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The “Gaijin-Friendly” Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads in Tokyo

Are you planning to head to Tokyo for your next adventure as a digital nomad? One of the things you have to prepare for isn’t just where to stay, but where you should work in. While accommodations offer coworking spaces as their amenities, of course, you’d like to explore the area and check out other awesome areas to feel inspired and productive in.

But the question is: WHERE?

To help you out, here are “Gajin-friendly” (which means non-Japanese national or foreigner) coworking spaces in Tokyo for all digital nomads!

Top 5 Gajin-Friendly Coworking Spaces in Tokyo

You wouldn’t want to waste time looking for a good café to work at the moment you’re in Tokyo! It’s best to prepare ahead and search for the best coworking spaces to book, so you know where to stay and receive all the features you need, from fast Internet to your own space to focus. With that said, here are the awesome places you can work in, whether you need it for a few hours a day, or an entire month!

1. Blink Smart Workspace

coworking space in Tokyo Blink
Photo by BLINK

The Blink Community is an international coworking space that focuses on offering workspaces with all the effective amenities and resources needed. It’s the top 1 international coworking space in Tokyo, and for a reason!

The coworking space is located in Motoazabu, Minato City, which is just a 7-minute walk from the Roppongi station, making it easy to commute to via public transport. It’s also in a quiet neighborhood in Roppongi Hills, so you won’t have to worry about any noise and disruptions from the busy city.

What’s great about Blink Smart Workspace is that it offers different programs and packages, with different options based on your length of stay and needs.

BLINK Community | Space Tour | Roppongi, Tokyo | Coworking Space/ Share Office /コワーキングスペース/ シェアオフィス

They have the Café Lounge Table, costing ¥20,000 a month, which gives you a modern workspace with phone booths and free WiFi.

They also offer a Hot Desk that costs ¥40,000 a month, which is perfect for entrepreneurs who work part-time and/or remotely, needing a place to meet with customers and to work in for over a week for a month. This program offers amenities such as the use of meeting rooms, phone booths, mail handling and printings, as well as free daily coffee, designated workspace, and free WiFi.

You can also avail of their Dedicated Desk of Private Office, which is suitable for long-term stays and digital nomads requiring complete amenities.

The overall atmosphere is modern, giving you a comfortable vibe that has you feel productive, especially with their comfortable chairs and bright vibe. Overall, you will enjoy here, working well as you meet various entrepreneurs and remote workers to collaborate with.


2. Impact Hub Tokyo

Tokyo co-working space
Photo by Hub Tokyo

Impact HUB Tokyo is another community of entrepreneurs who want to create an impact, operated by Hub Tokyo Co., Ltd. Impact HUB has several locations around the world, including Tokyo.

As for its programs and prices, they offer affordable options, such as their unlimited option for ¥43,000 a month, which already includes unlimited drinks, fast WiFi, 24-hour access to the coworking space, and even the option to use the meeting room and online community group.

You can also opt for their fixed or team desk, and avail of a membership plan that varies by how many hours you need the coworking space per month. This is optimal for those who plan to stay in Tokyo for less than a month, so you can adjust how many hours you need

They are more than just a coworking space, but a platform where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and attend workshops to grow as a digital nomad.


3. The Hive Jinnan

coworking space for digital nomads in Tokyo
Photo by The Hive

If you want a modern yet homey area, then you’ll love The Hive Jinnan! It’s just like your aesthetic café, with the wooden touch yet modern and cozy atmosphere to make work productive and comfortable.

It’s the beautiful work environment I admire in The Hive, as well as its accessibility. The Hive is in the heart of Shibuya, making it conveniently located if you like being in the heart of Tokyo, near all the amazing food, sights, and must-dos!

This coworking space provides amazing facilities, including a hosted space, printers, mailbox locker, phone booths, an access card for security, and even community events and a Hive café to satisfy your cravings.

The membership and programs are quite affordable and made for digital nomads, as you can avail a day pass, a 120-hours pass, or even a 24/7 pass, with prices ranging from ¥2,000 a day to ¥30,000 monthly. If you plan to stay for the long term, you can get a dedicated desk or private office, which ranges between ¥60,000-90,000 a month per person.


4. Tokyo Chapter

Tokyo chapter co-working space in Tokyo
Photo by Tokyo Chapter

Tokyo Chapter is another amazing area made for those who want to immerse themselves in the culture. This is because of its amazing design and interiors, having the traditional architecture yet modern facilities made for digital nomads. Many love it here not only because of its coworking space, but because you can rent a private apartment here as well, so it saves time commuting!

The coworking space and private apartments come with a commercial kitchen, gym, gallery, and rooftop event space, as well as the coworking areas where you can meet different people to collaborate with.

Their shared offices are quite affordable, with spaces ranging between ¥29,000-¥195,000 a month, depending on how much space you need. This already includes the use of the lounge, meeting rooms, kitchen, as well as invites to events.


5. Ryozan Park

Gaijin friendly coworking spaces in Tokyo
Photo by Ryozan Park

Lastly, Ryozan Park is one of Tokyo’s top coworking spaces to stay in, with the bright and natural ambiance bringing you closer to succeeding work goals. You have a wide range of options on where to work, all with the bright atmosphere and relaxing areas to take a break-in. Plus, they are extremely accessible, being located in Northern Tokyo, which is near the Jizo Dori shopping arcade, the Rikugien, Sakura Onsen, and more attractions!

As for the price range, you get your money’s worth. You can avail of the Grand program, offering both a kitchen and co-working space with standing tables and meeting pods, costing ¥19,800 monthly. Or, opt for their CORE, which is their very spacious coworking office that’s perfect for remote workers and entrepreneurs, costing ¥15,000 a month, with a meeting room, standing desks, reading decks, and comfortable seats!

For those who plan to stay in the heart of Tokyo and want accessibility and complete features, you’ll like Ryozan Park. While a bit on the higher-end of membership fees, its nature and environment are definitely worth the price.

RyozanParkの日常 | A Day in the Life at RYOZAN PARK


Wrapping It Up

With Tokyo being the absolute mecca for technology, it’s a dream for digital nomads to visit the area for work. Not only will their fast internet speeds and booming economy be a treat, but Japan’s amazing culture, festivals, and delicious food! And with gaijin-friendly coworking spaces, you can surely have a productive day surrounded by like-minded digital nomads and all the amenities you need for a good day’s work, without worrying about the language barrier.

Hopefully, you found the perfect coworking space to book when you’re in Tokyo. Good luck and have fun on your next digital nomad journey!

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