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The Digital Nomad in Asia

“We can see an increase of travelers from around the world coming to Asia for long-term travel while keeping on working remotely. We especially like it when we can see travelers who inspire fellow travelers with new and innovative ideas”

– R. Wallace, TheDigitalNomad Editor

The “digital nomad” lifestyle isn’t a new one, entering the industries back in 2014. This was when freelancers working in various fields, particularly in business, design, IT development, and writing, would fly to Asia for the cheaper cost of living and the opportunity to explore.

It’s an enviable job and even a dream for others. But now, amidst the pandemic, things are changing. As work culture begins to accept the possibility of long-term remote work, people are opening their eyes to the many opportunities. You don’t need to work from the office anymore, but remote work doesn’t mean you have to work from home, either.

In Asia, there are now tourist destinations that cater to the newer market of remote workers looking for a comfortable spot with a fast Internet connection. As a result, these destinations will begin helping to make up for the losses incurred due to current events.

digital nomad in Asia

The thinking is: Since travelers would avoid going to different countries for a few days because of all the travel restrictions, why not entice them to stay for a few months?

With millions of more people working remotely, and even more seeing the chance to do so, countries can see it’s time to start adapting and offering the best to amp up their tourism industry.


Incoming digital nomads will face an issue: In many countries, there isn’t a legal way to live and work for a few months, unless you’d like to settle as a resident. Usually, digital nomads would enter and visit using tourist visas, traveling under the radar of authorities. Then, they would fly to another location before they overstay their welcome.

This works well for freelancers, but for those working in private companies and corporations, that approach may not work as effectively. What many do is to get a tourist visa and hope that no one finds out they are there for both works and play.

With that in mind, this is actually a missed opportunity for countries that are looking to attract both top talents while benefiting from tourism. Furthermore, new digital nomads can get discouraged from this, which can cause them to back out of their plans.

But this is only a minor issue, as countries are changing up their travel restrictions and more digital nomads are open to help fellow travelers get past such hurdles.

The Popularity of Digital Nomads

While there are minor issues to face as you work remotely in different destinations, the digital nomad trend still continues to rise.

Photo by Alizée Baudez on Unsplash

When the opportunity to work from home is there, it gives people the chance to see how working from the comforts of their home is like. Then, they would go out of their comfort zone, heading to a cafe for a change. And then, they would work during a holiday, seeing how they can extend the holiday and/or still have a ton of fun while sending in their deadlines.

And it won’t only be nomads traveling from one area to another every few weeks. There may be people living part of their year abroad!

For instance, digital nomads may work abroad for up to six months to skip the harsh winter season, or whatever their visa permits.

With all these favorable benefits and circumstances, as well as the ever-evolving work culture, we can now see that there may be up to one billion digital nomads worldwide by the year 2035!

That’s why if countries don’t act fast or accommodate to the new lifestyle, they are losing the opportunity to welcome more tourists, which can strengthen the economy and popularity of the area.

Where to Go in Asia

Fortunately, many countries ARE acting on it, catering to digital nomads with visa extensions, comfortable co-living areas, and of course, the beauty of locals and historical attractions. Asia, in particular, continues to see more digital nomads and opportunities to strengthen its tourism sector.

That’s why many digital nomads head on to Asia for their first trip with a new lifestyle.

But of course, before hopping on a plane, there is much preparation to do, particularly on WHERE to go and what to expect!

That’s why there are numerous blogs and websites that assist aspiring digital nomads. From sharing advice on getting a visa down to how much money to prepare for long-term stays, you can get a lot of information thanks to fellow digital nomads and experts in the field.

This is where our website comes along.

TheDigitalNomad.Asia Story

Our website The Digital Nomad Asia is a platform made for digital nomads working in any industry. Whether you are new to the lifestyle or have been a digital nomad since the start, we offer all the advice and articles you need for a fun and comfortable time in other countries.

We tackle different topics on becoming a digital nomad, particularly when living in Asia.

For instance, if you’re looking for the best co-living areas in certain Asian countries, we have it covered. Or, if you’d like to know the upcoming events to schedule your trip, we round up the best of the best.

We wouldn’t like to hide all the “trade secrets” and have fellow digital nomads walk blindly as they take on new challenges in their job. Instead, our website is filled with amazing experts who aim to advise and inspire fellow travelers with new ideas and ways to adjust to the new normal. Check out the Ultimate tool-kit for nomads to get everything you need to start travel.

Now, you can travel across Asia and feel like you’re on vacation as you continue earning money and working your way up in your career.

If you want to find out more about our website, visit the URL, and navigate through helpful blogs and articles. You can learn, engage, and be one with our community of digital nomads. Remember, you aren’t alone and that the new adventure will definitely be worth it.

Plan ahead and take the leap of faith as you become the next digital nomad in the future!

R. Wallace
R. Wallace
A digital nomad travelling in Asia and TheDigitalNomad.Asia Editor. Please read my article and I hope you will get inspired to go travelling as a digital nomad. You are welcome to comment and share the article with fellow travelers.

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