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Native Teams reinforces support for the remote workforce at Baybayin Hub Nomad Workation Retreat

The Baybayin Hub Nomad Workation Retreat in Siargao, Philippines, recently celebrated its 4th edition, bringing together remote workers from all corners of the world. The event was more than just a gathering of freelancers; it was a testament to the importance of achieving work-life balance and fostering a sense of community among those who have chosen the remote work lifestyle.

Native Teams in Siargao

As a supporting partner at the event, Native Teams demonstrated its commitment to supporting remote workers on their journey to success. They understand the unique financial requirements of remote workers, and that’s why their solutions offer a range of financial tools, such as global bank accounts and currency exchange solutions, to simplify their financial transactions, no matter where they are in the world.

However, Native Teams’ support for freelancers and remote workers goes far beyond providing global bank accounts. They also offer client invoicing, local bank withdrawals, tax optimization and work permit applications. Their goal is clear: to equip remote workers with all the necessary tools to not just survive but thrive in their chosen lifestyle.

Native Teams in Siargao

Native Teams is a global work payments platform that provides multi-currency work payments account, tax management, and payroll solutions for employers, remote workers and freelancers anywhere in the world. Their international bank accounts, currency exchange options, and additional services are all geared towards simplifying the complexities of remote work and making it an even more rewarding experience.

Native Teams in Siargao

To learn more about Native Teams and how they can support your remote work journey, visit their website, or reach out to their country representatives.

Mika is a digital nomad since 2014. She started her remote work career in digital marketing and every since she is traveling around Southeast Asia. Mika loves Yoga and sharing her insights and tips.

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