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The Recommended Coworking Spaces in Cambodia: Work Remotely!

In Cambodia, you’ve probably seen a lot of people frequent coffee shops and spend hours on end just working. While it may seem conducive to them, businesses have noticed the need for better workspaces for freelancers. And that’s where co-working spaces begun.

Now, there are many co-working spaces in Cambodia you can visit, all of which having beautiful ambiances and affordable prices. We have listed the top 5 coworking spaces in Cambodia, along with information on Cambodia visas and cost of living.

If you’re planning to live the life as a digital nomad in Cambodia once travel bans have been restricted from the pandemic, then read on!

Why Go to Cambodia for Remote Work?

One huge advantage to Cambodia is that they are currently handling the pandemic well. They only have less than 150 cases and ZERO deaths, practicing safety precautions, and implementing rules to encourage social distancing and mass testing.

Cambodia is one of the leading countries that take quick action amidst any issues that are thrown at them!”

Because of this, Cambodia may slowly open their country for traveling, suitable for digital nomads as they start taking the opportunity to work remotely.

Beyond the quick action and excellent government Cambodia has, they also have many reasons to visit the country!

Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash

In Cambodia, they have amazing cultural heritage and one of the most interesting histories. You can visit their historical attractions around the city after a day’s work and immerse yourself inter culture and tradition.

You can also head to their many beautiful beaches and greeneries to take a quick break from your job, all of which are nearby the big cities and co-working spaces!

There is so much to do and see in Cambodia that you may have never felt back home. It’s a whole new environment with more different people and experiences to love and cherish. You get to open up your horizons and not feel as if you’re stuck at home working.

Now, you get to work wherever you want in a co-working space and meet new people while enjoying the fast Internet and wonders of Cambodia!

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Cambodia Visa and Entry Requirements

If you wish to enter Cambodia, then you will need a Cambodian visa, depending on the passport you are holding. Nationals from various Asian countries don’t require tourist visas, while those from Western countries will need to apply for one.

You can purchase a Cambodian visa, which is valid for one month. While you can get a visa on arrival, you can also get an eVisa and apply for one online instead for convenience. To apply for one, you need a passport valid for at least six months and one recent passport-sized photo.

The visa is valid for travel of up to 30 days in Cambodia. You may be able to extend the stay, but you need to contact your local embassy to find out if you are eligible for a visa extension and how to get one. There will be additional fees for the application and processing.

Cost of Living and Local Communities

Cambodia is known to be one of Southeast Asia’s cheapest countries, so you can live on a reasonable budget.

Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries, you can get by with less than $1,000 a month!”

For instance, inexpensive meals can go for as low as $2, or up to $20 for two people in mid-range restaurants. Accommodation is only $250 to $400 for a 1-bedroom apartment, depending on the area.

As for co-working space rentals, expect to pay more or less $50 to $70 monthly for a shared office space. You can pay for your dedicated desk or private office for $300 to $400, which will come with added perks.

As for the community, Cambodia is known to have some of the friendliest locals that will be willing to help you out! You can befriend locals in co-working spaces and around the busy streets, and they can give you mini-tours or teach you a few things about the country.

Plus, you can meet friendly and like-minded digital nomads that make great connections and friendships throughout your stay in Cambodia.

Top Five Co-Working Spaces in Cambodia

Cambodia is starting to have many shared office space options, especially around Phnom Penh! Check out these excellent co-working spaces around the busy city, which is also near historical attractions and natural beauty:

1. SmallWorld (Phnom Penh)

SmallWorld is a homegrown co-working space that creates innovative business and employment opportunities focusing on the Cambodian youth. They have an open and casual work environment perfect for the young and upcoming professionals!

coworking space in Cambodia

The company is located in a large villa in Tuol York, offering facilities like high-speed fiber-optic WiFi, free coffee and tea, document printing, and personal lockers. You can choose to work outdoors among the greens, or inside for more air-conditioned comfort.

Work AND live by the beach- That’s the ultimate dream!”

You can even avail of their co-living space options and enjoy food and drinks from their onsite cafe!

2. Sahaka Coworking Space (Phnom Penh)

The Sahaka Coworking Space is one of the newest and best co-working spaces in the area, which occupies a refurbished house in Phnom Penh. It has a tall ceiling and spacious design that makes it suitable for many people without feeling too cramped.

The co-working space offers high-speed Internet, furnished private offices, as well as a conducive common workspace, lounge, and chill-out area with air-conditioning. You can even go outside their terrace to work outdoors or in their onsite cafe. It’s all up to you!

3. WorkSpace 1 (Phnom Penh)

WorkSpace 1 is THE co-working safe for independent creatives, startup entrepreneurs, and professionals who can meet and support one another. In the area, you’re welcomed by the carefully-designed interiors that give off the natural and harmonious ambiance to have you inspired to work harder!

They feature industrial and clean designs to amp up your creativity and concentration. You can even create your own events and rent out the space, or join their many activities to connect with other people.

The huge benefits are that they have extra rooms and perks, such as a nap room, ping pong table, free beer, and coffee, as well as a library and podcasting room!

4. The Green Penthouse (Phnom Penh)

The Green Penthouse Coworking is another new place designed stylishly with the open space in mind. This helps spark creative ideas and allows you to meet with other smart creatives. They have a dynamic community to help expand your network and create new friends.

The company offers a communal workspace with premium facilities and an affordable price. Expect high-speed WiFi, chill out areas, your work desk, a comfortable lounge, as well as an onsite cafe and outdoor terrace.

5. Impact Hub (Phnom Penh)

Impact Hub began in 2014, an international c-working space located strategically in Phnom Penh. It’s everything a digital nomad dreams of, having the modern-traditional design, the bright areas, and even alcohol!

Photo: Impact Hub website

In this space, you can find entrepreneurs, social investors, students, consultants, freelancers, and many more like-minded individuals.

Besides the comfortable work desks and lounge, they have high-speed WiFi, onsite cafes, and outdoor terrace, and a library for your comfort and needs.

Wrapping It Up

After coronavirus, I’m sure you realized the endless possibilities and benefits of remote working. With that in mind, it’s time to start living your life as you juggle the work-life balance, starting with Cambodia because of its many attractions and co-living space options.

Fortunately, this country is starting to get up and enter a new normal, all while practicing social distancing, of course. So study more about the possibilities of traveling to Cambodia and begin your life as a digital nomad soon!

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
A digital nomad travelling in Asia and TheDigitalNomad.Asia Editor. Please read my article and I hope you will get inspired to go travelling as a digital nomad. You are welcome to comment and share the article with fellow travelers.

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