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The 5 Coolest Co-Working Spaces in the Philippines to Check Out

Being a nomad is a fulfilling experience! When you’ve got the remote working opportunities that allow you to work anywhere you want, it’s time to take advantage and head on to some of your favorite places.

In the Philippines, you won’t only be able to find a great co-working space, but one with numerous amenities and with an amazing atmosphere. Read on to learn all about co-working in the Philippines!

Why Go to the Philippines For Remote Work and Travel?

Why consider living in the Philippines temporarily to experience its work life? There are so many reasons why nomads choose to stay in the Philippines, and it isn’t just because of their co-living space options!

1. Awesome Culture

For starters, the Philippines is filled with such a rich and vibrant culture and history anyone would love to explore. Each city has its own history and attractions, ranging from historical places in Manila, down to beautiful museums in Makati. It will take you weeks and months to learn all about the amazing traditions and wonderful Filipino.

You’ll never get tired learning about the Philippines and meeting friendly locals!”

2. Delicious Food

Filipino food is as diverse as their culture and tradition! Wherever you go, there will be a twist to traditional Filipino dishes, so your tastebuds will NEVER get bored. Try the Cebu lechon, Kapampangan sisig, or choose from their wide array of street food that ranges from fishballs to taco and balut!

3. City or Beach Life?

You get a taste of everything in the Philippines, and it’s suitable for any type of traveler. There are co-working areas by the beach or city, so whatever vibe you feel, you can work efficiently in the area. Stick your feet by the sand and seas as you work, or take n the scenic city skyline with a cup of coffee!

Philippines Visa and Entry Requirements

Fortunately, the Philippines does NOT require any visa, though this depends on how long you plan to stay in. The country grants visa-free entry for most residents of Western countries.

As long as you have a valid US passport and a valid return ticket, you can enter and visit the Philippines for up to 30 days. If you plan to stay for longer, you may obtain a 59-day visa from the Philippine Consular Office. For those already in the Philippines, you can file for a 29-day visa waiver in the Bureau of Immigration, located in Intramuros, Manila.

From there, you can continuously extend your trip as a tourist. Such visas and extensions can cost between $20 to $60, already including processing and application fees.

For those who plan to stay for even longer than two months, you will require a work or business visa, which you can check out in your Embassy.

Cost of Living and Local Communities

The Philippines is best known for its lower cost of living. For instance, an affordable meal can go as low as $1, or less than $20 for a fancy meal good for two people.

Renting a 1-bedroom apartment is as low as $100 a month, or can go up to $1,000 a month for a 3-bedroom condo unit in an accessible area.

You won’t have to worry a lot about the expenses, as most Western nomads with similar salaries to their countries can live comfortably.

As for the local communities, you’ll be happy to know that Filipinos are one of the brightest and happiest people around. Locals would love to help out in any way they can, or even give you mini-tours and suggestions on where to go and what to eat. You’ll feel right at home and make new friends easily here.

Top Five Co-Working Spaces in the Philippines

Where should you head to when you want to start your nomad life in the Philippines? These are the five shared office space options you should consider:

1. LaunchPad Coworking

LaunchPad Coworking is one of the best areas to work in when in Alabang. It has stylish interiors comparable to Google’s infamous office designs, making it appealing to all professionals and creatives.

The co-working space was made for startups and entrepreneurs, as well as freelancers who want the space to think.

No need to go anywhere else when you have all the amenities here!”

Besides a spacious and motivational area, LaunchPad Coworking also offers a virtual office, lover rentals, various service assistances, and even free parking! Of course, enjoy unlimited internet access, water, and coffee, as well as access to the lounge area and their basic office equipment.

2. Clock In

Clock In is known to have the widest network, with various branches in the big city of Metro Manila, including one in Palawan! Because of their many branches, you can easily visit and work in any one of them with a membership, making it accessible and convenient.

All Clock In branches has the spacious and hip designs perfect for working and taking a break after the grind. It’s Instagram-worthy everywhere, with the modern vibe and colorful furniture to get your creative juices flowing!

Another awesome advantage is that they have a fantastic community that holds various talks and events to make connections and learn new things.

3. FIRST Coworking Community

If you want the beautiful views of Manila’s historical attractions, then you’re going to love FIRST Coworking Community. It has a simple and open-planned setting that accommodates up to 60 people. You are surrounded by the beautiful views of Neoclassical structures in Old Manila.

The co-working space offers the fast Fiber optic internet, free beverages, and the free use of their printers and copiers.

I highly recommend this spot for those who want to hold brainstorming sessions with their team. You get to collaborate well and create new ideas in an intimate setting.

4. Arch Offices

If you’re more of the hustle and bustle of the city life, then head to Arch Offices, located in the Makati Central Business District. It sports the rustic and Seattle-inspired ambiance, having brick walls, hardwood floors, and lush greeneries to spark your mind.

You can use their open area for working, rent a hot desk, or have your own dedicated workstation with a wired internet connection and a locker. The best part: you have the view of the busy city of Makati!

The monthly membership offers an access card, fast wi-fi access, onsite IT support, VoIP for calls, as well as unlimited drinks, access to pantries and conference rooms, and backup power.

5. WeWork Philippines

WeWork is a New York-based co-working space provider, with various branches not only in the Philippines but around the world. WeWork services various clients, whether you’re a freelancer or startup, or remote employees from companies of different sizes.

Have fun meeting new people and creating new connections to expand your network.”

You can avail their membership to have access to any of their co-working spaces worldwide, making it suitable for the traveling nomad. The best part about WeWork is that they have unique facilities like indoor garden areas, game rooms, and a bar!

Wrapping It Up

Whether you need a co-living space or area conducive for work and play, the Philippines has got it covered. So why not make this country your next destination and begin enjoying its facilities?

I hope you’ll experience the best work trip of your life as a digital nomad here! Let me know if you’ve already visited the area and what you think of the Philippines.


  1. Check out birdland beach club in Bolinao, the pioneer in live work on the beach in the Philippines. They have Converge fiber speeps up to 400mbps and PLDT up to 150mps. I’m currently working from here since pandemic last year. Four other tech executive families are also living here.


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