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The Coolest Co-Working Spaces in Asia For the Digital Nomad

During these times, many of us have begun working from home, either as freelancers or under company rules. While it may have been difficult to transition to working at home for the first few weeks, you may have realized its perks and how much it suits your lifestyle.

One of the biggest perks about working from home is that you can continue working and making your own schedule WHILE TRAVELING! Many digital nomads are now doing this, choosing to explore other countries and complete projects in co-working spaces.

So if you’re planning to follow the steps of these digital nomads, I highly recommend that you head to Asia. Not only have they created numerous co-working spaces, but the travel experience alone is worth the trip.

But where should you go when you want to do remote working in Asia? Read on as I compare coworking space options in Asia!

The Ten Best Co-Working Spaces in Asia

Many countries in Asia now offer amazing co-working spaces. Whether you want to work by the beach (where it’s perfect for social distancing) or in the city surrounded by greenery, Asia has it all for you.

Here are the ten best co-shared office space options you can visit when you plan to travel to Asia as a digital nomad:

1. SmallWorld in Cambodia

SmallWorld started with humble beginnings, a homegrown co-working space catering to foreigner travelers and the Cambodian youth. It boasts of the open and casual work environment that allows you to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers to expand your network.

“You get to work and live on the beach, living your dream!”

Located in Tuol York, you receive the basics such as fast WiFi and complimentary drinks, as well as personal lockers and the use of basic office equipment. Besides this, they have co-living space options so you won’t have trouble finding accommodation or getting home after work!

2. The Hive in Vietnam

The Hive is actually one of the largest co-working spaces all around Asia, made for just about everyone! Whether you’re a student, creating a startup, a freelancer, or a remote worker, you can feel right at home in The Hive.

Besides this, The Hive has three coworking spaces in Vietnam, each having the different theme and design that give off different feels, but with the same goal: To help you focus. Whether you want rooftop views or lush gardens, The Hive can deliver.

3. Ministry of New in India

The Ministry of New is made for professionals with its streamlined interiors and well-lit areas and greeneries all around. But they don’t just focus on startups and companies, but the creative and design community as well. The company boasts of diversity where you can network with just about anyone, from vegan entrepreneurs to astrophysicists!

You can take advantage of their many curated events and workshops, making new friends, and learning more about different industries. And of course, you will love their bright and spacious workspace that increases focus and drive.

4. KoHub in Thailand

KoHub is proud to be one of the most popular coworking spaces in Thailand, perfect for remote employees and freelancers who want to be by the tropical islands, and relieve world-class service. It’s like being on vacation while on the job!

Be surrounded by tropical islands with fast Internet to pass projects while enjoying the sand.”

You get fast internet, delicious food, and even opt for their co-living option to work AND live by the beach. With its spacious work area and comfortable accommodation, every day will feel like a getaway than another day working.

5. LaunchPad Coworking in the Philippines

LaunchPad Coworking is located in Alabang, one of the best areas you can work in thanks to its stylish interiors comparable to Google offices. It’s a treat for all creatives and startups, while professionals can also take advantage of their many private offices and rooms.

From unlimited internet to access to their lounge and office equipment, you have the complete amenities and won’t have trouble working as a business or on freelance projects.

6. Outpost in Indonesia

The Outpost has a vibrant and creative atmosphere with an innovative and helpful community. They describe themselves as the office Google would have created if they had operations in Bali!

You get two pools, a river, on-site masseurs, and extra comfy working spaces! It’s a mix of relaxation and work, making you feel more productive and inspired to keep completing those projects.

Besides that, you get the gorgeous views of jungles and valleys, giving you the motivation to get those creative juices flowing. Feel like you’re on a vacation while at work here!

7. Common Ground in Malaysia

Common Ground is known as ASEAN’s Best Coworking Space in 2019 for a reason! They are best suited for startup entrepreneurs for their professional and clean space. They boast modern and stylish offices and offer a wide range of services to accommodate small and large businesses.

They aren’t just a co-working space, but also offer a hot desk and customized HQ buildout for your clients. Besides that, you will love the lush and modern interiors with comfortable sofas and productive-inducing desks to keep you focused.

8. Clock In in the Philippines

Clock In is one of the largest co-working spaces in the Philippines, boasting the widest networks in different areas. They have many branches around the big city of Metro Manila and in Palawan, where it’s near the beach. With an access card and membership, you can easily head to any of their branches to work in, making it convenient.

All of the branches have spacious and modern designs with the hip and colorful vibe conducive for work!

9. Garage Society in Thailand

The Garage Society in Thailand is perfect for those who love nightlife and to meet new friends while working remotely.

Outside the co-working space is countless restaurants and resorts on the beach, so you can work outside and enjoy the sun, then head off to the next party as you clock out of your work! Or stay inside and enjoy their pool or workout with heir Muay Thai instructor to stay fit and release stress.

There are various workspaces you can choose from, whether you like working in beanbags, standing desks, or professional work desks.

10. Co-Space in Vietnam

One of the best characteristics of Co-Space is its target audience. They are a co-working area that is oriented towards women, whether students or freelancers, remote employees, or startup entrepreneurs. Girl power unite as you create many connections with like-minded people!

Whether you need an event space or work with like-minded women, Co-Space is perfect for you.”

The space is functional and can act as a co-working area for dozens of working women, or it can be rented out for personal meetings, conferences, or any other events. The staff is happy to accommodate and help decorate the area according to your event’s needs.

Wrapping It Up

Becoming a freelancer or working remotely with your company can offer an abundance of benefits. You get to hold your own time and live the time of your life in another country while doing so! And with the many co-working and co-living spaces in Asia, you can work in confidence and comfort.

I hope that my coworking space ranking helped you figure out the places you should consider visiting. So don’t wait any longer and begin planning your trip now!

Check out some coworking spaces around Asia

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
A digital nomad travelling in Asia and TheDigitalNomad.Asia Editor. Please read my article and I hope you will get inspired to go travelling as a digital nomad. You are welcome to comment and share the article with fellow travelers.

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