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Women as Startup Founders in Asia: The Power of Female Entrepreneurs

Who runs the world? Girls!

Women are no longer seen as the traditional identity of shoppers and caregivers. Today, they are addressing various needs and issues, breaking the barrier to work with men, and climb the entrepreneurial ladder.

How? Read on!

The Power of Women as Startup Founders in Asia

Women are now taking the digital market by storm, with female social media influencers earning more than men, flipping gender pay gaps.

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Women are now founding their own businesses and working their way up the industry with their talents and passion!”

Not only are they dominating social media, but female-founded start-ups are now receiving higher investments! Women-led businesses make up 20% of venture-capital-backed companies and have taken in up to $46.3 billion in the capital. That’s over twice the amount female entrepreneurs achieved before, and over 15x higher than the $3 billion back in 2010!

This rising trend is also happening in Asia as well. With almost 1,000 women founding or co-founding a start-up since 2014, a few of them are responsible for the revolution of start-up businesses in the continent.

While women have a few issues in the tech industry because of the unique start-up scene, the newer and fresher perspectives are what make them successful. Besides, the tech sector now has more potential to equalize gender roles in various Asian countries, especially in regards to the economy.

The rising numbers have also given women the opportunity to abandon the typical patriarchal business practices, going for something new to surpass tradition.

Because of the recent changes, some women feel harmed, though many see their business venture as an advantage. Their businesses get attention because of how “unusual” it seems, and chose to break any barriers that got in their way.

There is no stopping women, who still continue to push on with their startup businesses regardless of the highs and lows.”

And if you’re a woman looking for sufficient finances and support for your own start-up, there are now organizations that do so!

Organizations That Support Women Entrepreneurs in Asia

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When you have a promising business idea that you want to pitch, there are organizations open to funding and supporting your dreams. These organizations focus on aspiring women entrepreneurs in different fields, offering different packages depending on your pitch and needs.

Here are three organizations that support women entrepreneurs in Asia:

1. Startup Lady

There are three empowering women behind Startup Lady. Co-founders Moeko Suzuki, Amee Xu, and Steffie Harner aim to support all female entrepreneurs by offering opportunities to networking, mentoring, training and sharing resources.

They started off with just a handful of members, but have now grown to over 700 members, with a mix of aspiring founders and established company owners. The association board is filled with leading entrepreneurs, as well as corporate partners and volunteers!

While it was off to a slightly rocky start, Startup Lady now continues to grow steadily, with more focus each day. They work with corporations and ecosystem providers, who give opportunities for the association to host events and support members with more affordable and discounted office spaces.

Because of Startup Lady, women in Tokyo now have more job opportunities and have founded their own businesses. With the supportive association and good network, women are able to create connections and find the support they need to move forward.

You can check Startup Lady out on their official website:

2. Asia Women Impact Fund

The Asia Women Impact Fund focuses on conducting research and implementing projects for supporting women entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. They are implemented in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Their aim is to overcome barriers and to help women manage and grow businesses to reach their potential. AWIF supports all women-led, women-owned, and/or women-inclusive companies to improve livelihoods. The organization does thy through working with local partners, providing all women entrepreneurs with technical assistance and support for financial security to start their business idea.

The organization gets its resources by various entrepreneurial support organizations, ecosystem builders, as well as angel and early-stage investors. Today, their goal is to invest up to $100 million to help women across Asia!

Besides this, AWIF has conducted and funded various research studies to understand the different issues, solutions, and trends for all women entrepreneurs in Asia.

You can check more of their activities and research studies on their official website:

3. StartUp Village

If you’re looking for support to help your startup rise in the Philippines, then StartUp Village is a great platform to pitch your ideas. StartUp Village prides itself as an accelerator or incubator to help startups bring their unique business ideas and concepts into a reality.

This is a non-stock and non-profit organization that was founded in 2011. Their goal is to help startups built technology to shake up the local industry, and/or to introduce groundbreaking products to create a whole new sector!

While they are not exclusive to women, they support women entrepreneurs and foster the entrepreneurial culture to maximize the entrepreneur’s success, as well as the PH economy in both local and global scales.

Today, they have helped local businesses such as MobKard, Freyo, WagTales, and more!

You can check out StartUp Village and even schedule a meeting for your business pitch on their official website:

Check out this informative video on women entrepreneurship and empowerment for more inspiration:

Women in Business: TripJunction- Startup Momtrepreneurs

One perfect example of women as startup founders in Asia is TripJunction, founded by two amazing women, Miho Beck and Taejin Kim-Doron.

Photo from

Their business is all about traveling around Japan, focusing on connecting tourists with locals and amazing activities they can do in the country. Whether you’re a jazz lover or foodie, you’ll find the place and host who can take you around.

The platform is easy to use and navigable, simply select the area and activity you want to explore, and you have a friendly guide to make new memories with.

The two momtrepreneur, or mom entrepreneurs, are based in Israel. Miho Beck used to work in the marketing firm in Israel for years, focus on the tech industry. As for Taejin Kim-Doron has an MA in educational counseling an established a company focusing on Internet marketing, catered to the Korean market.

They both realized the need for more local guides, as tourists would love to delve deeper into the country and not just the “typical” touristy spots. And that’s how TripJunction came to be.

Beck and Kim-Doron are optimum examples that prove women can reach goals and become successful together!”

TripJunction focuses on Japan, with the vision to help foreign tourists enjoy local experiences like a true local. You’ll be guided by a local who share similar interests and can speak your language, so you can experience a totally new area without feeling lost!

Besides this, these momtrepreneurs also empower women in Asia, having the platform to give women opportunities to begin their own businesses. You can start off as hosts and guides, using your talents and passion in showing people around and giving them good accommodation. Not only can this help build your income and business skills, but you have a ton of fun meeting new people and exploring your hometown!

Wrapping It Up

In Asia, women are now becoming more assertive and rise beyond expectations. With more women startup founders in Asia, it’s high time you get your own ideas rolling and put it to life.

Fortunately, there are numerous organizations willing to support your ideas and businesses. Don’t hesitate and send a pitch to any of these organizations today. Good luck!

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
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