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Join Us at the Asian Nomad Alliance Summit via Zoom!

Explore the Future of Digital Nomadism in Asia from Anywhere

We’re excited to announce the Asian Nomad Alliance Summit (ANAS), an integral part of the Nomad Workation Retreat set against the stunning backdrop of El Nido, Philippines.

Whether you’re near or far, you can be part of this enriching experience by joining us via Zoom. Pre-registration is now available, so secure your spot today!

Event Overview

Date: May 8th, 2024

Time: 16:00 (Philippines time)

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Now open for pre-registration! 👇 

This event will be recorded.

Engage with Asia’s Digital Nomad Leaders

Meet and learn from a diverse group of digital nomad experts hailing from various corners of Asia. Our panelists are ready to share their personal journeys, insights, and the dynamic landscapes of digital nomadism in their respective countries. Get ready for comprehensive discussions on pivotal topics such as navigating visas, understanding cultural nuances, and practical advice for traversing Asia as a digital nomad.

Interactive Q&A Sessions:

Have questions about living the nomadic lifestyle in Asia? Our Q&A sessions are designed for you to engage directly with the experts. This is your chance to delve deeper, seek advice, and engage in meaningful conversations that can illuminate your path as a digital nomad.

Our Vision

Nomad Workation Retreat

The Asian Nomad Alliance Summit aims to address the unique challenges faced by digital nomads in Asia and to foster collaboration. Our mission is to collectively brainstorm and uncover new ways to establish Asia as the premier destination for digital nomads around the globe.

Join us at ANAS to expand your network, gain invaluable insights, and contribute to shaping the future of digital nomadism in Asia. Your journey to a deeper understanding of the nomadic lifestyle in Asia begins here. Register now to be part of this transformative experience!


Mika is a digital nomad since 2014. She started her remote work career in digital marketing and every since she is traveling around Southeast Asia. Mika loves Yoga and sharing her insights and tips.

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