The 3 Awesome Surfing Websites for Every Surfer!

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As surfers, we understand that you get caught up in your own world chasing waves and soaking up some sun, enjoying the thrill! We get it, we all want to switch off from everything any chance we get.

However, it’s best to stay updated with the surfing world out there, from what the other surfers are up to, down to the best areas you can ride some waves. This will definitely help you learn more about surfing, connect with like-minded surfers, and even help you plan your next getaway!

But where can you go to be one with the waves… online? There are a ton of websites so you can stay informed with just a few clicks on your computer or phone!

With the hundreds to thousands of websites dedicated to surfing, which one is best to visit? We’ll be showing you the 3 best surfing websites made for just about any surfer, whether weekend warriors or hardcore shredders.

top surfing websites
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The 3 Best Surfing Websites You Should Bookmark

If you want to learn where the best places to surf are, check the Internet! If you want to know the weather on the exact date and location your surf trip will be at, then check the Internet again! And if you want to make new friends to go surfing with, you guessed it, head on to the Internet!

The online world has provided us a lot of benefits that everyone can take advantage of, even surfers. With websites that give valuable information, welcoming communities, and expert advice, you don’t need to spend money or time calling someone for surf reports. Nor will you need to wait in front of the television and read newspapers to catch glimpse of surf events or what it’s like surfing in other far-flung countries.

With that said, here are the top 3 surfer websites to check out when you’re on a break from the waves:

World Surf League

world surf league

If you’re not familiar with the World Surf League, then it’s high time you do! This is the number 1 surfer website we highly recommend for those who are avid followers of surf competitions. It’s where everyone goes for the live World Championship Tour event broadcasts.

Think of it as the NFL or NBA of the surfing world. It’s the highest level of surf entertainment, where you can find all world championship tour events broadcasted live. And yes, this includes all surfing drama and the world’s top surfers performing mind-blowing tricks to win our hearts, even if we’re thousands of miles away!

Keep track of huge events, with World Surf League providing you with updated information such as schedules and regular updates. Besides live broadcasts, you can also find highlight videos from past events to catch up on the most memorable moments and antics your fave surfers are up to while on lay days.

The website also has its own page dedicated to the World Surf League Big Wave Awards, along with a page for Fantasy Surfing! Create a private league, invite surfer friends to compete against one another, and even make new connections as you join other leagues, matching yourself with or against other surfers.

Surfline Surf Report

surfline surf report

It’s crucial to plan and make sure that you are safe while on the waves. Meaning, the weather shouldn’t be too harsh to affect the waves and your surf days. For accurate weather forecasts and reports, we highly recommend Surfline!

Surfline was founded in 1985, now one of the biggest and most-visited surf report and forecast websites worldwide. Besides that, this website is the official surf report and forecasting partner of World Surf League.

The website is a detailed wave forecasting website that provides all the information on current and future surf conditions, tides, live winds, swell periods, storms, wave height forecasting, the latest surfing news, and a lot more!

Surfline has more than 200 live cams worldwide, with over 100 of them being HD so you are ensured accurate and updated information on the weather forecasts. It also has an app for both Android and iOS operating systems for convenience and ease of use.

While the app and website are free and contain useful information, you can also opt for a premium membership. The premium membership allows you to watch the surf cams without ads, receive a 17-day forecast with additional insights, along with a swell analysis from expert forecasters.



Stuck at home itching for your next day on the waves? Then head to Garage to scratch that itch.

This is the top action-adventure sports channel worldwide, jam-packed with titles focused on surfing. It’s the Netflix of sports, producing award-winning films and shows offered exclusively on the platform.

You can rent or subscribe to movies, or even check their library of titles to watch for FREE!

Bonus Websites

Other than the websites I mentioned above, there are other awesome surf sites you can head to:

  • Surf Careers to find a profession in surfing
  • Real Surf Forum to engage with other surfers, ask questions, answer queries, and learn more from real people
  • Surf Science where you can learn everything about surfing and surfboards, from the basics down to expert advice
  • Stab offers trending surf articles so you can feel inspired by all the personal (and sometimes controversial) stories

Wrapping It Up

best surfing websites
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We’re not just surfing the waves, we’re surfing the net as well! With social media and the Internet continuing to grow, we can now find numerous surfing websites set out to inform, entertain, and help us connect with a vast community. While you’re at home dreaming or planning out your next surf trip, the online world can be of massive help, as long as you’re on trusted websites like from our list above!

We hope you learned a lot about the surfing websites to visit for lessons, information, and to connect with an awesome community. Don’t wait any longer and visit any of these websites now!

Do you have queries or want to share more recommendations on surfing websites to visit? Let us know in the comments section below, we appreciate all of your thoughts!