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Digital Nomad in the Philippines – An Ultimate Guide

Being a digital nomad means you get to pick where to go for your next few months of work. If you’re still choosing where to go, you’ve probably heard of (and considered visiting) the Philippines. But what does the Philippines have to offer, and where should you head to?

Check out this ultimate guide to being a digital nomad in the Philippines!

Why is the Philippines Great for Digital Nomads?

Photo by Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

Before anything else, why the Philippines?

Well, why not the Philippines? There’s so much to do and see, so it’s no wonder why millions of people head here for vacation! Here are just some of the reasons why digital nomads should visit the Philippines at least once in their lifetimes:

Stunning Nature

The Philippines is an absolute paradise with so many stunning islands and beaches! You get a bit of everything here, from white sand on beaches to lush green forests. 

There are mountains to climb, tropical beaches to lay on, caves to explore, and so much more natural to immerse in. The best part? They have warm tropical weather, so goodbye, clunky winter clothes!

Low Cost of Living

Generally, the Philippines has a low cost of living but is not the most affordable compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Big cities like Manila and Cebu, famous beaches like Boracay and Palawan are considered more expensive.

However, you’ll be able to enjoy accommodation at a lower price and dishes for just a few dollars! 

Friendly English-speaking Locals

The Philippines is known for its hospitality, and their locals continue to pride themselves on that fact. You will find many friendly locals always willing to help whenever they can. Whether you’re asking for directions, looking for good places to eat, or need to call someone, they can direct you to the right place.

Most Filipinos can speak English, so you won’t have to worry about any language barriers! 

Things to Take Note Of

Photo by Daria Mamont on Unsplash

While the Philippines has spectacular destinations with a low cost of living in modern or rural areas, there are some things you have to watch out for as well. Here are a few things you should be aware of when traveling in the Philippines as a digital nomad.

The Internet Service

The biggest downside of the Philippines is its spotty Internet connection – something all digital nomads (all people, really) must have! You won’t get crazy fast WiFi connections everywhere, especially when you’re outside big cities. 

That’s why you must do your research and select accommodation and coworking spaces that offer stable WiFi or, better yet, high-speed Internet. 

Travel Safety

While there are horror stories about traveling in the Philippines, most are overexaggerated. That said, it’s still important to stay aware of your surroundings. Follow these tips:

  • Avoid going out too late at night when alone
  • Keep away from the slum districts with high street crime rates
  • Be alert in busy and crowded venues, as pickpocketing may occur


Typhoons hit the Philippines from July to October. The strength of certain typhoons may cause flash floods and ruin travel plans, so plan ahead for any emergencies in case of heavy rain. 

Top Destinations for Digital Nomads in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to over 7,000 islands, so it’s no wonder people get confused as to where to go first! Let’s narrow it down to the most popular and suitable destinations made for digital nomads:

Metro Manila

Photo by OJ Serrano on Unsplash

Metro Manila is home to the country’s capital city, Manila. It’s a massive city with a smorgasbord of things to do. When you’re here, there’s something for everybody from the biggest shopping malls to 17th-century churches, amusement parks to museums.

We recommend heading towards Makati and BGC, which are some of the wealthiest cities around. They have the fastest WiFi connections, lovely parks, coworking spaces, and many great restaurants and cafes to try out.


Photo by Jessa Marie Pedrola on Unsplash

Cebu city is one of the largest cities in the Philippines but actually smaller compared to the urban side of Metro Manila. This city is centrally located, making it accessible to explore the entire Cebu Island or even the neighboring islands such as Negros or Bohol.

You’ll love Cebu because of its ex-pat scene, making it very convenient for the digital nomad life. From here, you can find a lot of coworking spaces in the heart of the city or even head out to the beaches that offer coliving and coworking options. If you want the mix of the beach and city life, you’ll definitely enjoy Cebu!


Photo by Cauayan Island Resort on Unsplash

If you’re leaning more towards beaches, Palawan is the place for you. It’s a long and narrow island located east, offering the most beautiful beaches and natural wonders. From here, you can find a fine number of beaches, limestone cliffs, lagoons, coral reefs, and even the breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage underground river.

You can go to places in Palawan, such as Coron and Puerto Princesa, but El Nido is an underrated area! Take advantage of the peace in El Nido and enjoy the non-city home base right by the beach. Don’t worry; many accommodations in the area offer coworking spaces AND fast WiFi.


Photo by Laurentiu Morariu on Unsplash

Boracay is another beach paradise in the Philippines known for its luxurious beaches and resorts and its lively nightlife. You’ll bask over their white beaches and clear waters, enjoying the sun during the day, and all the raging parties and nightclubs come evening. 

You’ll find many digital nomads, tourists, and locals visiting the area, so you definitely won’t be alone. This isn’t the best spot for introverts and those who want more peace and isolation, but a perfect destination if you’re up to meet new people and party all night!


Photo by Julienne Alviar on Unsplash

Baguio is a small city located up north in Luzon, the country’s largest island. This city is 5,000 feet above sea level and has one of the cooolest temperatures in the country, with stunning mountain views, local tourist attractions, and a lot of areas to hike in. You can even head to Mount Pulag or Sagada during your free time.

Baguio is becoming popular not only among digital nomads but also among English learners from other Asian countries, including South Korea, Vietnam, and Japan.  

Getting a Philippines Visa 

Traveling to the Philippines is actually easier compared to other Southeast Asian countries. That said, it’s still crucial to meet all of the entry requirements the government established for a smooth arrival and departure.

Citizens from many countries don’t need to apply for a visa when arriving in the Philippines. There is a 30-day visa waiver for many Western countries. If you plan on staying for the long term, you’ll need to have an onward ticket. You will also need to prepare the following:

A valid passport that doesn’t expire within six months beyond your stay

Roundtrip flight itinerary

Proof of accommodation

IDs and other travel documents, if required

Proof of financial means

Those living in Taiwan will need a printed copy of their eTA or electronic visa waiver, besides the other requirements mentioned above. Those who come from countries that require a visa to enter the Philippines must apply for one online or in their embassy. These are the visa requirements to prepare:

  • Passport or travel document that’s valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay
  • Accomplished visa application form
  • Passport photos
  • Proof that you are a tourist or businessman traveling to the Philippines
  • Confirmed roundtrip flight tickets 
  • Proof of visa fee payment

Coworking Spaces in the Philippines

Another fantastic benefit digital nomads will appreciate about the Philippines is its abundance of coworking spaces. Not only in the big cities like Manila, Cebu, and Davao, more and more beach resorts are adopting to facilitate coworking space for both local and foreign digital nomads.

The beach resorts can also offer coworking and coliving accommodations that focus on comfort, good food, and of course, high-speed WiFi. With more digital nomads visiting the Philippines, beach resorts are making more efforts to welcome them with more valuable amenities. That way, you can enjoy your day by the beach as you accomplish all the work that needs to be done!

Digital Nomad YouTube Videos in the Philippines

Learn more about what to expect once you’re in the Philippines from digital nomads who traveled to the country. Here are informative vloggers who share their life in the Philippines, with extra tips on being a digital nomad, where to go, what to eat, and more! 


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Facebook Groups for Digital Nomads in the Philippines

Whether it’s your first or enth time in the Philippines, it’s always essential to have some support. There are excellent online communities that share travel tips as a digital nomad, even sharing recommendations and opportunities to meet up. Check out these helpful Facebook groups that can get you started with your trip:

Digital Nomad Philippines

This is a great group that shares everything related to working as a digital nomad. You get firsthand news on the best areas to go to, where to get travel insurance, and even join events hosted by the group or its members. 

Cebu Digital Nomads

This group is dedicated to everyone heading to Cebu to live their life as a digital nomad. You can find coworking spaces, event opportunities, and a lot of advice from fellow traveling digital nomads about everything Cebu-related.

Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs Beach Club Philippines

DNEBC PH is committed to building a community for new, veteran, or aspiring digital nomads from all places and walks of life. They organize events for collaborations and business opportunities or simple hangouts to chat and make new friends!

Digital Nomads – Makati, Philippines

One of the best places to head to as a digital nomad in Metro Manila is Makati. You can head to this group for more help about where to stay for accommodation, coworking spaces, and even find incredible job opportunities to kickstart your journey!

Wrapping It Up

The Philippines is such a fantastic place to visit, as long as you’re prepared for everything and know where to go. Make sure that you keep all this information and resources in mind as you plan your next trip to this tropical country as a digital nomad. Enjoy and safe travels!

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