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Top 10 Coworking Spaces and Places Worth Working from in El Nido

Filipino locals, international tourists, and remote workers alike have heard about the beauty of El Nido, Palawan for years now. And the way people describe this breathtaking destination is no exaggeration! One can see why El Nido, alongside its mother archipelago Palawan, continues to effortlessly make it to reputable lists of best beaches by respected travel publications like the National Geographic Channel.

That fact alone is what should make El Nido your next destination. Remote workers and digital nomads need not worry, because this island offers all you need for the ultimate work-cation! We share the top coworking spaces and places worth working from in El Nido so you know where to go when you’re on a time crunch with projects or have long meetings ahead in this paradise.

What to Know About El Nido as a Remote Worker


Before tackling the coworking spaces and places worth working from in El Nido, let’s first talk about traveling there as a remote worker. Here are crucial things to learn about as you explore the beauty of El Nido, Palawan:

El Nido’s Popular Attractions

Here are some of the most popular attractions El Nido has to offer:

  • Las Cabanas Beach
  • Secret Beach
  • Hidden Beach
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Snake Island
  • Lio Beach
  • Taraw Cliff
  • Matinloc Shrine
  • Cudugnon Cave
  • Helicopter Island
  • And many more!

Modes of Transportation

One of the best and most convenient ways to go around El Nido is by motorbike. You can rent your own and it will cost between $6-14 daily, depending on the motorbike you prefer.

You can also commute and use public transportation, though it takes time to get used to. It’s very affordable though! For instance, a tricycle to the Town Proper costs about $0.20, while going to other areas costs about $3-4, depending on the distance. Some accommodations offer free shuttle vans!

Cost of Living

Just like traveling to many other places in the Philippines, the cost of living in El Nido varies. But the good news is that if you’re on a budget, you can still live comfortably in the area.

Studio apartments or coliving accommodations can cost as low as $200 monthly. Add a WiFi plan for $20, a motorbike rental for $200, and food expenses at $200 a month, besides other expenses, it can cost around $1,000 to live in El Nido. And you’ll still be able to go around and enjoy all the amazing destinations Palawan offers!

Why El Nido Must Be Your Next Travel Destination

So, why should you head to El Nido as a remote worker anyway? Here are just some of the many reasons why this must be your next destination!

  • If you’re looking for the perfect balance of peace and nightlife, El Nido is where it’s at! Compared to Coron, El Nido is a bit quieter in terms of the nightlife, but you can find many living areas and fun parties to attend.
  • El Nido is known as one of the most beautiful locations in all of the Philippines! All you will see around you are large coconut trees, white sandy beaches, clear waters, and mountains! There’s nothing else like it, and surprisingly, it isn’t as crowded compared to other destinations in the country!
  • There are so many things you can do when in El Nido, and it isn’t limited to beach-hopping. Swim with wild whale sharks, try your hand at surfing or scuba diving, go trekking, eat all the delicious food, and so much more! Even if you plan to stay for the long-term, you won’t run out of activities and every day can be an adventure.
  • The cost of living is fairly low in El Nido, even if it’s a vacation destination. We’ll tackle the details below, but less than $2,000 monthly is more than enough for an adventure-filled and comfy stay in the area.
  • The Internet speed is fair enough. While the Philippines is notorious for its slow Internet, things have gotten better since the pandemic and remote workers will find it easier to achieve work-life balance as they work in coworking spaces without many Internet issues.

What to Check Before Booking a Coworking/Coliving Space in El Nido

Now that you’re more knowledgeable about traveling in El Nido, the next step is figuring out where you’ll be staying and working in. While we listed down accommodations and coworking spaces you can stay at, we also urge you to consider personal factors to help narrow down your choices.

Here are important things to look into as you choose the best coworking space or accommodation when staying in El Nido.

1. The Ambiance

Why are you a remote worker? Because you want to be surrounded by different and beautiful environments all the time! This is why the space’s ambiance is an important factor to consider, especially when you’re in Palawan to take in the tropical paradise vibes.

It’s crucial to choose a coworking space where you can truly feel at home and surrounded by nature, may it be lush greens or the beach right in front of you. The ambiance alone can definitely give you all the motivation you need to finish work more efficiently so you can get into the waters!

2. Internet Connection

Amid the beauty of Palawan came one significant issue for travelers, particularly remote workers: Internet speed! WiFi and mobile data were known to be painstakingly slow. Fortunately, the Internet situation has greatly improved since 2020, when private telecommunication companies upgraded telecom towers in the area.

Now, you can find many accommodations and coworking spaces running with Internet speeds reaching up to 100 MBPS, which is fast enough for online meetings, downloading big files, and more.

That said, it’s best to read reviews about WiFi and mobile signals in the area you plan to stay in. Some places offer WiFi, but the average speed ranges from 10-50 MBPS. This is adequate enough, though loading times are longer and meetings may lag from time to time.

3. Your Comfort

Just like the ambiance, you want to feel like you’re truly on vacation while still being able to work properly. This means being in a space that offers a spacious desk to place your things on, as well as an ergonomic chair so you can feel comfortable when working for hours on end.

Make sure that the accommodation or coworking space you choose offers desks or meeting rooms where you’ll be able to lay your things out without feeling cramped. Moreover, you’ll want a place that keeps you comfortable for hours of working, with shower areas or nap rooms so you can take proper breaks.

4. Extra Amenities

Many remote workers will need more than just a desk to work on and WiFi to connect to! There are other amenities and extra perks your chosen accommodation or coworking space should have, too.

For instance, you may need private meeting rooms for important meetings, or use of office machines like printers or photocopiers. Many coworking spaces also offer free beverages like coffee and tea, which is a huge plus for those who need to stay awake and energized!

Top 10 Coworking Spaces and Places Worth Working from in El Nido

Our list of the best coworking spaces and places worth working from in El Nido is based on extensive research, personal experience, and previous guest reviews. We made sure to consider crucial factors remote workers must look into, such as location, comfort, WiFi, ambiance, and price, among others.

1. Kalye Artisano

Kalye Artisano is one of the most unique artisanal retail hubs in the country, where local artists and businesses have their own space to thrive. It is actually a mixed-use center located at the Lio Tourism Estate.

It is a whopping 325 hectares of sustainable, beachside development. Out of that huge space, there is a 921-square-meter building made for coworking spaces and accommodation.

While one may expect El Nido to be filled with luxury resorts and outdoor sports, this space gives you a more at-home feel where you will be surrounded by lush greens and be able to wind down with yoga classes after work.

Kalye Artisano official website

☝️ Check out the walkthrough tour of Kalye Artisano by Biyahe Ni Drew, a digital nomad based in Philippines.

NameKalye Artisano
Address + MapLio Tourism Estate, El Nido, 5313 Palawan [Map
AccommodationYes, at BAHAY ARTISANO Villas
Hot deskN/A
Opening hours9AM to 5PM
High-speed Internet?Yes
Social activitiesYoga classes, game days, fishing, art workshops, in-land experiences, and more

2. Lexias Hostel El Nido

Lexias Hostel and Workspace is a gorgeous place that offers spectacular views of the Bay, especially come sunrise and sunset! You will be a mere 5-minute walk from the beach, bars, and delicious restaurants as well, so you won’t be hassled with transportation.

Besides the spacious and comfortable coworking space, you can participate in various activities, such as meditation, tours, or pool parties where you can meet fellow travelers and digital nomads!

Lexias Hostel El Nido official website

NameLexias Hotel El Nido
Address + MapMaremegmeg Beach, Corong Corong, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines [Map
Hot desk$7/day
High-speed Internet?Yes
Social activitiesPool parties, tours, meditation sessions

3. Clock In El Nido

Clock In El Nido
Photo: Clock In El Nido official website

Clock In is also located in the Lio Tourism Estate, this time on the ground floor of Hotel Covo. This is extremely convenient for those who plan on staying at the hotel, as you can simply head down to begin working in an aesthetic space with a lot of space and fast Internet!

Clock In El Nido official website

NameClock In El Nido
Address + MapG/F Hotel Covo, Lio Tourism Estate, Villa Libertad, El Nido, Palawan [Map
Hot deskStarts at $7/day
Opening hoursMonday-Friday: 24 hours
Saturday and Sunday: 9AM – 9PM
High-speed Internet?Yes
Restaurant/café?In the hotel

4. Happiness Hostel

Happiness Hostel, a home away from home, a place to connect and meet other like-minded travelers. A few steps away from the beach you can find spacious, dorm style and private rooms are available. With vibrant shared spaces like a kitchen and co-working space.

It’s a cozy hostel and their coworking space has starlink backup, but the food is what makes them unique.

Happiness Hostel El Nido

NameHappiness Hostel El Nido
Address + MapSerena St, Barangay Buena Suerte, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines [Map
Coworking spaceYes
High-speed Internet?Yes

5. El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe

El Nido is filled with so many creative souls and it shows in their establishments! The El Nido Boutique and Art Café is just one of the many amazing spaces you can enjoy not just for work but for play, shopping, and more activities!

Head to work at their coworking space and café, where you can enjoy good WiFi and yummy food as you finish work. It’s El Nido’s #1 restaurant boutique and travel center, so this one-stop-shop has all you want and need.

El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe official website

NameEl Nido Boutique and Art Cafe
Address + MapSerena St, Barangay Buena Suerte, El Nido, 5313 Palawan[Map
Hot deskN/A
Opening hoursDaily 7AM – 11PM
High-speed Internet?Yes

6. Happiness Boutique Resort

Happiness official website

Formerly known and beloved as Blue Mango Resort, experience your home in the jungle. You will truly feel at peace amid the lush greens and nature-inspired décor here at the happiness boutique resort. Located at the heart of El Nido and the vibrant palm leaves, you are in the center of tranquility!

This cozy boutique hotel offers private rooms at premium prices, as well as its own outdoor space where you can enjoy working in.

Happiness Boutique Resort

NameHappiness Boutique Resort El Nido
Address + MapSitio Lugadia, Barangay Corong Corong, El Nido, 5313 Palawan, Philippines [Map
AccommodationBoutique Resort
High-speed Internet?Yes
Social activitiesTours

7. Seda Lio

If you want to stay at a hotel with its own beachfront, then Seda Lio is the way to go! Even if the hotel franchise is known for being a go-to accommodation for businessmen and conferences, Lio Seda Hotels isn’t your typical coworking space.

You get a space conducive to work while staying at a beautiful beach!

Lio Seda Hotels official website

NameLio Seda Hotels
Address + MapLio Tourism Estate, Bgy. Villa Libertad El Nido, Palawan 5313, Philippines [Map
High-speed Internet?Yes

8. MBC El Nido

Short for Maremegmeg Beach Club, the MBC is a boutique resort with luxury amenities. It’s located in Maremegmeg Beach and is 15 minutes away from the town proper. You’ll be right by the beach so you have your own little world in paradise!

Escape the world while still being able to work in their spacious areas at MBC, then hang out in the infinity pool afterward!

MBC El Nido official website

NameMBC El Nido
Address + MapMaremegmeg Beach [Map
AccommodationBoutique Resort
High-speed Internet?Yes
Social activitiesOutdoor island activities

9. Hama Coffee

Nestled by the beach in El Nido, Hama Coffee is a favorite spot for locals and digital nomads. They offer great coffee starting at just 200 pesos, a big seating area, reliable wifi, and the bonus of a stunning ocean view overlooking Cadlao Island. It’s the perfect place to work or relax while enjoying the beauty of the sea.

Hama Coffee Instagram

Cafe NameHama Coffee
Address + Google map linkC. Hama, Barangay Buena Suerte, El Nido, 5313 Palawan, Philippines [Map
Coliving accommodationNo
Opening hours7:00AM – 7:00PM
High-speed Internet?Yes

10. Cauayan Resort

If you’re looking to live in the lap of luxury during your work-cation, you can never go wrong with Cauayan Resort. This is one of the most luxurious resorts with stellar amenities, customer service, and a beachfront that will take your breath away.

They have common spaces all over the resort that you can work in, all within reach of their high-speed WiFi. Work from the beachfront, your cozy villa, or the other gorgeous common areas within the resort!

Cauayan Resort official website

Resort NameCauayan Resort
Address + Google map linkCauayan Island Bacuit Bay, El Nido, 5313 Palawan [Map
Coliving accommodationNo, they offer private rooms
Hot deskN/A
Opening hoursN/A
High-speed Internet?Yes
Social activitiesSpa treatments, island hopping, diving, trekking, cruises, yoga classes, water activities
Virtual Tour | It's More Fun with You in El Nido

Wrapping It Up

El Nido is an alluring destination for remote workers for many amazing reasons! Fortunately, the Internet situation has improved immensely, and you can find various coworking spaces and accommodations suitable for your work and relaxation. That way, you can get all the R&R you need without compromising your workdays from slow Internet or an uncomfortable space.

We hope that our article on the best coworking spaces and places worth working from in El Nido helped you out! Now that you know where to go, you can now officially begin planning the itinerary for your ultimate work-cation in paradise!

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Mika is a digital nomad since 2014. She started her remote work career in digital marketing and every since she is traveling around Southeast Asia. Mika loves Yoga and sharing her insights and tips.

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