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Colive Nagasaki Digital Nomad Retreat in Kyushu, Japan

Situated in Kyushu, the southern region of Japan, unveils the Colive Nagasaki program, a distinctive initiative tailored for digital nomads from all corners of the globe.

Spanning six days from November 5th to 10th, 2023, this program is supported by Nagasaki City and the Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association.

For those yearning to explore Japan, this retreat offers a unique chance to delve deep into its vibrant culture and embrace off-the-beaten-track experiences.
To sign up, visit Colive Nagasaki information page.

Nagasaki: A Blend of History and Beauty

colive nagasaki

Nestled on the western coast of Kyushu, in the southwest region of Japan, lies the enchanting Nagasaki Prefecture. Comprising a mainland and hundreds of islands gracing its coastline, Nagasaki is a realm of unparalleled beauty. 

The prefecture is celebrated for its mesmerizing sunsets that paint the turquoise ocean in hues of gold, its idyllic island paradises that seem to move at their own leisurely pace, and its unmatched variety of fresh seafood, which is a testament to its rich marine heritage.

Historically, Nagasaki Prefecture stands as a beacon of Japan’s international endeavors. Throughout the Edo period, when Japan underwent 214 years of seclusion, Nagasaki was distinguished as the only port engaged in foreign trade via Dejima.


This unique position created a melting pot where diverse cultures, knowledge, and exotic culinary delights from both Asia and Europe to flow through its gates. Among the nations interacting with Dejima, the Netherlands stands out as a country with which we’ve forged a deep bond. Notably, the Dutch merchant physician Siebold significantly contributed to advancements in Japanese medicine. The year 2023 commemorates the 200th anniversary of Siebold’s arrival in Japan. During Colive Nagasaki program, you may catch a glimpse of various Dutch-themed events.

From the diverse cuisines to the architectural marvels, festivals, and cultural nuances, the influences of that era are beautifully woven into the fabric of Nagasaki. Nagasaki’s local food, a distinctive fusion of Eastern and Western influences, provides a culinary experience unparalleled in any other Japanese city.

Nagasaki bears the scars of past tragedies, including the atomic bombing during WW2, the Christian persecution, and the harsh labor in its coal mines. Despite these hardships, the city has resiliently reemerged as a global beacon for world peace.

Colive Nagasaki: Program Highlights

colive nagasaki

Colive Nagasaki is a 6-day digital nomad retreat, offering a rich blend of Nagasaki’s local culture and natural beauty. It’s a prime opportunity to connect and network with the local community. 

With limited spots available, this is your opportunity for a deep and personalized experience. Don’t miss out!

  • Duration: November 5-10, 2023
  • Location: Nagasaki city, Kyushu, Japan
  • No. of participants: around 10

By joining, participants can not only experience the beauty and traditions of Nagasaki but also contribute to the region’s burgeoning digital nomad community, fostering connections with the local entrepreneurs and shaping its future trajectory.

Itinerary Sneak Peek

colive nagasaki

Nov 5th: Check-in and enjoy Nagasaki’s renowned night view

Nov 6th: Opening ceremony, visit to the Peace Park and A-bomb Museum, followed by a BBQ

Nov 7th: Nature activities in Nomozaki

Nov 8th: Nagasaki City tour, including the Triangle of Prayers and Dejima, and local bar hopping

Nov 9th: Gunkanjima Battleship Island tour and a workshop with locals

Nov 10th: Check out

Accommodation at Colive Nagasaki

During your stay at Colive Nagasaki, the first night will be spent at HafH Nagasaki SAI, centrally located in the city. From the second night onward, you’ll experience traditional Japanese-style rooms at the seaside Burabura Guesthouse.

HafH Nagasaki SAI (Nov 5th, 1 night)

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Bunk bed dormitory

Situated a mere 1.2 km from the Nagasaki Museum of History, HafH Nagasaki SAI is a welcoming establishment in Nagasaki. It features a shared lounge, a terrace, and a bar. The property also offers amenities such as a communal kitchen and luggage storage space, with free WiFi available throughout.

Address: 5-21 Furukawamachi, Nagasaki, 850-0851

NAGASAKI HOUSE BURABURA (Nov 6th – 10th, 4 nights)

colive nagasaki

Japanese style room (shared, 2/3/4 people)

Nagasaki House Burabura, while not situated in the heart of Nagasaki, offers guests captivating ocean views and the tranquility of nature. The property provides free WiFi, an on-site restaurant, and barbecue amenities. Rooms feature shared bathrooms, and there’s a communal lounge for guests. Additionally, bike rentals are available, and the nearby area is ideal for fishing.

Address: 2190-11 Mogimachi, Nagasaki, 851-0241

Colive Nagasaki Program Fees

DatesFee incl. accommodationwith couple per room
11.5 –
※1 BBQ dinner incl
($400 for for 2 person with 1 bed room for total)

The fee covers accommodation, support from a dedicated community manager, local experiences, and parties. See the below “Colive Nagasaki community activities” for more details.

Colive Nagasaki community activities

colive nagasaki
Photo: © Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association
  • Parties

Welcome party, BBQ party, and Farewell party. The BBQ party includes fresh Sashimi dishes, which Nagasaki is famous for.

  • Collaboration opportunities with local community

Interaction with tourism operators, startups, and local communities

  • Coworking space

You can use the coworking space at Burabura guest house for free of charge

  • Nightlife activities
  • Nature activities
  • Cultural activities

A dedicated community manager is available to assist participants throughout the program. Additionally, optional activities, such as stand-up paddleboarding (Sup) and excursion tours, are offered for an additional fee.

Colive Nagasaki Organizer

The Colive Nagasaki program is spearheaded by yugyo inc. in partnership with Nagasaki City and the Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association. This initiative also benefits from the operational expertise of several renowned organizations, such as the Japan Digital Nomad Association, toitoitoi inc., HafHCo Inc., and ELENTO LLC.

Furthermore, yugyo inc. has a proven track record in hosting events for digital nomads, highlighted by their successful organization of the month-long Colive Fukuoka program in October 2023.

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