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Digital Nomads: The Future of Travel

Imagine this- You’re in a hammock and sipping great beer, surrounded by greenery or the beachside. There’s no worry about going to work because you already are at work! You’re typing comfortably in your dream destination, submitting assignments without the need to report to the office or a strict boss.

This doesn’t need to just be a dream, as digital nomads are on the rise. With advanced technology, we are now able to work remotely and earn good money as we check off goals from our travel bucket lists.

But what does a digital nomad do, and how is it our future of travel?

What Is a Digital Nomad?

digital nomads at a coworking space
Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Digital nomads are more like lifestyle choices rather than job titles. These are individuals who work while traveling, completing their jobs anywhere around the world! As long as they have consistent internet connections and the appropriate equipment, they can earn while basking in the sun and beach.

Not only do you get to earn and make a living, but you get to be in your dream destination while doing so!”

Some digital nomads choose to travel in different areas and explore beaches and forests, others simply like the new environment. You can find digital nomads working in coffee shops, co-working spaces, or anywhere they fancy.

Digital nomads aren’t just writers and bloggers, but there are so many job positions to take. You can either work as a freelancer or under a company permitting remote work options. Some people work in the fields of website design, digital marketing, customer service, teaching, virtual assistance, and many more!

Why Are Digital Nomads the Future of Travel

With over 50% of employees currently working from home in the UK and US, how are digital nomads the future of travel?

Thanks to technological advancements, those working from home are taking the opportunity to work from anywhere they want. Remote work isn’t just about having your own office and in the comforts of your home. There is now the possibility of working in different areas, so you can take a vacation while reaching your financial goals and doing what you love. Digital Nomad can join Digital Nomad Retreats or attend one of the popular Digital Nomad Events & Conferences worldwide.

Women in Startups in Asia

This is the future of travel, with more people working from anywhere around the world.”

In fact, more people are looking into staying in other countries for the long-term, staying in co-living spaces near natural attractions. It gives many of us the chance to explore new areas, spending more time outside without worrying about financial ties.

So if you’re a free spirit who wants to explore the world, you may want to consider becoming a digital nomad. We’ll be seeing even more of these individuals living their dreams, especially since remote work opportunities are skyrocketing, with more people opting to work from home or remotely!

How to Become a Digital Nomad

Are you planning to become a digital nomad and travel around Asia? It’s more than just finding a good job and getting your flight to the area. Here’s a guide to help you consider your options and how to become a successful digital nomad:

1. What Job Should You Get?

If you don’t have the opportunity to work remotely yet, now’s the time to do so! Here are quick tips when finding a good job for remote work or freelancing:

• Identify your skills and what you can give to a company or contractor. It’s also great to learn new skills through online courses and workshops to give you a better advantage when applying.

• Apply for long-term freelancing jobs or search for private companies that offer remote work opportunities. Make sure that it’s in your field and something you’re interested in! Various online platforms show you different job offers for freelancers and under private companies.

• You can even create your own business or startup! This will take some time and investment before you can become an official digital nomad, but it will be worth it with dedication and a good idea.

2. Get Rid of Unnecessary Expenses

When traveling, it’s easy to let yourself go and spend everything, whether it’s food and souvenirs, experiences, and luxury accommodation.

digital nomads equipments
Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

But as a digital nomad planning to live there for a few weeks while earning, you shouldn’t treat this as a full-blown vacation. You need to set a strict budget and get rid of unnecessary spendings, such as expensive food, world-class hotel rooms, or daily coffee from pricey cafes!

3. Get Travel Health Insurance

Traveling is one of the best experiences, but it may not always be rainbows and butterflies. There’s a chance you’ll get sick, have accidents or emergencies, and require check-ups.

Health is wealth, so save yourself from hefty fees and go for insurance when traveling.”

That’s why it’s important to invest in travel health insurance, which should be valid in the areas you plan to stay in. Choose plans that cover basic consultations and medications, down to accidents and hospital stays.

4. Save Up and Prepare For Financial Success

Besides setting a budget and getting rid of unnecessary expenses, you should also learn more ways to save!

Even a few bucks can go a long way, and such savings won’t only for your expenses, but your retirement plan as well.

digital nomad finance
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

For instance, you can opt to get an international credit card to avoid the fees when used abroad (and avoid identity theft), or to choose cheaper food and accommodation options.

Make sure that every dollar saved goes to a separate bank account to use for emergencies or your future. It will add up!

5. Where Should You Go?

You will also need to consider the destinations and their cost of living, as well as any language barrier, safety issue, and how open they are to co-working. Fortunately, in Asia, many countries are now catering to digital nomads, offering various co-living spaces and co-working areas to work productively in. Most of them are set by beaches or busy cities, so it’s best to do your research when selecting the right country!

6. Have a Budget and Plan Ahead

Just like when at home, you need to focus on your budget. When you follow it, you can live well and still have money saved for the future.

When creating your budget, calculate your expenses, such as accommodation, the cost to travel to destinations, utility bills, the cost of activities you’ll do, food, as well as other costs of working and living. Make sure that you think about the worst-case scenario and have backup plans and/or emergency savings account prepared to avoid going in debt.

7. Join a Community and Learn About the Culture

I highly recommend that you join digital nomad communities, both online and within your co-working space. These like-minded digital nomads can help strengthen your network and will make amazing friendships to last as you travel and explore the world! Plus, they can give you a lot of tips to boost your productivity and how to live life in new countries.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Wrapping It Up

Becoming a digital nomad is becoming the future of travel. You have amazing CoWorking spaces in Asia to choose from and start working.You don’t need to wait to take a vacation leave or deal with the office stressors when your favorite destination can be your workplace.

However, there are things you have to consider before you start working remotely, from the area you plan to stay in down to insurance and equipment required to work properly.

Once you’ve got that all figured out, consider traveling to Asia as a digital nomad and immerse yourself in the culture as you earn!

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
A digital nomad travelling in Asia and TheDigitalNomad.Asia Editor. Please read my article and I hope you will get inspired to go travelling as a digital nomad. You are welcome to comment and share the article with fellow travelers.

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