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The 10 Best Coworking Websites to List Your Workspace In

Remote workers have been around even before the pandemic, so it’s no surprise that we can find coworking spaces in most parts of the world. Coworking spaces have become a good business venture, with the growing number of digital nomads and remote workers looking for a conducive place for work.

So, if you have a workspace for rent, may it be for the day, weekly, monthly, or even through yearly memberships, one of the things you need to do is know how to promote it properly. Your coworking space can gain traction through word-of-mouth and print advertising in your local area, but what about your target audience from other neighborhood, or even from other parts of the world planning their trip to your country?

Coworking Websites

That’s where coworking websites come into the picture. These platforms allow all workspace owners to post listings of their workspace for remote workers and digital nomads to find and book as needed. It’s given clients easier to search and book the most suitable space for them while also providing business owners more growth.

That said, you can’t just post on every coworking website! To avoid spending too much time and advertising budget, you need to narrow down where to post your workspace.

Read on as we list the ten best coworking websites to post your workspace in!

How to Promote Your Coworking Space

Before delving into the different coworking websites to post your workspace in, let’s first tackle how you can promote it effectively. Here are some tips you can follow.

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1. Make sure you have a quality website

Besides your listing, you need a website people can refer to for more details and another avenue to contact you for queries. Your website should be easy to use with an enticing design that keeps people from exiting.

The website should have a professionally created layout with all the information your target audience needs, such as the location, opening hours, amenities, and prices. You should also include links to appropriate resources, such as a blog or your official social media account.

When you have your website and social media pages, you can create your listing and link them out so people can learn more about your space and other necessary information.

2. Differentiate your business

The coworking space industry is becoming bigger and more popular as we speak. Because of that, you’ll face numerous competitors, which requires you to ask yourself: What makes my workspace different from the rest?

Before you even post your listing online, you need to know why digital nomads and remote workers should choose your space over other businesses. For example, what benefits does your coworking space have over competitors?

Does your space have unique amenities, communities, services, or a particular industry niche? When you look at what makes your coworking space different, you will capture more positive attention. You have to be more detailed than mere aesthetics or just having a beautiful, Instagrammable area.

Your goal should be to market something others can’t easily replicate. After all, your target audience wants something uniquely individualized when considering your workspace, may it be from networking opportunities, a sense of community, or other fun and valuable amenities. Add more value than simple space amenities, and you’ll know how to write your listing and run your business successfully.

In addition, to attract corporate customers to your coworking space, membership with unique and fun features may be an attractive perk for remote work employees.

3. What to add in a listing

When writing your listing, you must add everything a customer wants and needs to see to decide where to work. This includes contact information, location, hours, amenities, membership fees, and other extra benefits or promos you offer that will entice people to book a space with you.

Besides that, we also recommend optimizing your listing to make it more visible on search engines. Use relevant keywords your target audience is most likely to use as they search for a coworking space and link out your website and social media pages.

10 Coworking Websites to List Your Coworking Space

Now that you know how to promote your workspace effectively, the next step is finding the appropriate platforms to advertise it in. Take a look at these awesome websites popular for their features for both digital nomads and workspace operators:

1. Coworker official website

Coworker is a popular coworking website that big companies trust, such as Airbnb, Google, and Spotify, to name only a few. There are over 14,500 spaces listed on the website, so if you haven’t posted your workspace there, it’s high time you do so.

You will have an account as an operator to post your listing and include detailed information. Furthermore, you can receive member reviews and share the community events you host, among other fantastic and valuable amenities.

We recommend posting on Coworker because of its popularity and reputation. With many network partners, listings, and people visiting the website, you’re bound to receive bookings with a well-written listing on Coworker. Plus, it’s straightforward to use with a navigable platform, whether for the digital nomad or operator.

Official Website:

2. Cowork Booking official website

Cowork Booking is another popular coworking website with thousands of workspace listings posted from over 1,200 cities in 165 countries. From the Philippines to Dubai, there’s a place for every digital nomad’s destination, with more than 51,000 flexible seats available to book in the area, along with over 6.2 million square meters of office space.

Digital nomads can enter the city, country, or whatever place they love in the search bar and find the best coworking spaces in the area. They can also search for specific coworking spaces to find more information.

Besides coworking spaces, you can also find coliving accommodations, which you can market if your space also offers this amenity. You can also find other top picks on the website, such as spaces near the beach, in “bizarre” areas, trending spots, the site’s top 10 picks, and even a page for “Mars 2055!”

Official Website:

3. Heydesk official website

Heydesk has over 200,000 spaces across 1,443 cities in more than 103 countries, making it easier for digital nomads to find the best workspace in their dream destination at the right times. It’s also effortless to book on the website, making it a popular choice for digital nomads to find their next coworking space. In fact, you can see over 10,000 bookings have been made through the platform!

Here, digital nomads can find a wide range of coworking spaces, meeting rooms, shared offices, and cafes all around the world. Whatever the area, budget, or needs they have, there’s always something at Heydesk. And you can be one of those workspace operators to post your space, where hundreds to thousands of people can see.

You can quickly post your workspace the moment you visit the website. Simply click on “List my space” on the upper right corner of the website, post relevant photos and information, and you’re good to go.

Official Website:

4. Instant Offices official website

Instant Offices has listings of flexible workspaces from all over the world, including places like Afghanistan to Zambia! You’ll find one of their team members on panels at industry events talking about the latest research and trends on coworking.

This platform will narrow down a digital nomad’s options based on their location, or they can use the search bar to find coworking spaces based on what destination they plan to travel to.

Team members assist digital nomads with local experts in major cities to guide them. Furthermore, Instant Offices can negotiate the best prices for digital nomads as they’ve got a lot of experience and industry relationships, all free and impartial.

Official Website:

5. official website is a platform where anyone can search among the thousands of workspaces worldwide and in businesses of any size. Whether one requires a private desk, office, or conference room, there are many to choose from. Digital nomads can book these spaces by the house, daily, weekly, or monthly.

This coworking website also has an app for easier access for both digital nomads and operators. Furthermore, they have a marketplace targeted for businesses to share their listings of workspaces. They offer benefits such as reduced overhead, expanded networks, and access to tools so businesses can manage space rental and customers easily.

Official Website:

6. Copass official website

Copass isn’t a directory but a membership website that focuses on collaborative workspaces. Members will get a Copasser account, allowing them to work from any workspace part of the company’s network.

You can post your listing on Copass, but you will need to collaborate with them, as this means you agree to become a member of the community with particular benefits and rights.

You get a lot of perks from Copass as they have one of the largest networks of coworking spaces with many members from all over the world. That said, people can either use their Copasser account (which comes at a fee) or have a free membership, where they can book your space at a 20% discount.

Website URL:

7. LiquidSpace official website

LiquidSpace focuses more on meeting rooms, but you can also find many coworking spaces available for rent here. There are numerous listings you can avail of, and they also have an informative space where you can learn about remote work, work culture, and coworking spaces.

Like Airbnb, you can become a host on the platform. You can create a free profile, build a network with fellow businesses and customers, as well as post your listings to advertise to thousands of digital nomads and remote workers worldwide.

This company has over 18,000 spaces listed on its website, making it easier for professionals and teams to find the perfect space and venue from their partners and providers. It’s a comprehensive platform, so you’re more inclined to see many people on here searching for their next work area.

Official Website:

8. Office Freedom official website

Office Freedom, formerly known as Search Office Space, was one of the first office brokers entering the market, beginning in 1993. Because of that, you’re assured that they know about the global coworking industry. They have a team of advisors that offer personalized services for online listings.

The platform has over 15,000 offices listed, represented 700 operators, and most importantly, has over 38,000 happy customers. You can find listings from 1,000 cities in 150 countries, with many people visiting the website for their coworking needs.

Official Website:

9. Coworking Nomads official website

According to the name, Coworking Nomads was founded by Sarah Sneddon for nomadic freelancers who love coworking. As a coworking operator, you can update your listings easily through a portal. Furthermore, the website allows customers to post their reviews and recommendations.

They also have an app for operators and remote workers to use on the go, making it even easier to book a place or manage your listing.

Official Website:

10. Hubble official website

If you’re looking for a coworking space to finish your projects across the UK or Europe, then Hubble is one of the sites to visit! The website says that digital nomads can “automagically” find their ideal workspace through smart searched and unrivaled data.

The company even hosted the first-ever coworking awards ceremony three years ago! The company is trusted by over 2,500 companies, offers various services and memberships (like the Hubble Pass), as well as helps workspace owners post their listings to be seen by thousands of remote workers!

Official Website:

Wrapping It Up

Making your workspace visible online is necessary to gain more clients and grow your brand. When you have a listing on most, if not all, high-quality and appropriate directory websites, you won’t only improve your workspace’s visibility on popular search engines. Still, you’ll find more digital nomads running into your listing as they search for their next office.

Hopefully, our list of the best coworking websites gave you an idea of where to post your listing and how to advertise it for more views and bookings properly. Let us know what you think of these websites and if you have extra tips as a workspace owner in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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