Common Crew official website

3. Clock In (El Nido, Palawan)

popular coworking space in El Nido Philippines Clock-In
Photo: Clock-In website

Clock In is one of the most popular coworking space network, and has a ton of branches all around the Philippines, especially in the Metro Manila area. But this one is located within the Hotel Covo Lio Resorts on El Nido, and is incredibly close to the gorgeous Lio beach!

The resort, also known as the Lio Tourism Estate, is very close to El Nido Lio Airport, the gorgeous Canopy Walk, and Bulalacao Falls. So not only is it incredibly convenient for travel, but you also have all the benefits of nature right on your doorstep. Take your pick between chilling on the beach or having your breath taken away by the waterfall! And if you get bored of Lio beach, not to worry, there are plenty of other beaches nearby to get your tan on (when you’re not working of course)!

The coworking space itself has a modern design on the wall of the main room depicting one of the neighboring islands – you can see the real deal if you head to Lio beach at some point! The modern color scheme continues throughout. But if you want a bit more privacy you can head to a meeting room, or make use of one of their event spaces when you want to talk and get active without bothering others.

If you’re making use of this coworking space on Palawan island, it just makes sense to stay at the resort for a bit while you’re there. The rooms are spacious and modern, and come with a nice breakfast and a cozy shared lounge area, too!

Clock-In official website

4. The Company (Cebu Mandaue)

popular coworking space in Philippines The Company
Photo: The Company website

Dubbing themselves “the upgraded version of the typical office”, The Company should certainly be one of the best coworking spaces in Cebu for digital nomads.

Although many coworking spaces can be very casual and perhaps more like an upgraded internet café, The Company has much more of a focus on productivity and creativity, so is laid out more like an actual city office. However, there’s much more freedom! Knowing you can come and go as you please, and having access to free drinks and a lounge makes any working situation infinitely better.

The Company has all of the regular services you might expect from an office too, which is more than what many coworking spaces offer. This includes lockers, scanning and printing services, and high-speed internet.

They also have a number of different plans and packages to suit different situations and budgets, from drop-in access to private offices. All of the packages allow use of the common area, and meeting and event rooms can be rented out, but if you opt for one of their more long-term plans you also get access to your own office, postal services and reception services. They even offer consultations with specialists if you have questions about running your own startup, where you have the opportunity to talk with accountants, lawyers, and other experts!

If you’re looking to get your head down and do some work at coworking space before heading out to explore the famous Cebu island, The Company is definitely for you.

The Company is a popular coworking space network that offers workspaces also in Singapore, Bangkok, Japan and Hawaii.

The Company official website

5. B&P Workspaces (Makati, Metro Manila)

popular coworking space in Philippines Arch Offices
Photo: Arch Offices website

If you want to be a part of the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila’s city life, then head to B&P Workspaces, which has several coworking locations in the Makati Central Business District. As opposed to a lifeless grey wall, it sports a rustic, Seattle-inspired ambiance, with brick walls, hardwood floors, and lush greeneries to spark your creativity and let ideas flow.

You can use their open area, rent a hot desk, or have your own dedicated workstation with a wired internet connection and a locker. Whereas some coworking spaces can make you feel like you’re elbow-to-elbow with a stranger, B&P Workspaces offer larger desks more like a modern office, allowing you the space to think and really get down to business. The best part: you have the view of the busy city of Makati!

Their bright office space has several different areas with different designs, and their motto is “No bean bags. No beers. Just really good office space”, which describes them to a T! Their coworking space is no fuss, all focus and creativity. 

The monthly membership offers an access card, fast wi-fi access, onsite IT support, VoIP for calls, as well as unlimited drinks, access to pantries and conference rooms, and backup power.

The B&P Workspaces official website

6. Clock In (Makati, Metro Manila)

popular coworking space in Philippines clock-In Manila
Photo: Clock-In website

All Clock In branches have spacious and hip designs perfect for both getting in the zone and taking a break. It’s Instagram-worthy everywhere, with a modern vibe and colorful furniture to get your creative juices flowing!

Much like their El Nido branch mentioned above, you can make use of their shared coworking space, or make a reservation for one of their event spaces or meeting rooms.

Another awesome advantage is that they have a fantastic community that holds various talks and events to make connections or learn something new. If you’re hopping around the Philippines becoming a Clock In member might be a good place to start!

Clock-In official website

7. Nomad’s Hub (Cebu)

popular coworking space in Philippines Nomads Hub Cebu
Photo: Nomad’s Hub website

Nomad’s Hub is perfect if you want to combine coworking and coliving in Cebu. Often it can be a hassle trying to find a good hostel that’s not too far from a decent coworking space, but Nomad’s Hub remove that stress and give you great options for both, close together!

Their coworking space has a clean and professional style, perfect for getting in the zone and getting some work done, but they also have a more casual lounge area where you can sit on the floor with some of their comfy cushions if you need a change of scenery.

They offer free coffee and iced tea as well as the all-important high-speed internet to all customers, but those with a full day pass also get one free meal and use of the lockers. If you don’t have a full day pass you can still try out their a la carte menu options! You can also rent out their conference room equipped with whiteboard and Smart TV for bigger meetings.

Their coliving space also features a clean style with shared rooms and bathrooms and a 24-hour front desk that minimizes issues when travelling. This is a great spot to start your Cebu travels.

Nomad’s Hub official website

8. LaunchPad Coworking (Muntinlupa, Metro Manila)

Launchpad coworking Phillippines
Photo: Launchpad Coworking website

In Alabang, LaunchPad Coworking is one of the best areas to get some work done. It has stylish interiors comparable to Google’s infamous office designs, making it appealing to all professionals and creatives. Located in the Commercenter, it’s known as a good first base for many freelancers and startups in the Philippines.

Launchpad offers a variety of different packages, ranging from a daily coworking pass right up to fixed desks and start up packages. Each package offers access to different services, though all come with unlimited coffee and water and unlimited access to their high-speed internet. Depending on your needs, you can choose a different package to get access to the printing services, postal services, the pantry, and even official registration of your company.

Launchpad is also a great option for those looking to host events like seminars and workshops, as you can rent out spaces and already have all of the amenities at your disposal!

The co-working space was made for startups and entrepreneurs, as well as freelancers who want the space to think, and it has a great community spirit. If you sign up with Launchpad you get access to their events, as well as special membership perks with their partner brands.

Launchpad coworking space official website

9. Calle Uno (Baguio)

popular coworking space in Philippines Calle Uno Baguio
Photo: Calle Uno website

Calle Uno is a gorgeous restored brick mansion in Baguio that has charm in every room. The coworking space spreads over 1800 meters over three storeys, and is reminiscent of a campus library rather than a stuffy office.

Calle Uno boasts some of the fastest internet speeds around, and each room has a different design and layout so you can pick which one suits your working style best. You could even choose to make a standing desk out of the window sill for a great view and focused work!

The coworking space serves great (unlimited!) coffee, as well as water and juice, and has some amenities like a microwave for breaks. The campus-like atmosphere makes it easy to talk to other like-minded individuals, to spark ideas and make connections. But if you are there for a specific purpose, you can also rent out event spaces or more private, enclosed cubicles for better concentration.

One reviewer even mentioned that they have a comfy work space and good internet at home, but came to Calle Uno for better concentration – if that’s not a stellar review we don’t know what is!

Calle Uno official website

10. Weremote (Pasig, Metro Manila)

popular coworking space in Philippines weremote Manila
Photo: Weremote website

Weremote isn’t just a typical coworking space, it’s an entire business service. As well as their amazing working spaces and amenities, Weremote offers so many extra services for budding entrepreneurs and start-up beginners.

Their coworking space offers bright, open areas where you can work alongside other driven freelancers, and rentable private booths and event spaces for those looking to do something more collaborative. Each different space has a unique and inspiring design to keep your motivation up. If you have specific creative needs, they have a photo studio and a podcast studio, or if you want to take some time off you can head to the game room – where you’re more than likely to make some new friends!

Of course, they have high-speed internet and everyone’s favorite: unlimited coffee.  But there’s also an exclusive lounge, a kitchen and pantry, secure lockers, and access to showers. This place is so good you’ll almost want to live here!

In terms of their business services, Weremote offers shared HR and accounting services, as well as support for startups and help with business registration. They’ll take care of the paperwork with you so you don’t have the stress of getting anything wrong. Many reviewers were overwhelmed with how helpful and welcoming Weremote has been, but now it’s time to experience it for yourself!

Weremote official website

Philippines Visa and Entry Requirements

The Philippines grants visa-free entry for citizens of many countries, including most of the Western countries for up to 30 days. Check if your passport require a visa on the website of Office of Consular Affairs of the Philippine.

It is also possible to extend your stay by applying for a 29-day visa waiver in the Bureau of Immigration, located in Intramuros, Manila.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you need a coworking space or area conducive for work and play, the Philippines has got it covered. We picked up the best coworking spaces in the Philippines from different regions where travelers love to stay. So why not make this country your next destination and begin enjoying its facilities?

I hope you’ll experience the best work trip of your life as a digital nomad here! Let me know if you’ve already visited the area and what you think of the Philippines.

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
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