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Colive Fukuoka 2024: A Month-Long International Digital Nomad Event in Kyushu, Japan

Colive Fukuoka is set to take place in October 2024. Following the success of the inaugural 2023 event, which drew over 50 digital nomads from across the globe, this year’s gathering is poised to be even larger and more dynamic. The event promises a wealth of opportunities for learning, collaboration, connection, and enjoyment, catering to the unique lifestyle of digital nomads.

This month-long retreat hosted by Fukuoka City stands as a testament to Japan’s increasing attractiveness to the global digital nomad community. While Japan has recently experienced a surge in tourism, it has not been widely recognized as a hub for digital nomads—something that Colive Fukuoka aims to change.

Designed as a welcoming space for digital nomads and remote workers, Colive Fukuoka offers an ideal setting to foster connections, collaborate on new projects, and delve into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture.

Colive Fukuoka 2024

Unveiling Colive Fukuoka

Colive Fukuoka is a month-long digital nomad retreat with a unique opportunity to live, work, and connect in the vibrant city of Fukuoka, nestled in the scenic and culturally rich southern region of Japan.

EventColive Fukuoka, Japan
DatesOctober 1-31, 2024
Main Week: October 21-27
LocationVarious locations throughout Fukuoka City and Kyushu
TicketsMembership Registration Needed
・Pay-as-you-go option
・Green Pass – 3 Days (Oct 23-25): $229
・Blue Pass – 10 Days (Oct 22-31): $429
・Gold Pass – 1 Month (Oct 1-31): $899
OrganizersFukuoka City / Planning and Operation by yugyo Inc.
WebsiteColive Fukuoka
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Scheduled from October 1 to October 31, 2024, this event is expected to host more than 200 digital nomads from all around the world. It is anticipated to be the largest digital nomad event in Asia.

The main week, from October 21 to 27, will feature a series of high-profile events, including the “COLIVE FUKUOKA 2024 World Nomad Conference.” Highlighting the week, renowned tidying consultant Marie Kondo will deliver a keynote session on October 23, sharing her insights on creating a lifestyle that sparks joy.

More than just a temporary living arrangement, it’s a carefully curated experience that aims to foster a sense of community, inspire collaboration, and offer a deep dive into the local culture.

How to Join Colive Fukuoka 2024

Membership registration for Colive Fukuoka is free. To participate in the events, you can either purchase a 3-day, 10-day, or 1-month pass, or pay as you go.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at what Colive Fukuoka is all about.

Fukuoka: A City of Harmony and Innovation

Fukuoka City, Japan ~Welcome Digital Nomads~ (short ver.)

Fukuoka, the host city for the Colive Fukuoka, is a dynamic blend of history, innovation, and natural beauty. Known as the gateway to Asia, Fukuoka is a vibrant city that seamlessly merges the old with the new.

Its rich history is evident in its well-preserved temples and traditional festivals, while its innovative spirit shines through its thriving startup scene. The city is also blessed with natural beauty, from its serene parks and beaches to its scenic hiking trails.
Fukuoka’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere further enhances its appeal, making it an ideal location for the Colive Fukuoka event.

Fukuoka City, along with the Fukuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau, are actively encouraging international digital nomads to visit the city and experience its unique and vibrant culture.

Colive Fukuoka was born as a part of this effort, commissioned to yugyo inc. to create and host the region’s pinoneering retreat designed specifically for digital nomads.

The municipality’s involvement is a testament to their commitment to fostering innovation and diversity, and to making Fukuoka a welcoming city for digital nomads and remote workers from around the world.

The Colive Fukuoka Program: A Blend of Work, Play, and Exploration

The Colive Fukuoka Program
Colive Fukuoka

The Colive Fukuoka program is designed to provide a holistic experience that combines work, play, and exploration. The schedule is packed with a variety of activities and workshops, all designed to foster collaboration and community.


  • October 1: Welcome Party
  • October 6: Japanese sake brewery tour with BBQ
  • October 12: Zen meditation experience
  • October 15: Street Yatai Night
  • October 21-27: Main Week
    • October 21-23: Global Startup Event “Softlanding”
    • October 23-25: COLIVE FUKUOKA2024 World Nomad Conference
      • October 24-25: Digital Nomad Summit 2024
    • October 26-27: Synapus Festival
  • October 31: Halloween Party

Main Week Events (October 21-27)

Colive Fukuoka runs throughout the month of October, with the key events concentrated during the week of October 21-27. The highlight of Colive Fukuoka is the COLIVE FUKUOKA 2024 World Nomad Conference, held during this week.

Softlanding (Oct 21-23)
Hosted by Manabu Community Hub and Fukuoka Startup Collective (FSCO), this global startup event offers a comprehensive softlanding program for entrepreneurs aiming to enter the Japanese or Asian markets. Participants will explore top startup ecosystems and gain valuable insights.

COLIVE FUKUOKA 2024 World Nomad Conference (Oct 23-25)
This conference brings together top leaders from co-living spaces, coworking communities, startups, and digital nomad networks to discuss the latest trends and share valuable insights.

As part of the COLIVE FUKUOKA 2024 World Nomad Conference, the Digital Nomad Summit 2024 will be held on October 24-25. Organized by the Japan Digital Nomad Association, this summit focuses on knowledge sharing and networking within the digital nomad community.

Synapus Festival (Oct 26-27)
A unique experiential music festival on Noko Island, organized by ROCCAN Inc. This festival serves as a cultural bridge between Asia and the world, blending Japanese, Asian, and global cultures through music, art, food, and wellness.


Special Talk Session – Marie Kondo (KonMari)

Marie Kondo, known as Konmari, is one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World”. She will be a special guest speaker at the conference.

For digital nomads, efficient packing is essential. She will share insights from “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” offering new perspectives on the nomadic lifestyle.

Marie Kondo has authored nine books on tidying, with “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” translated into 44 languages and selling over 14 million copies. Her Netflix show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” was a top non-fiction release in 2019 and earned two Emmy nominations. Her second show, “Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo,” won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2022.

  • Date and Time: October 23, 2024, at 2:00 PM
  • Venue: Ohori Park Nohgakudo, Fukuoka City
  • Registration: Requires conference participation. Register as a Colive Fukuoka member and purchase a conference ticket (e.g., Green Pass).
  • Language: English

Featured Speakers of Colive Fukuoka

Colive Fukuoka hosts numerous speakers who are leaders in the global digital nomad movement. Many hail from Asian countries like Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia, along with seasoned digital nomad leaders from Europe and Latin America.

This event offers a great opportunity to learn about the digital nomad scenes in various Asian countries.

Colive Fukuoka community activities

street food in Fukuoka
Food stands along Nakasu Riverside street

When you join the Colive Fukuoka program, the community fee covers a wide array of services and experiences designed to make your stay as enriching and enjoyable as possible.

You’ll have the support of a dedicated community manager throughout your stay, ensuring you have everything you need.

The month-long Colive Fukuoka program is packed with engaging activities. It kicks off with a Welcome party where you can indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine. Many experiences and trips such as a Japanese sake brewery tour and Zen meditation experience are planned to help you fully engage with the local culture and nature.

The program is uniquely crafted to foster interaction and collaboration with local startups, social communities, and students, through a variety of events planned by the Colive Fukuoka team. This provides a unique insight into the local culture and economy.
Furthermore, you’ll enjoy free access to a variety of coworking spaces scattered across the city (within certain time limits), where you can work on your projects in diverse and inspiring environments.

The Colive Fukuoka program spans an entire month, but it’s flexible to accommodate varying schedules. You can join for a shorter period, or even just for a day. However, the program is thoughtfully designed to offer a comprehensive experience of the digital nomad lifestyle in Japan.

With a diverse array of activities, from cultural excursions and parties to meetups, it’s highly recommended to stay for a longer period to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Colive Fukuoka 2023 – Post Event Updates

Colive Fukuoka, the first digital nomad international gathering in Japan, took place in October 2023. Under the concept of ‘Connect, Collaborate, Colive.’ about 50 digital nomads from 24 countries/regions gathered, lived, worked, and connected with locals all together.

Living in Fukuoka, Japan as a digital nomad

The highlights of the program are all in the video! and the real experience of ColiveFukuoka 2023 is beautifully shared in his point of view of Sergio Sala. 🏡The accommodation 💻Coworking Spaces 💰Cost of Living 

The Foundation of Colive Fukuoka: A Vision of Community and Collaboration

Colive Fukuoka is an initiative by yugyo inc., a forward-thinking marketing company deeply rooted in the principles of community and collaboration. Yugyo specializes in creating unique coliving experiences, and Colive Fukuoka is their latest endeavor. The event is designed to create a space where people from different backgrounds and professions can live, work, and create together, inspiring new ideas and projects (and have fun, of course).

Ryo Osera, founder of Colive Fukuoka
Ryo Osera

At the helm of yugyo Inc. is Ryo Osera, a seasoned professional with a rich background in digital marketing and tourism. As an executive advisor to the Japan Workcation Association, Ryo brings invaluable insights into the evolving dynamics of work and travel.

His entrepreneurial journey includes co-founding HafH, a successful subscription-based coliving platform, which has given him a deep understanding of Japan’s startup ecosystem as well as its grinds and hustles.

When asked about the motivation behind his initiative, Ryo shared his insights. “Having spent over five years as a digital nomad, I’ve always believed that Japan could foster vibrant digital nomad communities similar to the ones I’ve encountered, especially in Asia.”

“With the continued rise of remote work, I’m confident that digital nomads can unlock significant potential in Japan, particularly in its rural regions.”

While Ryo was presenting at various conferences on the market value of digital nomads, the city of Fukuoka showed interest in a potential collaboration. “Fukuoka is akin to the capital of Kyushu, where my hometown, Nagasaki, is situated. Kyushu’s economic impact is on par with that of the Netherlands, and the island’s potential is vast.

“Fukuoka offers an exceptional environment, with its close proximity to the airport, its reputation as one of Japan’s premier foodie destinations, the local population’s openness to foreigners due to its position as the gateway to Asia, its status as a startup hub, and easy access to the stunning natural landscapes in areas like Kumamoto and Oita.”

When questioned about the future of the digital nomad scene in Japan, Ryo stressed, “Community and connections are most important for digital nomads. Yet, language barriers, cultural differences, and geographical distance have so far kept Japan somewhat removed from the digital nomad community. However, I believe this is set to change. Particularly for Japan, which is wrestling with societal issues such as population decline and aging, the influx of digital nomads could be highly beneficial.”

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become the norm in Japan, and young Japanese people are adopting work styles significantly different from traditional Japanese practices. Their skills, their appreciation for diversity, and above all, their passion for living not only in cities but also in rural areas, unquestionably render Japan’s countryside extremely appealing to digital nomads.”

Ryo anticipates that it won’t be long before Japan, and specifically Fukuoka, are recognized as go-to destinations for digital nomads in Asia. “If Fukuoka’s allure reaches digital nomads globally, it will facilitate connections with digital nomad communities in East Asia, such as those in South Korea and Taiwan. Our goal is to cultivate a refined community in Far East Asia, offering a unique appeal distinct from renowned digital nomad hotspots like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia,” he concluded.

Akina Shu
Akina Shu

The team behind Colive Fukuoka includes Akina Shu, a seasoned digital nomad and a podcaster. Akina has been living the nomadic lifestyle for over three years, presenting at digital nomad events and conferences worldwide. She’s the driving force behind Nomad University, a program dedicated to the digital nomad lifestyle, and has interviewed over 50 digital nomads during her global travels.

We asked Akina about the appeal of Fukuoka and Japan for digital nomads. As a seasoned traveler and digital nomad herself, she shared her insights on what makes a location attractive to this growing community.

“In my experience, there are five common elements that make a place a digital nomad hotspot. First, there are events like community gatherings, festivals, and summits for digital nomads. Second, the entry requirements to the country are straightforward, and visa applications can be completed online. Third, the location has a good internet environment, safe surroundings, and a wide variety of food options. Fourth, there is easy access to transportation, natural beauty like mountains or sea, and nightlife. Lastly, the place is diverse and has a startup-friendly atmosphere.”

“Throughout my travels, I’ve often heard from other nomads that ‘Japan is in my top priorities for visiting!’ However, until now, Japan hasn’t really been a popular destination for digital nomads. That said, Japan already fulfills the third and fourth elements, and Fukuoka in particular, meets the fifth. As for the first element, with the launch of initiatives like Colive Fukuoka, we’re building a community that welcomes digital nomads in Japan. Regarding the second element, the future looks promising with the Japanese government’s proactive consideration of issuing digital nomad visas to Japan.”

“I am convinced that 2023 will be a pivotal year for Japan, a moment when all five elements align. With Fukuoka as the starting point, I believe this will be the inaugural year for the nomad era in Japan,” Akina affirmed.

Message from Colive Fukuoka team

“Whether you’ve visited Japan before or not, we’ve prepared numerous experiences designed to reshape your perception of Japan. This pop-up event, which has garnered attention from both the city of Fukuoka and the Japanese government, is set to be a groundbreaking event for Japan’s future.

Those who participate play a pivotal role in shaping and changing the future of Japan. We hope that your enjoyment and engagement will help open the doors of Japan, a country that may sometimes perceived secluded. We would be thrilled if you could join and contribute to this exciting evolution.”

In conclusion, Colive Fukuoka is not just an event, but a movement. It’s a bold initiative that aims to redefine the way we live and work, and to show the world that Japan is ready to welcome the digital nomad community with open arms.

Japan: The Emerging Digital Nomad Destination

Fukuoka downtown
Fukuoka downtown

Japan is poised to become the next hot destination for digital nomads. Known for its unique blend of tradition and modernity, Japan offers a clean, safe, and efficient living environment.

Its fast internet infrastructure, affordable living costs compared to many western countries, beautiful landscapes and its unique culture make it an attractive choice for digital nomads.

In 2024, the Japanese government introduced a digital nomad visa, allowing remote workers to reside in Japan for up to six months.

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